[3.5] The Lazy Walker - Jugg - 1 button pressed, 3M shaper, phys immune, 85/96/92% resist, HC


8.Dec.2018: V3.5 online today. Relevant changes:
-Overall there is a small nerf to HOAG crawler, since we don't scale/rely on chaos damage this doesn't affect us much;
-Razor of Seventh Sun: additional 25% ignite chance is huge buff for this build;
-Fix a bug when MS is active casted VMS will get canceled out. This is very helpful for our build. Since MS is instant spell you can just spam that for mapping.
-Div Distillate completely nerfed. If you play standard can still use legacy flask with +max res. If you play in new league the MOM approach is not worth it anymore. Benefit is you don't need blood magic on your offhand weapon, and you can just pick up a saffel's frame to achieve similar max res. I'm eager to test the new flask "cinderswallow urn" when I get a hold to it.

In conclusion, if you already have this character built 3.5 won't impact us much, only minor tweaks are required. I loaded up my old character and had no problem clearing a T15 map without any modifications. If you are new to this build, it's going to remain strong in 3.5, very tanky, very relaxed play style and very capable to deal with most game content.

I'm going to keep updating this guide in the next one or two weeks.

25.Oct.2018: Major update to include Herald of Agony.

Why Herald of Agony? Let's compare the pros and cons of this skill and our build:

Our build shines in:
-Procing many hits with no button pressed;
-Defensive layers;
-VMS can instant kill map bosses <5M HP;
-Fast run speed;
-Abyssal Cry can wipe out packs cleanly;
-CWDT and CD reduction boosts convocation.

Our build needs:
-Reliable damage source to kill phased boss;
-Consistently one shot white mob.

Traditional Herald of Agony build shines:
-Don't need investment in minion nodes to work;
-Crawler attack/spell already has GMP, and decent AOE.

However HOAG has some problems:
-Requires manual cast/attack (normally barrage/molten strike) to keep Virulence stacks;
-Crawler AI is crap, often get stuck behind corner/doors;
-Map clearing is not thorough.

If we combine HOAG with our Lazy walker build, we now have:
-Automatic 40 stacks of Virulence without effort;
-HOAG kill one mob, Abyssal Cry kills everything else;
-Auto cast Convocation brings crawler to you every 5 seconds;
-Can deal with all map mods;
-Crawler can kill phased bosses.

Hello Exiles. Congratulations on finding my build. You are about to see a lot of technologies mushed together. With 0 skill button pressed (except the occasional flasks if you feel like so) you will be able to fast clear most content in swag. The best part of this build is its extremely tanky and robust to most damage types. I'm currently Lv 94 and haven't died even once since my build is finalized at Lv 92.

Path of Building

-Auto cast 10 skills per second causing visual mayhem (I liked it, but now I'm blind)
-0 button pressed, except for flasks
-Satisfying explosions, lots and lots of them
-Maximum resist at 85/97/93, very high up-time
-Auto self healing (roughly 4000 HP/s against single target, much higher during mapping)
-Use auto triggered skills to clear map on full speed (+164% speed)
-VMS and VRF for flashy boss kill
-Very tanky with 7000+ HP
-Permanent Immortal Call
-Permanent blinding on all enemies
-Budget build possible with just 2-3 ex, but a good currency sink if you want to invest in legacy uniques
-VMS with 2 million Shaper DPS for 9.5s
-Single target Shaper DPS of 500k (without VMS)
-Can do all map mods
-Very much hardcore viable

-Need somewhat decent computer setup to handle the visual mayhem
-Uses a lot of uniques (some legacy), not a league starter material

Videos (more to come)
Current Videos
Red Elder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4lbJuDbeaE
T16 Hydra https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyNo5uMuPX0
All red elder guardians https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWt1qPHbakg
T14 Palace (proof of concept) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONsR-C6Cg4g
Delve footage (courtesy to Twitch.tv/Wogidek) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/324377251 Delve start at 1:00:00.

Previous version videos

Build Mechanism and all the Technologies

Self ignite interactions:
-Eye of Innocence deals 100 fire damage every time you ignite an enemy.
-The Rat Cage converts 10% of that to physical damage. Therefore every time you ignite an enemy, you hit yourself with physical damage.
-Ngamahu's Sign heals you every time you ignite.
-Self inflicted phys damage triggers Firestorm, BV, Ball Lightning to inflict huge instances of ignites on enemies.

Defensive layers:
-Juggernaut’s endurance charge gain on hit has you instantly at maximum endurance charges in combat.
-Generated endurance charge fuels permanent immortal call -- meaning you are always immune to physical hits.
-With the self damage, MOM drains all your mana preventing Divination Distillate to stop. This gives 5-8% max resistance (8% if you use a legacy version).
-Topaz & Sapphire flasks, combined with Purity of Ice or Lightning raises your overall resistance to 85/96/92 or 85/92/96.
-Combining Jugg's Ascendancy, Pantheon and flasks, you are immune to the following mechanism: Slow, chill, freeze, poison, all curses, bleeding and corrupted blood.
-CWDT Ball Lightning in shaped glove blinds all enemy. It also provides instant 40 Virulence stacks.
-CWDT phase run guarantees safe and speed.
-The only thing that can kill you now are (if your flasks are up):
1. The molten fire core chase you after monster dies;
2. Strongboxes detonate nearby corpses.

Offensive automations:
During mapping, Al Dihi is used:
-Vengeance will always trigger by self damage, and automatically triggers 4L Abyssal Cry on Al Dihi;
- At 40 stacks of Virulence, Herald of Agony crawler deals at least 300k damage with pierce, enough to one-shot any white mob on any map;
-the killed white mob will trigger a chain reaction of Abyssal Cry, wipe out entire pack including rare monsters.
-Stacking cooldown reduction in belt and boot allows 20% faster cooldown on everything, such as abyssal cry, cwdt, immortal call, Vengeance etc. That's not only 20% more damage, but also more ignite, and smoother mapping.

-Vaal Molten Shell (VMS) and Vaal Rightous Fire (VRF) are abused for boss fights. Every time you ignites and enemy your VMS will pop, dealing some 70k dmg per hit. With all the duration nodes VMS lasts 9.5 seconds. In theory you are igniting 50-100 times per second, but in reality Shaper DPS (tested with Guardian) is more like 2-3M. The lost damage is possibly due to internet tick delay or server side restriction.

Important: how to reduce lag

1. Options -> UI -> Networking Mode, use "Predictive"
2. Enable Dynamic resolution

Bandit, Pantheon, Ascendancy, skill tree and leveling progression

Required Uniques

Eye of Innocence + Ratcage is an ancient technology allowing self damage and proc CWDT. In order to mitigate the self damage, we use two of Ngamahu's Sign.

For mapping, we use this claw to auto case Abyssal Cry. The choice of shield will be discussed below.

Gearing (Besides from required Uniques)

My Current Gear

This is your VMS 6L. Use a 5/6L helmet with Immolate & Conc effect. Have some resistance, dex and life is bonus.


This is your Ball Lightning link. It provides a lot of ignites and poison per second. I recommend use a rare shaped glove, with:
-Socketed gems are supported by lv# Slower Projectile;
-Socketed gems are supported by lv# Blind.

Additional useful stats:

Luxury version:
-Elemental Weakness on Hit implicit;
-Commandment of Inferno enchantment.

Budget version:
The Embalmer
In this case move your HOAG links to this glove, it's a free 5L, and since we use Empower, you can get a corrupted glove with "+1 level to all socketed gems" and this translates to the same DPS as 6L.

Boot and Belt, and "Cooldown Recovery Speed"
This is arguably the most OP affix in POE, therefore we can only obtain from two slots: 20% from shaped belt, and 15% from shaped boots.

+35% CD recovery speed will:
-Reduce CWDT cooldown from 250ms to 185ms;
-Reduce Convocation cooldown from 8s to 5.9s;
-Reduce Abyssal Cry cooldown from 4s to 3s;
-Reduce Phase Run cooldown from 4s to 3s (permanent run);
-Reduce Immortal Call cooldown from 3s to 2.2s (permanent call).

Therefore I strongly recommend to use rare boot + rare belt combo. Priority stats are Cooldown recovery speed->life->dex & res. Movement speed in boots.

Weapon & Shield choices

For mapping (main weapon set):

Both shields are great. Victario's provide free frenzy and power charges to your crawler, it's essentially a 7th link due to the strength of charges on minions; Redblade Banner allows Abyssal Cry to be triggered more often, hence smoother mapping experience.

For boss fight (swap weapon):

You can make your own combination from the above pool of weapons/shields. In general:
Seventh Sun provides lots of healing;
Saffel allows 100% resistance on cold or lightning;
The rare sceptre is highest damage and allows proper cwc setup (with blood magic).

I recommend Seventh Sun + Sceptre; However if you don't want to use this sceptre, the links in your Seventh Sun should be: Firestorm-spell echo-blood magic.


Divination Distillate provides 4% all max resistance (5% with our tree). If you use a legacy version, this number becomes +6% and +8% with tree. With Mind over Matter draining all our mana, we can guarantee full uptime on this flask. Do not quality this flask.

Quicksilver/sapphire/topaz flasks provides 70% movement speed and 8% max resistance to cold and lightning. We don't use a Ruby flask because too much fire resistance will reduce our self damage.

For suffixes on the two resist flasks, immunity to curse (silence curse can be deadly), bleeding (get rid of corrupted blood), shock (in the most unlucky day, end game bosses crit twice on you) are all valuable.

Witchfire Brew is great in boosting crawler damage, this flasks is optional;

Alternatively, if you want to use RF, must have Sulphur flask of Dousing. The 40% damage is nice, and ignite remove functions like a manual STOP button for RF. In this way you can enjoy the 39% MORE damage buff when every you like, and stop the life degen when not needed. If you somehow don't have Phase Run in your cwdt links due to coloring issue, you can also replace this flask with a phasing flask.


One Conqueror's Potency is necessary for buffing max resistances.

Perfect abyssal jewel (+50 life) provides 10% more life than a perfect regular jewels (+7% life. They are both fine if you can find good affixes)

In order of priority:
1. One Abyssal Jewel should add a chaos or physical component to your spells, to allow ball lightning to poison. Search for "add # phys/chaos damage (to spell)". You don't need this if you use Embalmer.
2. Cap your resistance, and fill in dex requirements (need 159 dex)
3. %life or #life
4. Chance to ignite
5. Increase spell/AOE/fire damage

My jewels as an example:

Luxury upgrades:

-Ratcage has a legacy version with no penalty to fire res cap or fire res;
-Ring with corrupted modifier +all elemental resistance;
-Eye of Innocence with +1 max resistance implicit (if you have enough dex already);
-Corrupted boot and belt with +1 endurance charge implicit;
-Legacy Div Distillate;
-Good Ratcage with +%life or +1%max res implicit (too rare and unlikely to find in market)

Gem Links

Sceptre with blood magic crafted (Swap Weapon)
Wither - Cast while Channeling - Firestorm
This is your CWC firestorm setup during bossing, provides reliable ignite, and some 100k Shaper DPS without VMS.

The other 3L in your Swap Weapon
Enlighten - Purity of Lightning or Purity of Ice, your choice of Vaal RF or Portal/Vaal Breach
You can tailor depend on the types of boss you are fighting.

Boot 4L
CWDT(1) - Immortal Call(3) - Blade Vortex(8) - - Phase Run(3).

Glove 4L
Firestorm(8) - Ball lightning(4) - CWDT(1) - Poison(20) - Slower projectile [Glove affix] - Blind [Glove affix]
This is your mass ignite link, also blinds and poisons on hit.

Helm 4L
Vaal Molten Shell(20) - Fire Penetration(20) - Controlled Destruction(20) - Combustion(20)
This is your VMS 4L, combined with helm socketed gem supported by Immolate and Conc Effect, this is essentially a 6L for boss fight.

Chest 5-6L
Herald of Agony(21) - Empower(4) - Damage on Full Life(20) - Minion Damage(20) - Pierce/faster attack(20) - Vile Toxin(20)

This is your HOAG 6L. HOAG scales extremely well with gem level, hence if you want to level one gem up while mapping, make sure you start with something like Lv18.

Al Dihi 3S for mapping
Inc AOE(20) - Void Manipulation (20) - Poison(20)
Every gem in this weapon supports Abyssal Cry.

Shield 3L for mapping
Vengeance(20) - CWDT(1)- Convocation(1)
Vengeance auto triggers Abyssal Cry with your claw. Unfortunately it can't support Fortify.

Convocation is extremely good for crawler positioning.

Gameplay style

1. Pop all flasks run towards mobs
2. Your BV will normally trigger the first ignite, and every other CWDT spell will burst like an avalanche.
3. If you use RF, manually pop Dousing flask to stop RF self damage when monsters killed
4. During boss fight, swap weapon, and use VMS (and VRF) to kill boss. If the boss didn't die your crawler can reliably finish him off.
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How well does this handle heavy DoTs? Cool build btw.
How well does this handle heavy DoTs? Cool build btw.

Thanks. I assume you are talking about Delve degen?

If you don't kill the mobs, just ignite them to get mass regen, you should easily have 20000 heal/s, and perhaps much more. You get 4000 heal against single target. I use RF for general mapping, with 76% fire res and no investment in HP regen, my health pool will always be capped when there is mob around me.

But too much spells on screen can cause disconnection, which I've had a few.
I'm actually gonna try this in standard. How about dealing with single target heavy hitters?
Last edited by AdventAngel153 on Sep 11, 2018, 3:51:09 AM
I'm actually gonna try this in standard. How about dealing with single target heavy hitters?

You should have 6500-7000 HP at lvl 90. If the first shot won't kill you you will be physically immortal. See my Minotaur kill video.
im having a hardtime with bosses that deal heavy DoT how do i deal with them?
also how would this belt function with head hunters?
Your video shoes reverse knockback although I do not see anything that generates this effect in the current build. I assume the video was made using Empire's Grasp.

What did you not like about the reverse knockback to omit it or am I missing it somewhere?
im having a hardtime with bosses that deal heavy DoT how do i deal with them?

Hi, which boss are you fighting? Did you have "monster have 90% chance to avoid elemental ailment" mod on your map?
also how would this belt function with head hunters?

HH provides excellent dex, which is what we need. I've played with it for a few maps, don't feel like benefiting from the huge speed buff like other builds with HH. How do you feel with HH?

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