[3.6] The Lazy Walker - Jugg - VMS walk and kill, 3M shaper, phys/ice/lightning immune, HC


Sad panda.
Haddoq wrote:

Sad panda.

They Nerfed multiple mechanics of the build:
- Herald of Agony does less damage
- Immortal Call does not provide physical immunity anymore
- Vaal Molten Shell does not do damage anymore, it instead reflects damage
- Immortal Call and Vaal Molten Shell share a cooldown
- The Cooldown starts only after they are finished (no permanent uptime possible)

I'm currently playing an unfinished Cyclone variant of the build and it is a lot more rippy at the moment than it was before, but so far it is playable (only got to T5 Maps, they pricefixed Eye of Innocence early in the league).
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RIP :-(

Just played this in 3.6 race and had a great time and ez lvl 95.
Then GGG go and fuck up Vaal molten shell. Is there any alternate skill for ST damage or is it doomed till they rework Vaal molten shell again 2 yrs down the track?
Truly an awesome build... Surely will be missed.

I played that build since quite a few leagues. In fact, I played it when it was not even HOA. I think I am on the right way to revive the build but I am far to be good at making and optimizing builds.

Please read ALL the info. It will make you understand where I am coming from, what appears not working and what appears working.

- My goal was to have a left button/move, simple flasks setup AND more boss/faster map clearing right click cyclone setup.

- My current setup:

- Eye of innocence + rat cage did NOT trigger enough self-damage. I added disintegrator for 2 reasons: more damage self-generated and a 6-link.

- On purpose, I used a mix of gems with different levels and quality.

- Please check the tree on LazyDeLioncourt. I went with Undeniable Juggernaut setup.

- First, I tried with HOA with poison support in the CWDT ball lightning and fireball setup, then in addition in the cyclone setup. HOA damage was Bleh and cyclone damage was bleh

- I switched to unearth/Volatile Dead setup.

- Cyclone is a very nice extra DPS AND extra life generation.

- I was able with the cyclone (cyclone level 8) setup and volatile dead (volatile level 8) setup to kill tier:14 underground river boss.

- I can simply lazy walk and with no cyclone usage I clear pretty fast tier:10 maps with volatile level 8.

- Because of the rings, the life regeneration is great. When I use cyclone, the life regeneration is AWESOME!!!!! Please see the Lab enchant on the boots.

- Temporal chain and blood rage are automatized. Combustion on volatile dead acts like a second curse (aka flammability).

Having read that, now are the issues I have:

- For bosses with no or very little minions, the boot enchant does not work well. I run out of mana after about 12 seconds if I use cyclone and I need to wait 5-6 seconds to cyclone again. If I spend 4 passives points and take life and mana leech node in the void life/mana wheel it resolves the issue. However, it costs 4 passives points. Anything that I missed here?
ISSUE RESOLVED for this one:

- Maxing resistances is a huge issue. I need to use purity of elements and give up a nice DPS setup like anger or Flesh and stone/maim setup. Any tip?

- Level 91, with nice equipment, it is only 6272 HPs. I think I can bring it to about 6850 at level 100. Does anyone think it is possible to bring to 7.5k Hps with better equipment?

- CWDT unearth is lvl 3 and CWDT volatile dead is lvl 4. I tried both CWDT at lvl 20 down to lvl 10. Very poor generation of fireballs with no usage of cyclone. I tried CWDT volatile dead lvl 20 and CWDT unearth lvl 1 to 4. I generated enough corpses, but the fireballs generation was poor. I ended up with the aforementioned lvl setup. I need to raise the volatile dead CWDT as high as possible. Here I need someone that knows well that old setup (Poet's pen) and come up with some math.

- Cyclone setup. In Legion, I used brutality and Atziri's disfavour, flesh and stone, blood and sand, banner and pride for an awesome DPS. Anyone has a different setup that the one I have for the lazy walker that has a better DPS in respect of the sockets limitations?

Here is a video (My first ever!) that I quickly did before work. Sorry, I would have liked to do another but time was too short: https://youtu.be/nfejVkzbNIk
Please note:
- The medium/low skills/character level.
- I just stood there and you see the balls being generated.
- I cyclone in some packs, you see how faster the clear speed is.
- Note the volatile dead keybind on the bottom right, you will see the frequency of the generation.
- The beasts kill is slow. The boss too as you can see. I am still trying to find a way to ramp-up the elites and boss DPS.
- I do not understand the boss death. I will have to watch it more closely later. It is the first time that character dies since I am experimenting with it. I did T15 maps with no other issue that the boss kill took forever.

I think this is all I could think as of now. Your input will be appreciated and I really hope I could revive the lazy walker.

Thank you
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I miss the walking spell-cast loopers. There's gotta be an interaction we just have haven't considered yet that could bring it back.
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