Delve Balance Changes

RIIIIIIIIIP so much for practicing with sunder........oh wait just the length was nerfed not the dmg... hmmm so stuff will get a bit closer?,... hmm guess just switch to EQ sooner..

so much for going HC this league with all the balances ::CoughNerfsCough::... XD

hmm does def look interesting to say the least that poison chaos dmg buff seriously lol? all the nerfs went into buffing pathfinder chaos/poison dmg. Delve = league of poison/chaos bow builds. with a few stragglers...

But over all looks fun and cant wait for patch notes and the 31st(NA)!!! lol more theorycrafting INC!!!! :D

Nicely done GGG :D <3
Innomen wrote:
abbarnes wrote:
I'm guessing Vaal Blight is pretty screwed here. Which is disappointing. This seems like a very unbalanced way of addressing issues that are mainly pertaining to vaal aura skills.

The best part is this kills the rocketman build and they themselves published a video for it in BOTW.

They absolutely Want the playerbase chasing dead ends while the pawnshop streamer base gets richer and buys another round of supporter packs.

This depends on whether it is also extended by temp chains and whether any other changes are happening to VMS. If no to both, there's still a good 20 second window in which to recharge the skill.
Way to ruin the game.

Can't wait till tencent takes over
Really liking the changes to movement skills and instant casts, always running Brightbeak was not too fun. Seems like the caster movement skills are more viable , also minion hype!!
What is the point of nerfing minefield?

99% of miners are ARC or GC. Nerf both of those. Don't nerf all the mine builds because of those two.

I have to agree here, the numbers for the flashback event are even more staggering, the entirety of the top saboteurs use arc. In my view a much better approach would be a lighter nerf to trap spells and a light arc nerf and see how they do from there. But hey I'm not tweaking games for a living
Blocking and evading of secondary damage, does this mean you can now vaal cyclone on beyond maps without a random unique mob suddenly appearing and blowing up 200 corpses and instagibbing you? The worst part of playing a cycloner is not being able to vaal cyclone on beyond maps with any degree of safety.
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need to buff inquisitor, inquisitor is very useless right now since u can find elemental penetration in so many way now,
Path of nerfs is right.

nerfing things that you recently buffed shows that you don't have a clue how to implement new things. How's about instead of nerfing things.. you just make the other 80% of almost completely useless meme skills better to give them new life...

and Vaal skills?! after all the hype and crap that was spewed out at the beginning of incursion and already you are just making an across the board nerf to them?

really showing of your skills there...
DalaiLama wrote:
vBlitzO wrote:
Inpulsa nerfs???

Maybe this?

"Secondary Damage
Sources of Secondary Damage, like corpse explosions or the blasts from Explosive Arrow, can now be blocked or dodged. "

Good point. this could also affect the lag caused by a large pack all being popped at the same time (which should really be a chain of enemies dying, rather than simultaneous).
It could increase this lag because now there's a check for each of block and dodge for every enemy involved too, or it could be fixed to resolve them one explosion at a time.
Yeah right ! Lets kill shield charge for casters ! The only way for them to be fast !
The MAIN reason people are using brightbeak + shieldcharge combo is not because it is very powerful ! But because there is simply NO other viable choise for being fast and efficient !!! Unless you dump all your points into attack speed
on the tree and run with 4k life and close to no damage :) And God bless you if you wanna use leap slam or w.blades as a caster.. or even at all..
I dont know what new flame dash will look like, but I heavily doubt it's viability. Not even speaking about lightning warp, which requires you to run it on a 4 link just to be slightly better than trash tier..
So now when most people just happily put on qotf and run maps at super sonic speed, casters will be clearing 1 map per hour with sad pepe face. What a joy !
And no, I dont mind putting qotf and flashing through maps myself, quite the opposite. I mind not having anything else fun to play, besides the clearspeed meta and broken mechanics, which aren't being fixed for some reason.
And as I'm typing this, I'm not considering upcoming new minion and poison/chaos skills/changes, why do that ? There are only 2 outcomes when something is being reworked or introduced to the game. Either it will be dead somewhere at the bottom of the game or become a new overpowered meta, which will be "fixed" next expansion. A-mazing !
If you want players to "have more choices" in their builds, you shouldn't nerf the most used skills and mechanics like you always do, you should make others more attractive and playable.
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