Delve Balance Changes

nskLantash wrote:
Colonelnut wrote:
Also to put the cherry on top lets destroy shield charge.

Literally how.
You can still stack attack speed to make shield charge go fast.
You can no longer play a caster, not care for attack speed at all, equip brightbeak and go zoom-zoom.
How is this in any way bad.

Leap on a two link will still beat the shit out of lightning shit on a 4 link.
Bex_GGG wrote:
Delve Balance Changes
Vaal Soul Gain Prevention Time
We've now changed all Vaal skills that are affected by duration modifiers to have their soul prevention time also affected by the duration modifier. This means that when increasing the duration of Vaal Haste's effect, you're also increasing the soul prevention time. This keeps certain skills that could get very long durations from being recharged during prevention time, and is beneficial for effects like Vaal Storm Call and Vaal Earthquake that would likely already have duration reductions.

I'm guessing Vaal Blight is pretty screwed here. Which is disappointing. This seems like a very unbalanced way of addressing issues that are mainly pertaining to vaal aura skills.
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Reading some of these changes makes absolutely no sense, kind of sad to see they clearly don't have any clue how things will affect the end game players.

Here's to hoping these aren't final or/and there are actual changes in the patchnotes that do make sense.
ggg balance team , once again showing that they miss the mark.

traps were not the overpowered thing, arc was.
traps actually felt decent and fun to play.

also, why the nerf to vaal skills with no access to the one potion to allow use of vaal skills now?
lets just make the ripper flask that much harder to get right?

lets hope they didnt make scorching ray blockable , or if they did they removed the three trolls from grand masters. frost bomb doesnt do enough when they gaining it on block.

atleast you are improving caster options for movement skills finally, and shaking things up for the summoners. But this has been asked for for since ascendancy released. So i guess congrats on the guy who threw the dart at the board and hit something relevant, as throwing darts is the only way to explain your balancing decisions over the years.

Frost Bomb, in addition to reducing life regeneration rate, also reduces energy shield regeneration and recovery rate. This is to let players have ways to mitigate very defensive energy shield characters, which may also come in handy against certain Grandmasters.

thanks! A troll no dmg build, that's just annoying? Demi is no likable guy, if he is doing that to the community, just because he had the money. Spellblock changed too? and no legacy versions? Hell ya
And finally Sunder got his deserved nerf. waited 2 leagues for it. kb nerv was needed too. now its clearspeed seems is still strong but barrage is needed again for bossed. Hopefully not the only valid option.
abbarnes wrote:
I'm guessing Vaal Blight is pretty screwed here. Which is disappointing. This seems like a very unbalanced way of addressing issues that are mainly pertaining to vaal aura skills.

The best part is this kills the rocketman build and they themselves published a video for it in BOTW.

They absolutely Want the playerbase chasing dead ends while the pawnshop streamer base gets richer and buys another round of supporter packs.
Too much censorship that you never even see. Totally removed posts and silenced accounts across all communities.
More fun!!!!
Should've have nerfed Arc rather than traps in general. I was actually having fun doing rain of arrows trap on my Deadeye despite being squishy as hell and dying all the time, but it felt really fun to do. With those trap changes, it'd be damn near impossible to even do red maps in 3.4 unless with mirror quality gear.

RIP Traps, only lasted about 1 league.
ok so the entire viability of my sst build is around bleeds, this is with "physical projectile attack damage support" and crimson dance

and this is without the gem

Thank you for taking a third of my damage and providing no substitutes. Thanks for making sst even worse than it already is and I know you're going to completely disregard this post but that's okay, you've reminded me to not give you my money and that's what counts. I start getting interest back and start playing again and almost immediately I get betrayed. Good job.
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Now remove Zerphi's Last Breath from the league and we are good to go infinite dongons ladder.

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