Delve Balance Changes

oh right, just after the long-waited kinetic blast MTX you nerfed it in the next patch and basically now nobody can use it anymore. GGG things...

overall, looks Ok-patch. Wish to see some changes to explosive arrow as well, but who knows, lets wait 3.5.

Also: Ice Nova, shock nova, aoe skills NEED SOME HUGE BUFFS for a long time. It's kinda disapointing u didnt looked on it yet... but who knows, lets wait 3.5[2]
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"we've lowered the length of the rectangular damage area by 20%"

my 2 cents

I would have prefered to see the skill modified so it just did lower damage at low skill gem levels to push players away from that as a meta leveling skill (and the same damage at max level).

Sunder while powerful has never had either top tier clear speeds or boss killing potential, It is a skill i have played a lot and gimping the aoe would be the last way i would nerf it, there is 0 way to build around that

Obviously of all skills with any area (not single target skills) it's certainly on the lower end of the area they can hit mobs

this will just make it even less viable at endgame while it can remain the go to skill for race leveling

Its is a great skill but I never would have considered it OP at any endgame activity. Honestly i would like to see players pushed away from leveling with it but this really hurts it more at endgame than early game.

In this case ive pretty much had my fill of sunder so i don't mind seeing it get nerfed , but i feel this may not have been the best way to hit it

I'm not sure what i think of the spell block changes , i will need more information and values.
I will assume this is intended as a buff to the items because as it was very few builds ever invested in block to begin with. Spell block is a very valuable mitigation stat so if there is a good chunk available along pathing (and on items) without going out of the way I could actually see people picking it up. Interested to see if this makes a few of the spell block builds I enjoyed better or even more gimped, guess it depends on the values.

My main concern is to invest in a full spell block build and have great dps has always been a huge challenge , especially with stat sticks in the game its super hard to justify even wearing a shield in the first place. I guess now you wont even need the shield if the items will have flat spell block, I always loved shield wearing melee characters but its basically not possible to justify the dps loss now especially if you don't need the shield to get spell block (id love to see some of the damage while holding a shield nodes get pretty big buff's or stat stick stats available on shields).
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magicspin wrote:
Thank you for taking a third of my damage and providing no substitutes.

It's still adding damage to physical DoT, of which Bleed is one.
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HELLL YES GGG!!!!! MUCH NEED BALANCE CHANGES. THANK YOU! very nice guys. look forward to DELVE. Shit is going to LIT AF.

did you even read the comments?

block nodes and warcry node that waste skill points on skill tree, spell damage is the only thing you can block now, arc didn't need an over nerf but other skills still need buffing, ascendancy changes could have had the chance to add more ascendancy options on their skill tree by adding more nodes instead, but what do they do? they remove some options instead of adding more diversity and more node options in order to favor their new "skills", sunder boi is now sunder bai bai, shield charge is slower then any queen of the forest build, poets pen as one of the strongest uniques is sitting there laughing it ass off still being overpowered while other skills are getting nerfed, minion classes still havnt gotten nerfs or changes.
Too many nerfs... Up and down with trap... Physical herald might be interesting to use on phys builds. Lets see...
But path of nerfs again. Sad to see. Would be better to buff some other skills instead.

So poet pen builds now way up there... Those are gonna be expensive in Delve for sure!
What is the point of nerfing minefield?

99% of miners are ARC or GC. Nerf both of those. Don't nerf all the mine builds because of those two.

You should know your numbers, GGG
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Path of Nerfs
Feel shitty after reading pre-notes. GGG just nerfs fun.
What GGG needs to nerf is the reddit crybabies and website forum crybabies. Always crying and complaining about a skill that most the time they don't even use or have knowledge of. NERF the crybabies there destroying our game, just go look at reddit right now. More whining there then a damn nursery...

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