Delve Balance Changes

FelipeD3 wrote:
So arc trap is dead

Yeah I hope more people will leave arc trap so my gears are going to be cheaper in 3.4
etixet wrote:
because those 2 skills are only overpowered as mines, they are completely fine as self-cast, also hardly anyone still plays self cast builds and nerfing the core skill would push those numbers even lower. You cant pre-cast 20 instances of the skill as a self-caster, that's what's broken about traps / mines

They could just add easy fix like -> when link arc to trap / totem, it receives -2 chain or something.

That'd save the trouble of nerfing every single traps instead of just nerfing act trap/ totem.
mine nerf ty ggg i never suport you again gl
As we can clearly see even started during the vacation period and even though the weekend, even with the super awesome content of Delve - the PoE barely reach 1/2 of the previous expansions players count.
This should tell the management that there is something broken, and maybe they have did an awful mistake by destroying the castes, the CI and ES walkers in 3.x.

This is practically 2/3 of the population received a giant foot in the face.

This is something which I believe everyone shall receive a big as* "SORRY" from the devs with addition "THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN".
Else at least I can NOT play a game in which every day my character is threatened by nerfing to a totally junk state.
Just one very disappointed PoE fan.
CI casters made PoE to the top, and GGG decided to kill them.
Best decision ever!
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mic01851165 wrote:
Oberver wrote:
I do not like this patch, Rip KB, Rip any Vaal skill build, Rip spell block. This patch take away more fun than it provides.

Most people use Vaal skill as an additional dps rather than relying it as their core dps.

Also not everyone link vaal skill to duration gem, and they're not always worth it too/ not enough space/ etc.

I don't get your logic.

If vaal skil gems used as additional dps, than what's a point for time prevention, if you can use it or can not. Another thing that people who used it as a core skill, cant use it anymore. Surely say it is possible but with much more less effective outcome. Before 3.4 it was already hard to make vaal gems build to work. Also it was about uniqs, so you could not wear much rare items, and sacrificing some very strong stats. Also, most of all vaal gems core builds need to take some nodes for stats - thats another downside of it. Now what? Even if you make somehow strong not oneshotable char, you cant perma or EVEN NEAR PERMA run it. For example I did VMS. Sure it was sick. But I still need run and kill mobs with little AOE, meanwhile, any hunter build kills a half of map for one tap and even so, if map wasn't enough density I cant perma run, any mod for less aoe for me is another minute to run a map because AOE is so small that you need run literally every mob. I did not most dpsing but most durational VMS. Taking every node for duration, self-cursing with temporal chains, using SOUL CATCHER witch is 40% reduced soul gain prevention and it was STILL not enough for perma run if map wasnt that dense. What we have now? 10,5 sec duration of VMS, some temporal chains 40% more ( but for players its only 20% ). And "15,5!!!" seconds of time prevention. Even with soul catcher it's a lot of time and very annoying if you use it on last pack mob on screen and another one in year away. It was about tactics, when to use it, especially on bosses with phases - now it just only take a role of additional DPS even if you make pure VMS. Still any 4l would better, because you can use VMS in start of map and then only on boss.

KB is still effective and one of the best skills for wanders. But I don't get a logic of ggg's. Bosses that you can taunt in corner are 1% of all bosses. No one linked 6l KB, it was fine 4l, everyone making 6l barrage for killing bosses. So what they changed? KB still clear maps nice a smooth. But now even 1% of bosses cannot be killed with it efefctively.
I am enjoying the updates to summoners, still a few things to improve like AI, zombies remain on logout, better support gems for minions, but overall it´s going into the right direction.
good!its good!
very nice
Confirmed in Twitter: 3 sulphite nodes guaranteed every Niko encounter.

Not as much we want, but it's something.
"There's no thing like random one-shots in this game. You only die because you take 353,456,237 hits in 0.2 seconds."

"The best items in the game should not be crafted, they should be TRADED." - Cent, GGG

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