In Delve you can right-click a stash tab in the dropdown list to send it to the far left.

bUt It OnLy TaKeS FeW SeCoNdS To dO It
Cool but a bit too late :(
Can you please make it shift+right_click or something like this? I don't want accidentally ruin my stash tabs order all the time by random right-click on stash tab while i navigate on them.
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This tiny little QoL stuff is all we were talking and complaining about for years Bex. Thank you. Hope you do a lot more of this tiny things. We don't need a whole rework of the stuff. Just this tiny things.
You obviously have "future plans" on this... why not contribute a development manifesto to it? Isn't that the original intention of that forum? Currently it's only being used for meta-announcements.
There are so many QoL improvements in patch 3.4 that I believe we will feel like the game before it was unplayable.
Looks great!

But if you REALLY want to get fancy, then you'd let us have two layers of tabs instead of just one.
Its better to do "save tabs preset" feature that saves current color, order, name of stash tabs, so at the start of the new league/event/race saved preset will be automatically loaded.

YEP...been saying this for a while now...not sure why this would be so hard but I dont know code from a hole in the matrix
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But will there be some method for us to jump to tab # on keyboard if it is a number such as 11 or 22 or 33 ... ?

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