In Delve you can right-click a stash tab in the dropdown list to send it to the far left.

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Good start!
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Seriously thank you
amazgin 100/10 ! 3.4 soo many QoL <3

RPGlitch wrote:
now we just need an auto sort function for currency. xd

imo we need the dumpster tab which will autosort to right tabs xD
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Hot Damn! I will use this!
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Yea. I needed this. And more than that, I need a way to deal with all my uselsss premium tabs.
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I think this essentially fixes the problem with tab ordering etc tbh, its more than a start its almost a complete solution for all intents and purposes. gg.

Nephalim wrote:
You're breaking my heart. Why not also a feature to move a stash to the far right.

ladish wrote:
awesome! Is the technology there yet to do the contra: shift-right-click to move to back?

ya shiftclick to jump it to the other end and that is essentially any need to further mess with tab ordering turned into an extremely back burner priority. Massive qol for stash sorting.

It would be nice in theory to be able to have a sort of dummy league we sign into where we just see the inside of our stash, and we can order it, rename and colour it etc, and this then works as a template for our stash in any new league, it will always copy what we currently have set up in there any time it spawns us a new stash for a new event. But thats kind of over the top, if it can be done then cool, but simply jumping them end to end with 1 click? Huge, if thats the last change we see added I dont care, its good enough.
very nice, been waiting for this one for a while

Hopefully GGG will stop abandoning leagues after 4.0.0 is released
Thank you. For someone who has lots of tabs, this is a time saver

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