In Delve you can right-click a stash tab in the dropdown list to send it to the far left.

Almost as big as stairs.
PoE 2077

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Its real!
Thank you!

How about adding the addition "Incursion" to all tabs that get merged into standard? That´s the real pain in the ass, having to figure out which of the randomly merged n mixed (non premium) tabs are new and which are not. So far I keep putting a wisdom scroll in the top left corner so I can figure them out. But is that a QoL thing....?

hehe at last waiting so long on something like this xD
would be best if u can set what place u want it and the name so it automatically is set up right always and never have to waste time in it again xd
Hi! i'm high right now and who are you?
About freaking time
finally every 3 month i save 30 sec of work xDDDDDDDD

best qol change

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First Selfmade Build as Sparker ( MF )
1 Million Tool Tip Dps Sparker

So now i can misclick my stash tabs.
Sounds bad.

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Now please add auto sorting when dumping thins into premium tabs :)
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Its better to do "save tabs preset" feature that saves current color, order, name of stash tabs, so at the start of the new league/event/race saved preset will be automatically loaded.
Thank you guys!

Was waiting for something like that for so long.

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