Solo Delve Ladders

I think this is fair

Its REALLY easy to make per class ranking... as i have my own website that has a ranking page that has class ranking

The only reason i see them not doing this would be just because that isnt what ggg wanted for poe (like other things ie sorting of stash/invo)
Honestly... It is bad and will be abused.

(Example for friends that can trust each other)
Super Pro Player X will push his Super Bad Player Y down as far as possible.
Now X will give Y some real badass items, Y is now super stronk and bangs his bucks through 10 more delves, gives the uber gear back and farms higher easy delves for gear.

There might others but this is the first that shoots into my mind.
Please use for your guides instead of pastebin!
yeah, so supports aren't viable to play now^^ atleast not for ladder pushing.
For the first time i see recomendation to play SSF :D
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
Swiks wrote:
That's good news ! :D

When you invite party members into your mine

That means if I invite someone to trade with while in a Delve with no intention to play with him, I won't get my ladder disabled for a few levels right ?

As long as they dont enter your mine I believe it should not. .
But if you are Trading while delving for Leader board i feel this is your Fault?
As remember once you TP out of the delve you lose progress on the current delve.

And remember you will still be ranked in the group Leader board just require the delves to reactivate solo delve position.

Hardly seems like a problem
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First off thank you very much for this change. As someone that mainly plays solo or lets friends tag a long for a little for free xp from time to time it feels great to know I can at least attempt to rank on some type of ladder without having to play SSF. I played d3 for 12 seasons and always liked fighting for top 10 for the first 3 to 4 weeks (while paragon lvl are more fair) and don't want to go back to a game without trading.

I hope we can see solo leader board broken into ascendancy ladder like in race leagues. In d3 a big problem with the game is the meta for ranking becomes very stale and in poe we have so many builds and ways to play. If would be pretty disheartening to look up the ladder rankings as example and see nothing but 100% mitigate poet's pen pathfinder for 27 pages because they are the only build that can handle the best push. Not every ascendancy can do a build like that allowing some variation of metas popping up between the classes. Also would get some people to want to try out less popular ascendancies because there is less people competing. Since people can pretty easily change ascendancies maybe we can only have class boards but I really think setting them to ascendancy would be the best thing to allow more people a chance to feel good that they are not 10k on the rankings and see no reason to try.

Trade league will always have problems with people trying to game the system and have a group of people throw all their money into one person to push and/or trade gear between each other to get the best push making it never 100% fair but those cases will be few and far between most of the time.

Oh also if we have a way to make ladders for each different group size that would be great. D3 did a lot of bad stuff but the score bored was not one of them and having access to a similar one would be really nice.
Will Team ladders Show the actual Team that pushed???
Will the People who die be able to Tp back in?
Will it show Who was alive at the final push? (boss/wave)
There are a lot of things that I would be interested in Seeing in the Team based ladder.
Like Compositions, Gems run, Skills used.
I can see however that the one hosting the Delves will need to super Tank, As if they die the delve stops.
That kind of sucks. . .
Cant we Do like a TEAM or GUILD delve?
Would make Guilds great again tbh. .

1) has to be a full group
2) Everyone must provide sulphite
3) delve continues as long as one person survives.
4) Can only TP back in once that delve length is complete. (boss/Wave)

This way we can have multiple People playing for the absolute top ranking. . .
And other people maxing out Flares and Dynamite to do the side areas. .
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And Reddit wins again. (sigh)

Common GGG this is the best time to introduce a in-game ladder system, i want to be able to press 1 button and see my character's rank in Delve, LAB, overall, class...

I don't want to have to download 3 different macros and change the macro every time i change my character, or even worse to alt-tab go to website and download 10 spreadsheets and create filters and do extensive spreadsheet sorting just to see i went up 3 ranks....
^Yeah that would be really nice. Even if im ranked 5000 Id like to know

Chris wrote:

Feedback from the community so far has suggested that you would like a separate ladder that tracks solo Delves in these trade-enabled leagues. The reason why we weren't initially planning this is that it's quite easy to get carried by friends to a deep depth, and then cherry-pick a very short Delve with an easy encounter to complete. This would record an entry on the ladder at that Depth, despite the player not really being able to complete that content alone.

What awful logic. You do realize that you have a league ladder that works the exact same way right?
hell, you might as well not even try for top league ladder if you dont have a group trading for you and an aurabot cuck boislave .
With that said I like what you are doing with forcing them to complete some alone to score on the ladder, very nice idea.
Now give us Ascendancy based ladders so competitors dont feel forced to play the most broken meta build only. That would help create a more varied environment

Hopefully GGG will stop abandoning leagues after 4.0.0 is released
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