Solo Delve Ladders

Sounds Great!
shadopaw wrote:
Will Team ladders Show the actual Team that pushed???
Will the People who die be able to Tp back in?
Will it show Who was alive at the final push? (boss/wave)
There are a lot of things that I would be interested in Seeing in the Team based ladder.
Like Compositions, Gems run, Skills used.
I can see however that the one hosting the Delves will need to super Tank, As if they die the delve stops.
That kind of sucks. . .
Cant we Do like a TEAM or GUILD delve?
Would make Guilds great again tbh. .

1) has to be a full group
2) Everyone must provide sulphite
3) delve continues as long as one person survives.
4) Can only TP back in once that delve length is complete. (boss/Wave)

This way we can have multiple People playing for the absolute top ranking. . .
And other people maxing out Flares and Dynamite to do the side areas. .

This reminds me, this game really should have a Team Self-found mode and a Guild Self-found mode. (nah, doing it based on honor NEVER WORKS, know this from years playing d2, there are always a couple of scumbags looking for ruining it for everyone YEAH GAIZE MY ENIGMA IS LEGIT I SWEAR)

Hopefully GGG will stop abandoning leagues after 4.0.0 is released
players will grief each other by entering other players mines to stop their progress.

the only reason reddit shitstormed you is because d3 also has this feature, well they ever wanted you to make poe like "other games".
it's no reason to give in.

the road to hell is paved with good intentions, while this fix is intended to help differentiate solo players from groups with aura and curse bots, groups still have a huge advantage over solo players but your fix makes it look like it's a fair competition.

i often play in groups with slower players, do i get a buff for the solo ladder?

the only fair competition is ssf <==> others.

age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill!
And so... even standard leave is moving closer and closer to solo leagues. I really wish there were more reasons to party and interact with others.
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Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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Thank you
I hate the lab

This had to be done and you were so quick to reconsider. Awesome news!

I got a dozen top 50 and top 100s in d3 and would never give it a go if it wasnt for a solo ladder.
Groups is something you start to build up later, much later. Its not about carrying friends, friends are left back in a competition.

Now bring it to standard where ppl can try delving without impaired characters.
Because if you "win" inside the league it is still only the paralympics. No offense!
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I'm so happy , HARDCORE LADDER AT ITS FINEST where you will show how big your balls are pushing top 1%.
ahhh now, all those noobs no sleeping crab killers sissy runners will suck sooo hard.
thank you so much for this !!!!!! exactly what we wanted ! no fakers :p
@Chris / GGG Team

Could you imagine having a Delve-ish* league each year? If not even twice (as an 8-week summer/winter event)?

*the meta the same, the theme could be different. Example: Totally different theme could be a Wreaclast after the apocalypse. No towns, no hideouts, no masters, only your stash (chest) every 3rd zone/area protected by a guy in a hazard suit like in Twelve Monkeys. Zones are random and each got a boss.

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AllRghtsRsrvd wrote:
yeah, so supports aren't viable to play now^^ atleast not for ladder pushing.

edit: unless i misseread there was never a team rank, the rank was attributed to the delve host, so the person hosting was the only showing on the leaderboard, which makes it even shittier

skiprydoo wrote:
And Reddit wins again. (sigh)

ye reddit won, we got a "fair" leaderboard that doesnt force you to play in a party to actually compete such a bad decision.

@ggg/ chris

i'd like to know how will the de-frozen rank actually work , because if it require vertical delves, and from your highest completed(in party or not) it will make it a huge downside for those who play in a party and thats actually not a good system either, the most fair path should be able to allow vertically and horizontally delves to unlock solo rank
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