Solo Delve Ladders

Always great timing with these new league tweaks lately.
El Psy Congroo.
Thanks for listening! Nice solution to people that rely on that pseudo-exploit too.

Splitting the ladders up by Ascendancy class (like races) would make this perfect IMO
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Given that we barely know anything about how Delves work, the restriction that you have to run a couple solo to get on the leaderboard seems fine.
Thanks for accepting the community feedback GGG and enabling ladders across the league. The solution you have put forward Chris sounds like a measured and fair design.

As usual, it takes raising a stink to actually impact a practical decision. At least you heard us this time.

Let me guess, the same people who thought not having a solo ladder was a good idea were the people in favor of nerfing AoE and CoC? Or was that you, Chris "Trading Hurts The Game" Wilson?

Can't wait to see actually skilled players beat the fed players on the leaderboard, now that you're giving it to us.
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Thank you so much!
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This is very good. Appreciation to developers for reacting to feedback.
Well, wait, it will be non-ascendancy based ladder?!
dead game
bring back 3.13
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I never played SSF, but I also never bought boss kills, lab, etc. I'm fucking glad those pathetic fucks wont be able to buy their place on the Delve ladder.
That's good news ! :D

When you invite party members into your mine

That means if I invite someone to trade with while in a Delve with no intention to play with him, I won't get my ladder disabled for a few levels right ?

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The former plan would have met with strong criticism if release.

Glad it worked out.

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