Solo Delve Ladders

Each Delve league has a ladder that tracks how deep players have delved.

While it's clear that players in SSF leagues have legitimately achieved their recorded depth, players in regular (trade-enabled) leagues can party up to Delve together, potentially carrying their friends into content that they would not be able to complete alone.

Feedback from the community so far has suggested that you would like a separate ladder that tracks solo Delves in these trade-enabled leagues. The reason why we weren't initially planning this is that it's quite easy to get carried by friends to a deep depth, and then cherry-pick a very short Delve with an easy encounter to complete. This would record an entry on the ladder at that Depth, despite the player not really being able to complete that content alone.

Based on discussion today, we have a plan for adding a solo ladder to each trade-enabled league.

When you invite party members into your mine, your progress on the solo ladder will be disabled temporarily. In order for you to resume scoring your solo Delves, you have to make depth progress on some number (ten-ish?) of Delves with no party members.

It's totally fine for you to play in a party occasionally to get help and to reach new depths, but you won't score new depths on the solo ladder until you have demonstrated your ability to complete a variety of hard Delves alone.

We believe that a solo ladder that functions in this way will allow players the freedom to play in parties occasionally, while still letting them lock in new solo records if they can prove they're capable of it.

(This all ignores the indirect advantages that players in trade-enabled leagues have in terms of being able to receive items or outside-Delve powerlevelling from their friends. If you want to play in a league that doesn't have any possible influence from other players, consider playing SSF!)
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