[3.6] Witch Builds List


Please include my build guide in the list:

[3.4] The VoidVortex - CI Dual VoidBattery BV Occultist
Shaper, Uber elder, Guardians viable
Occultist CI BV (Phys + Chaos)
Hi, I made a build guide for a Shock and Aspect of the Spider Support. Inspired by EmpyrianGaming's shock support during delve league.


[3.4] Ailmentalist - Shock & Spider Support | Enemies take 85% inc dmg
NEC [3.4] Speaker for the Dead - 74 minion Summoner - Frost Sentinels, Phantasms, Agony Crawler, Skeletons, Zombies, Holy Relic, Charged Dash

This Summoner build freezes, poisons, bleeds, blinds, maims, hinders, taunts, generates frenzy charges for allies, curses, lowers enemy resists, gains LoH from attacks and spells, knocks back, and teleports, all as one action; and is assisted by two Frost Sentinels, a Solar Guard, an Agony Crawler, eleven Phantasms, eight Zombies, a Holy Relic, ten Skeletons, and fourty Vaal Skeletons.

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Hey there Haamoo, I didn't even know the Kwitch wasn't in charge of the witch build section anymore. Just figured I would post an appreciation post saying that you're doing a great thing! I'm the Creator of the Death Whisper build and I'm currently trying to make it slightly more than just a run around and boom build, something that can do shaper in more than 20 minutes according to someone with more currency than I'll ever see. Anyways, good luck and hope to see great things from you!
Hey Flasher, I appreciate you stopping by and thanks for the kind feedback. I have not made too many changes since taking over from Kwitch also if you can think of anything you'd like to see changed with the list please let me know. Haha I know what you mean, sometimes I think my lootfilter is set up to hide currency instead of show it :p anyway looking forward to seeing the changes in your build. Good luck with it.
Easy Cursebot (6 Curses + 6 Auras + Spider Aspect) | Tank the WORLD | NO TOTEM REQUIRED!


Build concept and visualization (GIFS, Images and videos) of a passive curse-aura caster support (Occultist). Using certain on hit mechanics I achieved a new super tanky variant for delving that I have found very effective.

Is able to obtain over 13,000 ES with 7 Curses, 7 Auras and Spider Aspect.

[3.4] Occultist Auto Cast CWDT Mobile Spell Turret
Perpetual Auto Caster using Hearbound Loop CWDT. Uses arakaali, blood rage, immortal call, beast fur shawl, precisely calculated gem levels / durations, for permanent over 100% increased energy shield recovery.
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just finish my first guide for Caustic Arrow Occultist !

[3.4+] Caustic Arrow - How to melt maps with an Occultist - The guide

Here's a Low Life Detonate Dead/Soulwrest build, with high recovery (Regen+leech), using Tukohama's Vanguards + Summoned Phantasms to clear maps. Capable of sustaining in Uber Elder fight, it is surprisingly durable and deals a heavy amount damage over time to single target.

I've also crafted a life version with cheaper gear so that it can serve as a league starter.

Enjoy, exiles.

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