[3.6] Witch Builds List


Stag's Tanky Soulwrest Summoner.

Safe, Quick mapping and delves with a focus on good defense.

Boomdog's Null's Agony

Different take on Herald of Agony to clear it all
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Wrestler of Souls Phantasm/Skelly Mage/Spectre Necro
Video contents, Stream sometimes
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Hey !

I just posted my second detailed forum guide

Scourge Arrow Ignite Proliferation Elementalist

Also my previous one Shocking Elementalist (LT CwC Arc) that your predecessor added in the 3.3 version is up to date for 3.4 :)

Thank you for keeping this thread alive !
[3.7] Scourge Arrow, Ignite Proliferation Elementalist. Melt T15 on a budget, All content viable.
[3.7] Shocking Elementalist, Lightning Tendrils Cast when Channeling Arc. Budget version included
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Elementalist Incinerate CwC Bodyswap/Flame Surge

Unique build for Incinerate and detailed guide and more videos will be uploaded soon.

Dire Phantasms, EB MoM triple aura Necromancer. Uses Soulwrest, Victario's Influence, and Bubonic Trail.
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pls add :-)
Full Zombie, Full Spectre Build:-)

Molten Strike Elementalist With Inpulsas/3 Dragons for maximum clear speed and explosions. Videos and in depth guide.

It's a Herald of Agony/multiminion necromancer that already did T12 maps fine, and the guide will be periodically updated. It also has videos.

The focus is safe boss-killing, but with the help of the skorpyboi and the spectres can cler maps and delves quite well, too.
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Build BV, RF with glutoony of elements and max duration

Could you please add this build to the build list?

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