When is Incursion Being Added to the Core Game?

Am I the only person unhappy that GGG's solution to the power creep is to just copy Diablo 3 and basically make Greater Rifts via Delve?

Just stop the god damned power creep GGG.
JLawL wrote:
Am I the only person unhappy that GGG's solution to the power creep is to just copy Diablo 3 and basically make Greater Rifts via Delve?

Just stop the god damned power creep GGG.

You can't stop the power creep. Too difficult (read: nearly impossible) to do.
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JLawL wrote:
Am I the only person unhappy that GGG's solution to the power creep is to just copy Diablo 3 and basically make Greater Rifts via Delve?

Just stop the god damned power creep GGG.

The trick isn't to avoid power creep, but to expand the game space and explore it in interesting ways. If they were just upping the numbers we'd have something to worry about, but they're consistently doing new and interesting things.
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Sounds great. Temples added to core game? Yes please!! why not? =)

Had lots of fun playing incursion as well.

Delve looks totally hype. Can't wait for it!
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I said it every league. DONT ADD EVERY LEAGUE INTO THE CORE!
24.1.2018 [quote="Dro28"]wheres my fragment tab?[/quote]

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25.1.2018: GGG- Introducing the Fragment Stash Tab!
Qarl wrote:
Incursion was a successful league. We enjoyed developing it, and creating strong thematic and mechanical links to Sacrifice of the Vaal. Players enjoyed the content, the items and the corruption.

The main negative we heard was that players wanted it to progress more, or to have an advanced version or an even larger ultimate fight. The league was deliberately made to provide self-contained content that could be progressed through several times. While that worked very well, it is clear that Path of Exile players like having longer term progression and goals as well (see Delve).

Due to the league being such a success, we have worked out a plan to add it to the core game. This will be included in December's 3.5.0 update, not in the September Delve release.

The corruption mods introduced alongside Incursion will remain as Vaal Orb outcomes, but you may need to wait until 3.5.0 for a reliable way to double-corrupt items.

Thanks for playing Incursion. We really enjoyed both making and playing it. We look forward to seeing you in Delve.

Qarl, I hear that in 3.5.0., GGG will make some kind of Masters revamp, so shoud we excpect new kind of Master with corruption (like adding corrupt implict or double corruption on an item)?
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xev1l wrote:
please enable the unique drops from incursion in 3.4

they will be available via timeworn reliquary keys, but they will be very rare.
Right, let's start with the initial feel of the Incursion league (not Flashback one). It was enjoyable for a while, slamming double corruptions on gear and hope to hit jackpot, get lvl 21 vaal skills and temple gear.

However, the mechanic grew quickly old and sometimes overly frustrating because of how the doors behaved. You could have speedy boy build and clear the entire Incursion with 30 seconds left on the timer, but you got just that one stone to open a single door. Have this happen even couple times depending on your RNG of which rooms you end up with single door opened, and your temple layout looks really weird. You have to run in odd ways to reach the top and clearing most of the temple for drops and xp, or ignore 30-75% of the temple rooms to just reach the top and the rooms with decent rewards.

To me it doesn't hit as successful league when a lot of players ignore most of the rooms, be it layout, non-wanted room or just plain tier 0 room with basic monsters and nothing special in them. Seeing GGG putting this on hold for Delve league sounds bit promising, maybe they fix and make it more enjoyable.

Incursion league pros, cons and suggestions for future; (Personal Opinions)

+ Double corruption and gem corruption rooms
+ Vaal skill reworks
+ Incursion loot explosions
+ New memes, thanks Alva!

- Extremely powerful gear and nothing to use it on, using a nuke to kill a mosquito loses it's fun after a while (Delve hopefully fixes this)

- Only some rooms are seen as good after a week in the league; Double corruption, Gem corruption and Map room to mention a few

- RNG controls the rooms in temple you land on, possible to get majority of the 'bad' rooms for your temple which makes Incursion/Temple running feel frustrating, as many of the rooms require to be tier 3 to even have a chance to drop something valuable which is easier to notice the further the league went

- Speedy boy meta, be fast or you might miss that door key!

* Turn all doors open to rooms which are at least tier 1, all rooms start at tier 0
* Allow the player to choose from two rooms which to upgrade
* Remove the timer from Incursions, buff the architects and give them arena where to fight with their tricks, leaving the arena leads into failing the room upgrade.
* Make tier 4 rooms possible, but only with the Nexus upgrade
* Quantity bonus from rooms needs tweaking, it feels just bad
* Too many 'trash' rooms, get rid off them and make the temple smaller if have to

Personal sum up, Incursion as league mechanic was some fun, but needs more work when put into the Core game. I skipped a lot the rooms later in the league because they didn't felt worth of my time to clear them. Sometimes I skipped entire temples, because I didn't ended up in the rooms I wanted to upgrade. To me this tells something is wrong in the mechanic if I or anyone else rather skips the entire thing than uses it even for a moment. Fingers crossed for GGG to making changes to Alva and the temple itself.


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