When is Incursion Being Added to the Core Game?

shadopaw wrote:
ThorTX wrote:
So. The Standard is dead until "december", and again I will not see anyone from my friend list.

Really "STANDARD" need fast improvements and interesting stuff NOW !

And stop with this bull***t calling "nerf" - it is ok for the leagues, but for the Standard this is fun destroyer !

People play standard????

Since when?

Well, I do, since forever :D

Creating new chars and leveling them up all the time is a pain in the ass to me, I like working on single chars longer than a league affords me.
Me too ;-)
Yeah i play standard. Last time i played a league i made it to all of level 7 by the time it ended. I don't really play very frequently xD
Lvzb3l wrote:
It's amazing to see all this people saying: "...incursion has been great!!!" <-- But no one of them got even 36challenge...
Now go back to Breach League for example, and try to remember how much challenges people completed then...

PS: Really guys, do something with Standard already, is long time dead because your lack of interest in saving it. Could you do something interesting like adding Legacy to the core game in Standard? Will not this give it some life?

I, for once, find the leagues boring and I would rather have them in standard as events than like they are now. Leveling new chars can be interesting but we can also do that in standard to test new builds and having to do that every new league is just... Diabloish.
Incursion was not that great since it's all the same thing except for the content of the rooms until a point and after a while I stopped talking to Alva. Maybe if it's on standard in 10% of the maps only (like someone said here), have a better boss and rewards it would be interesting but like it is now it's not, for me at least.

how about having an event level system to place them into standard?
The event max level difficulty would be 200 so it would be a "char level" + "event level". You want to start with a fresh char? The event difficulty would be 2 (1+1). The event would progress with your char so at level 50 it would be 50+50.
You want to play with your level 100? Then it would be 101 and you would go up to 200 since only the event level would rise.
In this way people would level a new char if they want to (not everyone have the mood or time to do that) and the game economy would be focused in one big bubble (that could be a good or a bad thing, though)
* The leveling system could need a different non linear progression but only after testing it could be figured out *

Maybe this is a stupid idea for some but hey, I find it to have some interesting logic.
As reminder to people, and to make some remember, just hear this out.

There is a total of 84 incursion rooms, with 24 upgradable variants and 12 non-upgradeable rooms.

Out of those 24 upgradeble rooms you can have, 10 of them gives you NOTHING UNIQUE AS REWARD FOR DOING THEM, unless they're Tier 3 rooms. I'm not counting modifying the last boss with different type of damage/minions unique, map mods and sextants can give similar outcome. And even at tier 3, only one of them feels rewarding on it's own, Locus of Corruption. Temple nexus needs a good position in the temple, opened pathways and the rooms next to it be useful ones to feel worth it. That's way too situational to make it be a good room.

3 rooms don't give anything special, no matter what tier they are. These rooms are Guardhouse, Sparring Room and Armourer's Workshop. Argueably four, if counting Workshop.

Torment Cells and Strongbox chamber feel waste of time.

Explosives room gives a dissatisfying, artificial way of trying to control the bad RNG, and they noticed it can screw the whole temple run (Read, your work and time for the temple) and had to include it in the game.

What purpose the door mechanic serves if it's already aknowledged they can make your entire temple feel like a drunk dwarf built it? Just remove the doors, I rather fight 10 über Elders to upgrade the room than pray RNG there's enough key's to open doors so I don't have to backtrack 2-4 rooms to move into the ones I want.

They could honestly combine several of the rooms together and they lose nothing of the value, like the mentioned Guardhouse, Sparring Room and Armourer's Workshop and bundle their effects together. At least this way there's two rooms less feeling like waste of time.

Just from what I've written before, 24 rooms to upgrade and 16 of them feel not worth of the time. That's 66.7% (rounded up from 66.666%), majority of your time you end up in room which is a bad one for your temple. This didn't even included the rooms which become less and less good the longer the league goes forward, or if thinking standard. Such rooms would be Gemcutter's Workshop, Sacrificial Chamber and Storage Room, where the Tier 3 room can be seen worth it, but anything less makes you go FeelsBadMan.

These are my opinions and I really hope GGG makes a lot of changes for Alva before Incursion hits core game. Be it more control to choose the upgrades, combining rooms together, opening all the doors or making the Temple smaller and feel rewarding, there's much they can improve.

Remember, if there's only a single option to achieve something, people do it. But that doesn't mean, such option cannot be improved.

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One thing I think that could possibly improve the incursion/temple experience, instead of being limited to 11 then doing temple, make a button to be able to run temple as it is, and remove the xx remaining incursions. This way a player could fine tune his temple as much or as little that he wanted. The rooms/upgrades would still follow the RNG (unless leveled to tier 3). What I mean is a player could do 25 incursions (if necessary to get the temple layout they wanted) then click the run temple button, or if they were happy with their layout earlier (prior to 11) they could click the run temple button and run it as is.
Thats actually good idea. More incrusions better quality of halls. Not for me tho i stopped doing them after achievement.
I don´t understand why every single breach league mechanic is added to the core, while the well received and unique ones like bestiary and legacy are not.

GGG, I honestly don´t see the point, it´s the 4th mechanic that just plays like all the other three.
So what's the status of Incursion in core?
"War's over, soldier. You just don't know it yet. Everybody lost."
It will be in but after Delve closing. Next huge event.

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