When is Incursion Being Added to the Core Game?

Incursion was a successful league. We enjoyed developing it, and creating strong thematic and mechanical links to Sacrifice of the Vaal. Players enjoyed the content, the items and the corruption.

The main negative we heard was that players wanted it to progress more, or to have an advanced version or an even larger ultimate fight. The league was deliberately made to provide self-contained content that could be progressed through several times. While that worked very well, it is clear that Path of Exile players like having longer term progression and goals as well (see Delve).

Due to the league being such a success, we have worked out a plan to add it to the core game. This will be included in December's 3.5.0 update, not in the September Delve release.

The corruption mods introduced alongside Incursion will remain as Vaal Orb outcomes, but you may need to wait until 3.5.0 for a reliable way to double-corrupt items.

Thanks for playing Incursion. We really enjoyed both making and playing it. We look forward to seeing you in Delve.

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Advanced incursions and scaling temples? I like it.
Good but i hope 68+ vials will be more common just like abyss uniques way longer after abyss end up in core game. In the future i rather upgrade every room i like even if it will took 50-100 incursion before the main temple fight, limitations are bad.

psst. Party improvements when?
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
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omg so happy!

trolled Fox News in an interview... wound up famous. thx for the virility humans!
"...I'm one of the heroes." lol
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Great news!
delete all lootboxes
Sounds good to me! Hype confirmed.
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