[3.5] Immortal Incandescent Heart/Apep's Sacrifice BV/CI Occultist

As someone who is spoiled by old vaal pact and slayer leech, how does this build sustain ES in combat without leech? Does ES-recovery mean that I have to step out of combat every now and then?

Before investing into the build (not cheap!), I would like to know more about how it plays. I am currently used to yolo-ing into packs and letting leech do it`s thing; would still like to yolo into packs.

I see many pushing delve with similar builds using consecrated path instead of shield charge, and seperately phase run.

Also any fossil combo to help get shaper curse on hit ring? Been trying prismatic and dense to try roll with ES and resists, but not happening. Is it just chaos spam to get it?

Edit:: Just some feedback based on leveling up, I'm at 89 and really struggle with mana getting stacks up, if you have arcane surge active it's just about ok but painful way to play.
Until i get the witch regen from pure talent i'm using spell echo
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Incadescent Heart doesnt help with a passive point, since as CI you dont want "light radius is based on energy shield". You want the radius to be based on life, since youre always on full life or dead. The passive node or mod on this armor is only usefull for LL builds.
Hey guys

I've wanted to play Occultist w/ Incandescent Heart all League, so I caved and got the Shield and everything..
But...how does this fair with zero leech?? I know it has ES recharge out the wazoo but...really? It works? Recharge RATE is the speed at which your ES recharges when it's recharging and doesn't interfere with START of ES recharge. Why not Warlords Mark and Ghost Reaver? I mean, I know the answer to that but...would not leeching make up for slower ES recharge?

And why does OP advise 20/20 ( specifically 20/20) Purity of Ice for Uber Elder? quality on a Purity aura only offers AOE. Useless for us here.
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Level 70 just now, put on the chest...8k ES. Everything dies, I don't. It works lol

Thanks for the detailed write up OP.
where do you get the apep shield? 14+ exa on the trade... :x
A couple of questions about this build.

With Incursion coming back in the betrayal league, does that mean that the Apep shield will be more accessible now in patch 3.5? That would make this build easier to achieve right?

Also, can this build be used as a league starter? The budget in the expressed in the opening post can easily scare people away. Does anyone have any experience leveling low life BV occultist? Or is BV Elementalist the way to go as a starter?

Was seriously considering the waggle occultist as a league starter next patch but now im rethinking things.
all ES builds start as LIFE builds. I'm sure Inc.Heart will cost much cheaper than Inpulsa. All LL go through Shavronne which always pricy on start.
But u can see here https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2167125/page/1
or here https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2233097
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The patch-notes tomorrow will cover a large number of unique item rebalances. Some of these are simple numerical changes, while others are closer to redesigns.

I think so.

Also stat sticks still are going to work with this build more so that this build needs just one.

Cheap Statsticks & cheap Apep's sacrifice, Occultist buffs = probably my starter this league :3
My builds: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2255805
Are there any usable alternatives to BV?

I like the tanky base concept, but to be honest got a bit bored by the BV playstyle.

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