[3.4] KissMeQuick's Ultra Regen Blade Vortex Tank | 10K HP | 15K+ Leech & Regen | Easy Uber Elder

Does this build still work on patch 3.6?
So, I see a lot of people asking if the build is still viable in 3.6. The short answer is yes, but there are changes that need to be made. I'll leave my POB Pastebin here if anyone wants to take a look. I've done tons of deathless Uber Elders, Deep Delve Bosses, Labs, Shapers, etc. all on gear available in the current 3.6.0 patch.

Some of the gear in my POB is legacy (because I have them so why not use them), but I made sure to do all the content I mentioned above using items available in the current patch.

POB Paste Bin: https://pastebin.com/z0M3B6pk

This is probably the only built I've tried that isn't homemade and it is seriously one of the best.
Is there any chance that this might get updated for 3.7?

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