[3.4] KissMeQuick's Ultra Regen Blade Vortex Tank | 10K HP | 15K+ Leech & Regen | Easy Uber Elder

I have a few flat fire damage on a rare jewel, that's why i gave up Herald of Ash.
Hey, really enjoying the build. Every content done with ease, also got to lvl 100 today.

My Gear:
Made it to level 100 yesterday too. I leveled to 98 solo in Beachheads then i went the EZ way for the last two level in Breaches.

1.55m Shaper dps, 9.16k hp
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My fist level 100 character too - i even leveled to 99.5 without any breachstone rotations, but then i just decided to do it. Plus i'll get 40/40 this weekend, only missing 2 easy challenges now.

I changed a lot, mostly because i'm lazy and build is versatile enought to allow it:
hey there, i wanna try this build for the next league, but i have a few question !
can it starts the league decently ?
and are the unnatural instinct mandatory for the build or can i clear everything content without this jewel ?
how much currency will it cost to get going in map ?
anyone has tried a winter orb version of this build?
I tried this build as practice run league starter, but the life regen is not enough (due to low hp) to justify taking regen nodes at expense of damage. This results in needing to use life flasks anyway and struggling to kill enemies due to low dps without damage nodes (I went Blade vortex, but tried winter orb as well). I do wonder if maybe storm brand might have worked with this tree.

Is this build a no-go after the nerfs?
I'm also curious to know how this build is affected post patch. Any changes?
Does this build still work on patch 3.6?

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