[3.6] Oro's Sacrifice Flicker Strike / Molten Strike - The Immortal Ascendant - Excels Everywhere

This is my second league ever. This is my 5th level 80+ character, and I've gotta say the flickerstrike/moltenstrike build is pretty solid. I like to think of builds in terms of strengths and weaknesses, and I appreciate the fact that this build has decent single target, decent clear, decent tankiness, and decent mobility. It's the kind of build that does a little bit of everything. The description the author uses, informing that the build kinda does everything above average but masters nothing is apt. I think the author's passion for this build really shows! This thread has great responses by the author and I've noticed a lot of scions I trade with are now using this build.

While I think you probably can run a large portion of content on a 5L oro's/belly and some cheap pieces of gear, I think optimizing this build is quite expensive (I guess most builds have that problem and the use of uniques of this build means you don't necessarily need mirror tier gear). The build cannot run magic find (my other incursion character a BV Elementalist, runs magic find rings, ammy, belt, boots, gloves and does everything up to shaper in full magic find and I was able to do t16s on tabulas).

Another weakness is that I don't think this build is a good starter build. The build cannot function without the bulk of its core items. Upgrades from my current item base start at about 5-10 ex. A lot of builds can run all content including uber elder on that budget alone. A watcher's eye with two buffs to anger goes for 30 ex in incursion and over 60 in standard.

I failed a bunch of uber elder but was able to finally do it after learning the mechanics. This is a very fun build. Lastly @ monsaroh, outside of 21/20 gems (though if I pick 3 to 21/20 what should they be lol) what do you think is the cheapest thing to upgrade? I've been meaning to find a way to get out of the 3 resist talent points by the scion start area, but finding upgrades that keep similar dps while giving 36/36/36 resist has proven extremely difficult...
Hottacular wrote:
Thanks for build, loving it so far. I facetanked a ghosted minotaur (though there were no damage map mods). Is there any improvement I can make for my character (besides getting 20/20 gems)? Sometimes it takes a few clicks to clear a pack.
Your gear looks really solid. Only small improvements left:

- Sources of "% increased damage" on gear go a long way, since we don't stack much % increased damage the effect is noticeable. Even just a "+40% elemental damage with attacks" roll on rings will net you about 6-8% more damage. Maybe room for a higher roll on the belt as well.

- attack speed on gloves in addition to fire damage to burning enemies, this will add 5-6% more damage.

- There are four 21/20 gems that are worth picking up if you have the currency, immolate (2%+ dmg), combustion (1.5%+ dmg), flicker strike (+1% dmg) and anger (+1% dmg). All of the other 21/20 gems aren't worth picking up unless you really want to minmax.

bluerogu3 wrote:
Wasn't as clean as you, but 7 attempts later I got uber elder down. I'm a slow learner and was playing with about 1k less hp and a significantly less dps (or at least I'm worse at bringing it out) than you.

It's such an amazing feeling doing it yourself, that fight is just absurdly hard compared to everything else in the game. Huge respect. Ripped my first few sets as well just learning the fight.

Your gear is pretty insane too my man, you even got the swag watcher's eye! You're pretty much almost as geared as I am at this point. For cost effective upgrades, you could definitely fit some more resists on your gloves, and maybe get the 15 int on a jewel instead. For 21/20 gems see above response ^^^. If you're really going all the way, the belly +40-50% damage corruption seems to be the last upgrade for you as well, they've been selling for 15-20ex but if you're lucky you could get it cheaper (7-8% more damage, +1 gems isn't good).

Your feedback really is appreciated, there are many things I miss from my perspective (this is my only mapping character this league for instance). Will for sure keep your points in mind whenever I update the guide next as you bring up information I think many people would want to know. And you're right I do love the build!
- Scion Build Guides -

Flicker / Molten strike - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2180571
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@Monhsaroh: thx mate for the very detailed answer concerning the leech node - I appreciate it !!!
(didn't quote your post to not blow up the thread ;-> )
I am foreseeing having a hard time procuring a 6L Oro's. If that becomes the case I am imagining that I should go with a 6L Molten Strike (Have a 6L Belly already) and a 5L Flicker. Would you agree/approve of this decision? Thanks in advance!
I would like to say THANK you, cause this build is what im was looking for after MF Windripper.
im 82 and have 12.8k dps flicker and 34k molten, 5k life and didnt take yet esential life nods and jewel nods.

I respec my blizzard scion to Flicker and im glad as nobody =)
However build is rly expensive if u wouldlike to have facerolling everything. I alrdy spend aprox 55ex and still looking for Watcher's eye with fire damage and fire penetration. PLus need increased speed on gloves (just need to craft on my own) and corrupted increased damage belly.
Also its hard to find Impresennce with attack speed but will take asap.

Once again RLY THANKS!

Concerning elder ring i managed to find this one with curse on hit

endurance charge, 2% hp and mana leah is exelent on my point of view.

Does any one experiments with curse on hit in body armor combination and swaping MS to second oro?
using this we can switch to lightpoacher removing enfeeble to chest
P.S. For what offer u will sell ur Belly and Whatcher's eye?)
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What u say about lorewever with cwdt-coh-enfeeble-blind-warlord's mark-herald of ash setup?
will it be easier to runs maps and bosses? Wish to try it but prices are 15ex+

Looks like a cool build. I want to give it a try.

One thing I was curious about... do you see a way for this build to work as a pure Jugg? I did a rough tree but I lose 3 jewel sockets and possibly some other stuff. I guess I don't see a lot of the value/point in the champion ascendancy... it's easy enough to slap a fortify support in the leap link and maintain that. As for the intimidate aspect... that's VERY finicky. If you don't actually hit first (ie, your golem or totem does), you don't get the bonus.

On the other hand, with pure Jugg you get more accuracy (via str --> accuracy conversion), built-in kaom's roots (great for uber elder), more attack speed (from accuracy --> attack speed), and lots of passive phys defenses (that might actually surpass fortify for physical hits, at least). The undeniable node also pairs great with any Ele Overload build, as all of the bonuses are 8s based on crit. My first very rough pass at a tree:


Since I'm no POB ninja, and I'm at work I'm not sure how much of a gain or loss this would be. I know with some high quality jewels this could be a pretty hefty loss, but I'd be curious as to your feedback. It seems for the Scion, there's not really a GOOD second choice ascendancy, but maybe even something else might be more appealing than champion? Pathfinder's perma flasks, attack/move speed and ele pen is pretty nice, and deadeye interacts well with jugg ascendancy and gives an extra proj. I know Oro's covers a lot of the power of the two most popular scion ascendencies (slayer and raider, via cull and frenzy generation), so it seems kinda hard to make something seem like a neat and happy fit (aside from Jugg, which works brilliantly, IMO).

Again, great job on the build!
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I bought loreweve and lightpoacher

Will such setup better?
just tryied T15 and it was like 100 lvl on act 1


Just made Hydra T16 only using flicker. THAS WAS FACEROLL

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Chrysaetos wrote:
I am foreseeing having a hard time procuring a 6L Oro's. If that becomes the case I am imagining that I should go with a 6L Molten Strike (Have a 6L Belly already) and a 5L Flicker. Would you agree/approve of this decision? Thanks in advance!

Yup, flicker doesn’t need 6 link to clear super fast

Traveling and on mobile so hard to quote -

@ xyrm:

I’m sure it’s possible to make a great jugg build, highly encourage you to experiment and report back. It may be too inefficient to path up towards elemental equilibrium, in that case it might be better to take resolute technique.

When the build was in its infancy it was actually using leap slam linked with fortify, it only lasts 4 seconds though and really felt like a pain to keep up in maps and during bosses. Going from having to leap slam every 4 seconds to just being able to bash some skulls in felt much better.

Concerning the ascendencies, chieftain might be a decent choice as well since the permanent covered in ashes debuff is pretty OP, and it comes with some nice regen and extra strength as well.

@ Dolg:

Nice vid!

Loreweave is great if you feel comfortable enough vs random melee hits. Love what you’ve done with the other support gems. I’m not sure that warlords mark is a good fit for the build though, we are already at the maximum leech rate for life and mana with even just 0.4% leech. The extra 2% leech isn’t doing anything. There is a pretty lengthy explanation on this subject on page 4 in this thread, please check it out if you are interested.

The watchers eye with fire pen AND fire damage isn’t needed at all, the damage it gives (+8%) isn’t worth the 30-35ex price tag. Only get one if you’re truly loving the build.

Faceroll build hype!

- Scion Build Guides -

Flicker / Molten strike - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2180571
Hey, sorry if this has been covered in this thread but im a casual player and was wondering if the ancestral call/molten strike interaction still worked for single target, and if so, is it worth using it over another support? I recall it being really strong when the skill was introduced.

Thanks, and its been a fun build thus far. Not sure how to compares to the numerous other flicker builds I've played, but I've literally just hit lvl 67 so the real fun starts now I suppose!

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