[3.6] Oro's Sacrifice Flicker Strike / Molten Strike - The Immortal Ascendant - Excels Everywhere

There will most likely be no update. The Build utilized OP molten strike to get good single target damage. Since MS got nerfed, the lack of single target damage can't easily be compensated. You'd have to make a complete new build.
What happened to Molten Strike that you can’t use it now?
Honestly, with some tweaks, and all the powercreep it would be more than fine by now. Worst case you could just use vaal double strike.

As for what happened to MS, GGG made it so you need to actually hit an enemy to spawn the balls.
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Amazing build, still very useful for 3.10 til level 90+. My third cha in POE followed it and made some custumization due to 3.10.

Since two handed passive are no longer in the physical-to-fire jewel range, I abandonned the both node and take projectile node. To recompense the lose of damage, I've taken sword node near Point Blank and a large fire cluster jewel (8 passives, 3 notable, 2 sockets) in the left top area.

Clearing T16 with amazing speed, I do weapon swap and very recently I'm changing my Kaom's Heart to 4L+2L corrupted Loreweave, but still experimenting on gem set. I think a 4L duo totems set should be good, with 2L CWDT + shock wave (using offensive ring set).

I'm still lacking of very good abyssal jewel, so the 4900 life with loreweave isn't that assuring than 6100 life with Kaom. But damage almost double due to additional skill set and elemental damage.

If some one can suggest me a better gem set you are welcome!

EDITED 2020/05/10:

Most of OP's suggestion in 3.6 still perform well now.

Changed my talent, in game tooltips MS dps drop from 100k to 85k, T16 clearing is still very efficient, in tunnel shape map can match my 15 auras friend. 5500 life with loreweave and near 7k with kaom, here are the gears:

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