[3.6] Oro's Sacrifice Flicker Strike / Molten Strike - The Immortal Ascendant - Excels Everywhere

tky0414 wrote:
how are you all getting massive damage boost.. My dps is not even touching 30k, 27k max. Can please help to see my build and how can i improve my dps.

you do have 440k dps atm with your gear/skills and passives. That's Shaper/Elder/Guardians DPS because they have higher elemental resist and curse resist. Your normal mobs dps is 660k.
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I AM GETTING STUCK AT T12 MAP. The boss are too strong.. I am dying a lot.. can suggest me how can i improve my gear? i have 2 exalt worth currency at the moment.. Though i feel like flicker strike actually have bad clear mop speed compared to those AOE mob clear build.. i am now considering to build another character which have better clear speed.
I dropped a 6l Oro on SSF, so it's time to flicker kkk
I just want to change a few details to see how it works.
Thx for the guide.
This is my attempt for the blight league of op's build.
I used the items from his pastebin and tweaked the tree for 3.8.
Hopefully I will be able to earn enough currency to test it in the following weeks.


Edit: It is not working very well, don't try it :D
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First of all, thank for your efforts, this seems like a good build.
I'm looking for a 3rd new build after I've cleared endgame content with my Summoner and Icicle Mine Saboteur. This build seems interesting but I have an important question:

I have 12 ex budget atm. How powerful would my character with this? I know that min-maxing can get ridiculously expensive so I wonder about that.
Please update for 3.9 <3
Yup, I love this build and an update would be wonderful.
Yeah, would also love a 3.9 update.
I have updated this build for 3.9. I am not a content creator or even a build maker, but I will post my tree and set up. it's very similar to original.
Will try and get it done in a couple of days.
Hey mate! Thank you for build!
Will you update it for 3.9? I've just returned to the game, and your build was one of my favorite..

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