[3.11 ? ] The Invisible Summoner - LL - 8 Auras - Flame Sentinels ? / Zombies


Welcome to my guide. I played with summoner for a long time in PoE, and here Im sharing my Summoner build with you. Feel free to reply in this post. Coments and advices are welcome.

Read This: I think Im coming back, last league that i played was Delve. Be warned, this is not a 3.11 guide (yet). But wow ! Many things to get updated. Maybe for next league we can update for full this thing. See you guys around and good luck.

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1. Videos
2. Introduction / Status
3. Passive Tree / Ascendency / The Pantheon / Bandits
4. Gems Setups
5. Gear / Jewels / Flasks
6. Leveling
7. Minions
8. Curses / Elemental Equilibrium
9. Auras
10. Maps Mods
11. Average Cost of the Build
12. Changelog

I believe that many summoners have lost their way, they completely lost the idea and gameplay of the class. And unfortunately most of the players were interested in this new culture. I saw many guides here on the forum where summoners were using Melee Skill + Fortify. For what? Why? We are summoners! We do not need to be around the monsters and bosses. And you really think that because of the Fortify bonus you will not die? Thats only 20% reduced damage taken from hits, and worse, only for 4 seconds. PoE is a very unstable game, we can literally die for anything, and of course Fortify may even save you many times, but there will certainly be Hits you will not stand.
So if you're looking for a summoner build that uses Fortify, do not worry about getting annoyed by reading the entire guide, I'm saving you up on it here.
So how do you know exactly if this build is for you? When I was a kid one of the first games I played was called Perfect World, it's an MMORPG. In this game the character I played was a sorceress, who could also command minions. That's when I started to get involved in this matter, not only in games but in general as series, movies, real news and documentaries about necromancy (dont worry , I never did practice, I do History and I only find it very interesting as many other things :D). So if you enjoy the idea of having an army fighting for you, yes this is the build for you!
Approved in the first step, here you need to decide another option: Gameplay. Knowing Path of Exile and its stats, the build as well has its pros and cons. If you've never played Summoner in PoE, maybe you might find it a bit annoying. Getting use with the mechanics of minions in general, may take a while. Many players think summoner builds do not have to do anything but walk. It's funny to listen to these things even today, considering there are so many minions skills in the game. In this build, when you are in the End Game you will practically use an active skill all the time. Among them the main one will be Arc, since each cast of it applied 2 curses and Elemental Equilibrium by 4 seconds in the enemies. The second one will be Flesh Offering, generally the duration of it will be in average of 8 / 10 seconds. Convocation is widely used on closed maps, with many rooms and labyrinth layouts. Desecrate practically only in bosses, this is because by making maps you can simply use the bodies of the monsters themselves.
The fact that you are always using a skill is for the Minions to attack. The minions take into account any attack, curse (in general: Any skill), or even the fact that you walk around the monsters they will attack, but if you move away from a certain radius from monsters they will stop attacking and will follow you as they are programmed to do so. If you are like me when you see builds in the Forum, you prefer to watch the videos and then take a good look at the Guide, you can see in my few videos that I practically do not stop in any moment, just stop to cast a skill, and usually they are never consecutive. So all you have to do is keep a distance, not so close but also not so far away, and try to always keep the Bosses with EE, behind the Arc, and of course do not forget to always move around.
Passive Tree: www.pathofexile.com.
Path of Building: Pastebin link here.
You do not know what it is, and how to use PoB? Path of Building is an offline build planner for Path of Exile. Thanks to PoB, it is possible to calculate approximately the status of the desired build without actually having a character already formed in the game.
You can download PoB at this Link. And follow these steps when PoB is already working:
  • Copy the Pastebin Link
  • Import / Export Build
  • Import from Pastebin
  • Paste the Link
  • Import
  • Import
Here you will be redirected to a video on youtube, where you can watch and learn how to use PoB. The video is a bit long, but very well done.
As the build is focused on Spectres, the most important point of ascendancy is Soul Weaver. With it, Spectres have 100% increased Life and Damage. After that, the second most important is Commander of Darkness, which also increases the damage with a good amount, thanks to the use of 8 auras. This does not mean that you need to necessarily get them in that order.
The last 2 points, I believe it is a doubt among many other summoners. But for me the answer comes from the way you play. After the nerf that the Mistress of Sacrifice had, where the effect of the offerings was reduced by 50%, in my opinion that point is only viable for SRS builds. So the last two are Flesh Binder. Thats because I prefer 12% reduced physical damage over 17% block chance to attacks / spells. The movement speed from Flesh Offering would be great, but between that and 12% Physical Damage Reduction, I prefer keep the 12 zombies with Flesh Binder.

Major God
I believe that Soul of Lunaris is the only relative good Major God for summoners. Since we do not have to be face to face with the mobs and bosses and most of the time the attacks that we will have to deal with, will be of projectiles.

Minor God
Since I'm not using Flask with Remove and Immune to Ignite / Burning, Soul of Abberath is the best option. It also reduces 5% Fire Damage while moving, which fits very well in the build, as we are almost never standing still.

Kill them all. They do not give us anything more interesting. Better 2 more points to the passive tree.

Shavrone's Wrappings
Raise Spectre + GMP + Minion Damage + Spell Echo +
Elemental Focus + Controlled Destruction

The Vertex
Raise Zombie + Stone Golem + Empower + Minion Life

Vitality + Purity of Fire + Purity of Ice + Purity of Lightning

Arc + Curse on Hit + Flammability + Projectile Weakness

Midnight Bargain
Blood Magic + Clarity
Flesh Offering (Unlinked)

Prism Guardian
Vaal Haste + Grace +
Vaal Discipline

Unset Rings
Desecrate and Convocation
Shavronne's Wrappings (Legacy: Energy Shield)
Using 8 auras does not focus only on damage from minions. it is also the survival of the necromancer himself. To be able to do this the only way is to combine this armor with the Prism Guardian. Being able to use auras not only in mana but also in life.

The Vertex
You may wonder: why not a Hubris Circlet with a higher ES, or a Helmet with +2 levels for minions gems? I'll answer you. The reason is that without The Vertex, the build will not work. As Zombies are only a distraction in the Maps / Bosses and to reduce the physical damage, they die very easy, even in high maps. So to be able to revive them you need The Vertex. And yet it's a good helmet. It has Hight ES, Chaos Res., And the effect of +1 lvl is also added to the Empower gem, being practically a +2.

And finally after many years, the summoners have gained a new opportunity for boots made with Fossils where it is possible to have +1 Spectre. I think Bones of Ullr will stick to the past, but I do not think a rare boot with less than 15% mov. speed is worth the trade. In addition to mov speed it is interesting to have a large amount of Energy Shield.

As the build asks for many unique items, the rare ones are where we will be free to cap the resistances, attributes and get as much Energy Shield as possible.

Prism Guardian
I started playing summoner for real in 2.0. So far it was just another character. How do I remember exactly? Because it was when the Prism Guardian was buffed from +1, to +2 level of the auras gems. Using the 8 auras is not possible without it. This is because it already saves a slot: Blood Magic Support, and also reduces the reserved mana of the socket gems by 25%. That way it is possible to use aura in life, since chaos damage can not pass through the Energy Shield because of Shavronne's Wrappings. I'm sure the person who gave the idea for the creation of Shavronne's Wrappings was thinking about the possibilities of builds along with the Prism Guardian.

Midnight Bargain (Legacy: Culling Strike)
An excellent weapon for the build. It provides +1 Spectre and +1 Zombie. Also damage to the minions. Of course there is a negative side that will be reserved 25% of life. But thanks to Sravronne's Wrappings we can not afford to sacrifice to be +1 Spectre / Zombie.

Unset Rings (Legacy: Energy Shield)
Is it really necessary to use Unset Rings? The answer is no. But that does not mean that you will have to sacrifice other gems. It is not ideal to play without desecrate much less without convocation, because it works like a kind of shield. But if you can not get Unset Rings with enough Resistance or Attributes and you have enough other rings, do not hesitate. It is best to have the maximum resistances. The gems can be quietly manipulated to that. You can trade for a curse. If you prefer, you can even take out the 2 curses and maintain only elemental equilibrium. But I would only draw Flammability. For the other gem the space I would choose would be in Helmet. For the socket of the other gem, I would choose be in the Helmet. It would then be Empower, Raise Zombie, Stone Golem and the missing gem.

Darkness Enthroned
As in the passive there are not many points available to acquire Jewel Sockets this Belt allows us to use 2 Ghastly Eyes in addition to the other 2 that go in the Passive Tree.

Presence of Chayula
After Shavronne's Wrappings (6 Links), this is the most expensive item to the build (depends on the belt, rings and gloves you buy). Anyway, it's not a necessary item for the build to work. Before it was introduced in the league, and came to standard, I was using Eye of Chayula. If you think you have no issues with Stun, you can choose another. I recommend looking for a Black Maw Talisman, to have an extra socket if you dont have Unset Rings or even if you want to use another random gemn. But honestly, I prefer immunity to stun. With it equipped my Energy Shield rises near1.787.

Energy From Within (Legacy: Energy Shield)
This jewel will help by increasing the Energy Shield. Unfortunately it was nerf, and now the Increased Maximum Energy Shield is 3% - 6%, but still worth it.
The image shows you where to allocated it.

Watcher's Eye
The most important is Energy Shield Regeneration. Particularly I like and I think Phasing is important, if I did not get the mode in the Jewel I would probably use a Quartz Flask. But there are many other mods, and the cool thing to play with 8 auras (or more) is that we can make several combinations with this item. It would be ideal to get one (beyond the regen) with some other mod while affected by Discipline. Movement Speed ​​while affected by Grace, or Maximum Mana Converted to Energy Shield while affected by Clarity are great options.

Rare Jewels
I'm using 4 Ghastly Eyes. With specific mods in some of them. The right ones are the ones I'm wearing on the Belt. The specific mods applied when the minions attack make an excellent combination together. I will leave a list with the mods and what they guarantee of bonus.
Modes of damage from minions are not required, if possible it would be interesting, but they are not really necessary. Try to focus on the minimum tier:2 of Maximum Energy Shield, followed by Regen and the specific mods.
Blind is a debuff that lessens the chance to hit of the affected target by 50% and lowers the light radius to the minimum value.
Hinder is a debuff that reduces movement speed on the affected target.
Taunt is a debuff that make enemies deal 10% less damage to targets that aren't the source of the taunt.

Conqueror's Efficiency
I've used this jewel for a long time. Switch it not long ago by one of the rare of the above image. With Conqueror's Efficiency I get 69 mana. With the 2 rare I get only 34 mana. Enough to cast the Flesh Offering (which consumes exactly 34 mana currently in lvl 21), and also cast Arc consecutively to apply Elemental Equilibrium and the 2 curses.
So, it is very likely that you will need to use a Conqueror's Efficiency instead of a rare one, in order to use the 8 auras and be free to use the other active skills.

These are the Flasks there im using. Although I like to play with only 1 Sulfur and 4 Quicksilvers just by the low movement speed.
It may be interesting to have the Immunity / Remove ignite in the last Quicksilver or even a Granite Flask. That way to open boxes, just put the 4 and run, and of course the minions stay to work in the middle of the packs. But anyway I believe that Energy Shield regeneration will be able to cope until the ignite ends.

GEAR (Delve)

Passives Trees
Level 20
Level 45
Level 65
Level 85
Level 94
This last Passive Tree is for a character level 94. The missing nodes here are Void Barrier. After that, only one node remain. You can get +6% Increased maximum Energy Shield next to Unnatural Calm.
1. Commander of Darkness: to increase DPS, a little of Cast Speed and keep the resistances at maximum.
2. Soul Weaver. If you are already ok with your resistances and dont need the +20% from Commander of Darkness, you can begin with Soul Weaver.
3. The las one will be Flesh Binder
I made a new character to fill this tab with more property. The items I started at the beginning were Tabula: To get 6 Links for a long time without worrying about colors. Goldrim: to keep the resistances at maximum, if not at least hight. Sidhebreath: to have more Minion Damage already in the beginning and down the mana cost from SRS a bit. Elreon's Rings (2): so I do not have to worry about the mana cost of SRS.

You can start playing with Spectres from level 30, investing in Energy Shield and already using Solaris Lorica, either way you will need a flask with remove / immune Poison in certain instances. You will not be able to maintain auras during leveling in life. Leveling with Solaris Lorica you can invest in flasks with instant recoverys, 2 - 3 would be fine.

After some levels I used a Legacy Searing Touch to use SRS with +2 levels thanks to the Staff. But there is no problem to keep the Tabula with the SRS. Leveling with SRS I used as links Minion Damage (lvl 8), Melee Splash (lvl 8) Faster Attacks (lvl 18), Melee Physical Damage (lvl 18), Faster Casting (lvl 18). I used SRS up to lvl 50, but if you want you can change it already at 40. If you decide to use SRS beyond 40, change Faster Attacks for Mulstistrike and Faster Casting for Spell Echo. Victario's Flight to increase movement speed (clear with more 2 crafted Quicksilver)
Mark of The Red Covenant. It is interesting to use this Helmet to up with SRS. Besides giving a high damage to the minions, it will not be necessary to be casting the skulls all the time.

As I said I made the switch to the Spectres only on lvl 50 because it was getting difficult to maintain the mana with the SRS. I change Tabula for a Destroyer Regalia and as I already had about 1.5k of life I already used Midnight Bargain (with Instant Recovery Life Flasks) and Bones of Ullr for +2 Spectres. But if you wanna continue with Tabula until lvl 50 there is no problem. At level 59 I made one of the last changes. I removed the Regalia and put a Vis Mortis to +1 Spectre. That way I could even use Shavronne's Wrappings.
During the process the resistances were always kept with the rings, amulet, gloves and the helmet.

Of course you will not use 8 Auras from the low level. The auras will have an order depending if you want more damage you can change them while leveling with SRS, but I would choose to gain level in a more secure way. I recommend Clarity first to sustain the mana for the SRS. For cap resistances Purity of Elements to keep at least all 75%. Discipline when possible, to increase the ES, as you get a few nodes of Energy Shield + Life. None of these 3 auras have 50% Mana Reserved like Haste and Grace. The possibility of using more auras will also depend on the Reduced Mana Reserved nodes from the Passive Tree. But do not rush to them so you do not just depend on the auras, take some points from Life to later give respect to them.
Raise Spectre
We can see that many builds of summoners currently, however much they are based on Spectres, Zombies, Animate Weapon, Golems and so on, use as 6 links, the chest. This build is not different. And just like many others is relatively quiet to play with only 4 links if you do not have a Shavronne's Wrapings 5 ​​or 6 links. In the videos section above there is a link where I defeat Shaper with only 2 links, and on my channel on youtube I went beyond. There is a video killing Shaper with no link connected to spectres. Since it is possible to play with only 4 links, why not a helmet with Elder influence and + # lvl for sockets of minions gems? Because It is impossible for this build to work without The Vertex, because of the zombie mana cost (In the gear part I explain more about). So thats why i play with Spectres on chest with 6 Links.
So the 6 link is the one that I presented in the part of Setups. You do not necessarily need to switch the gems, but the More Projectile Damage gained from the Slower Projectiles scale with the Increased Projectile Damage from the curse of Projectile Weakness. But it is better to use Greater Multiple Projectiles for maps (from any Tier, including guardians) so that you have a clear speed faster. Using Slower Projectiles on maps can be dangerous, since the projectiles will be slow to collide with the monsters. With GMP 1 - 2 times that the Spectres cast the fireball, the packs simply die.
Are Solar Guards Better? Yes. I will not discuss this with you. But I'd put the Flame Sentinels right behind the line. If we look for guides from past versions of the Path of Exile game, we'll see lots of Spectres. Among them, the only one that remains viable until today are the Flame Sentinels. Their advantage for the build is that they have the ability to cast Fire Ball with Fork or Lesser Multiple Projectiles by their own. Perhaps the truth is that deep down I have been held back by them and I just can not say goodbye. The Solar Guard has the advantage of besides casting Yellow Fireball it also attacks with an attack similar to a beam of light that gives an excellent damage in Area.As I said: Solar Guards are indeed better, and if you want to play with them there is no problem since no changes are necessary.

Raise Zombies
For the build Zombies are only for defense. This is not to say that they are not important. With the Flesh Binder Ascendency node we gained 1% of Physical Damage Reduction per Zombie. Also each Zombie has a % chance to blind the enemy thanks to the Ghastly Eye, leaving him that way with less than 50% chance to hit and reduces the light radius to the minimum value.

Summon Stone Golem
When I heard that GGG would add an item in the game that summoners would be able to inflict Life Leech, I get very excited. But I was disappointed when I saw The Baron, a helmet that just like they said it is indeed possible to inflict life leech but the build has to be based on Zombies and as much as I have seen a build of a Templar - Guardian using The Baron with Ghost Reaver i do not think it's ideal. So besides the build need to have as main skill Zombies, probably also have to be of life based. I hope that GGG gives us a little bit of attention on this, as it is complicated a build like this that can not inflict life leech and also can not use Flasks to recover Energy Shield. This is very difficult especially in the arenas of the most difficult bosses of the end game. That's why we need to get Zealoth's Oath in the Passive Tree for life regeneration to be applied to the Energy Shield. So if we use the Stone Golem, the life regenerated will be applied to Energy Shield regenerated per second.

If you want to be safer you should equip Enfeeble and Temporal Chains. And I figure if you want this, you probably want to level up. With the Animate Guardian the monsters will have effects on them selves from curses with +18% thanks to Dying Breath. Of course, Leer Cast damage is welcome, as is the movement speed of Victario's Flight Goathide Boots. For Guardian armor, use Death's Oath, which will inflict 450 Chaos Damage per second. For the gloves you can use Southbound, to increase the life of your Animate Guardian. When the gem be lvl 20 your Animate Guardian will have between 19,000 / 20,000 HP, in off to make some hard maps.
Usually the 2 curses I use are Flammability and Projectile Weakness. Besides the 2 curses, I apply Elemental Equilibrium. So Elemental Equilibrium and Flammability to down the enemy resistances and the Projectile Weakness to inflict more Projectile Damage and more clear speed. All this is done with Arc + Curse on Hit. When you play in party it's interesting switch Flammability by Elemental Weakness. In this way we add Elemental Equilibrium (50%) + Elemental Weakness (39%) you decrease -89% all resistances of enemies.

Arc X Ball Lightning
I understand and respect if you prefer to use Ball Lightning, even because I also used it. But when I stopped to compare the pros and cons of both I realized how Arc overcomes Ball Lightning to apply the Elemental Equilibrium curses. Clearly the AoE of Ball Lightning wins from the Arc, which can only give chain in 8 monsters. But take into account that if you are playing with a Shavronne's Wrappings 6 links and with the Spectros lvl 84 (from Shaper's Realm) the spectres will certainly not need to cast more than 1 - 2 Fireballs to kill the entire Pack of monsters. Most of the time the Spectres will be faster than you and before you think of cursing the enemies they will all be dead. Closed this part, what's left? Bosses!
Since the main idea of ​​the build is to keep distance, Arc is perfect for this, because you can position yourself anywhere in the arena and cast, and the skill itself will do the job of finding the target and going to meet it. That's why I think Arc is better.
In addition to regeneration, another important factor for survival is the use of auras. I currently use 8 auras which are: Vaal Haste, Grace, Purity of Lightning, Purity of Ice, Purity of Fire, Vitality, Vaal Discipline and Clarity (level 12).
I could use a Vaal Grace instead of Grace, but the problem is that there is no more socket to activate the skill on the keys. So it's best to have a lvl 21 to increase evasion.
It is impossible to use other auras because there are no more sockets. And to use another it will be necessary to sacrifice one of those already active. It would be great if we had 2 more slots to use Anger + Generosity, but in the end everything has to have a limit

Why Grace and Not Determination? The Determination will reduce Physical Damage taken by only 2% thanks to the added armor of the aura. Grace will increase the chance of evading from 18% to 43%. And as an example of this great importance of evasion is this Gif here below. In this Gif I am dealing with Chimera in phase 3. This is considered by many players the most dangerous phase of this Guardian. At this stage the Chimera disappears and patches of smoke appear in the arena. She hides in a patch and you need to find her to continue the fight. This is why I prefer the Grace allocated in the Prism Guardian instead Determination.

Vaal Impurity of Fire. Just like Vaal Haste this is a damage boost for the Spectres. It is very short but has its value. When it is activated, nearby enemies have their fire resistance ignored, even though it is difficult for the enemies to maintain a lot of resistance, since it is applied EE and more the curse Flammability / Elemental Weakness. The problem is that there are no free keys to activate more skills in the frame and I do not see much use in Delve, since the zombies die frequently down there and you need to revive them. Already in maps is interesting. Just get to the boss and combine Your Curses + EE + Vaal Haste + Vaal Impurity of Fire.

Currently the mods on maps I do not do are Players Can not Regenerate Life, Mana or Energy Shield, Monsters Reflect #% of Elemental Damage, and Players are cursed with Temporal Chains.
Players can not regenerate is why in addition to the auras another important defense is Regeneration of the Energy Shield. The problem with mana would be solved easily by a Vaal Clarity, but it is dangerous to rely only on the Energy Shield Recharge.
Elemental Reflect can not be resolved either. Some expansions ago was still possible, currently thanks to the High Dps is not viable.
If you do not mind with Temporal Chains, that's fine. I just avoid because it's so annoying. But clearly in High Maps can also be danger, since Movement Speed ​​of the build is already low.
READ THIS: Please note that the information given here is based on items in the Standard League on the following date: July 26, 2018.

Midnight Bargain:
5 - 15 Chaos (I searched for a minimum of Minions deal 20% increased Damage / Not Corrupted).
The Culling Strike mod is now Legacy. And yes the prices have already risen. If you plan to farm Hard Bosses it would be interesting to have this mod. It's only 10%, but it could be that 10% that makes a difference in a battle between life and death. But mapping will not make much difference.

Prism Guardian:
10 - 20 Chaos.
Maybe you wonder if a corrupt Shield with +2 lvl of Aura gems would not be better. In order to make high maps with Elemental Weakness I choose Resistance. Also to do atziri without worrying about the Curse Reflection and still in those situations keep the max resistance 81% all res.

The Vertex:
20 - 40 Chaos (Not Enchanted).
Having a The Vertex enchanted with 40% Increased Damage to Spectres would be awesome. Unfortunately there are only 6 sold in Poe.Trade. I got it on my own the Enchantment, and I'm very proud of that. I do not think it's cool to do the Lab. It takes about 8 - 10 minutes to do it, and the main problem is having the luck to get the Enchant you want. I remember when I got it, I focused on just doing Lab. Lab all day. In the beginning I counted how many offerings I was spending, but after a while I got lost in the account. But when I did, well, you can imagine my reaction right?
During the process of getting the Enchantment, I bought another The Vertex, so if I could get something interesting to sell or even use I would use the other Helmet.
Optional Enchantments: Stone Golem Effect, Convocation, Spectres Cast Speed ​​or even effect for curses

Presence of Chayula:
4.4 - 4.5 Exalted (I searched Corrupt with a minimum value of +16 to all Attributes).
Most likely you will need the +16 all attributes. Thanks to this it is possible to buy a corrupt one and that way the most expensive item of the build can drop 25% / 45% the price only for being a corrupted one.
Before the Presence of Chayula was introduced in the game I was using an Eye of Chayula because I think immunity to Stun is very important. The advantage of using Presence is that you gain High ES, Hight Chaos Res, and keep immunity to Stun.
If you do not care much about Stun you can use a Black Maw Talisman. I also did this for a while. Before the great Nerf that the general ES had (I do not remember when it was), with these amulets I almost reached 13k ES. And using the talisman you also get one more slot. I would use Animated Guardian.

Shavronne's Wrappings:
6 Links / Not Corrupted: 6 - 8 Exalted
6 Links / Corrupted: 2 - 4 Exalted
My dear Shavronne's Wrappings. It's a shame to see you today being sold by few Chaos Orbs. Maybe you think I'm overreacting but if you're old you might understand me. I myself at the time paid...never mind. The good news is that thanks to the second Nerf is cheaper. If you are just like me, based on the current support gems and do not plan to switch Spectres (Keep the Flame Sentinels or Solar Guards) you can buy a corrupt Shavronne's, and like the Presence of Chayula the price will be cheaper. After all we will only need 1 green Socket. Voricci will charge us only 4 Chromatic and 4 Vaal Orbs.

Rare Items (Rings, Belt and Gloves):
Rare items are too complicated to stipulate an average for value. You can achieve 7.5k Energy Shield with decent items worth 1 ex each.
Gloves: It's important to get one with Dex so you do not have to pick up in the Passive Tree. At the time I bought mine, I paid 4 ex.
Rings: The one with Chaos Res + ES I crafted. only Alterations to get Chaos Res or ES, after that, Regal, then multicraft. The other ring I bought for a few chaos a long time ago. Currently it is possible to get a good one for a some chaos (40 - 60), if you do not want to spend as much. Just look for Strenght (If you have not already on the Belt you may have needed this attribute in both), Maximum Energy Shield, All Res. Whichever comes next will most certainly be a profit.
Belt: I also did the belt myself. Unlike the Ring the process here was: Alterations, Augmentation then Regal.
As I said it is hard to calculate how much you will spend because each person will have his price that he thinks fair, but I think 1 ex per item, it is possible to get a good gear. If so, 4 ex in total.

December 13, 2018
3.5. I did not make any changes. The items and the Passive Tree are the same. It would be incredible to get Essence Surge node on Passive. But there are 4 points that I do not see any possibility of reallocating. All possible options are lost passively important status.
Solar Guards were introduced in PoB but I still keep the Flame Sentinels. I really like the Sentinels, and I still have my opinions on the Solar Guards.
October 19, 2018
Suggested by the player: @billybob630 I switch the Crystal Belt for a Darkness Enthroned, without needing to make any modification in the Passive to have more Str. But I made a change in the rings and since I no longer use a rare belt with Str, it is necessary to have at least 35 Str in each Ring to be able to use Vitality lvl 20 which requests 155 from. Content No. 5. GEAR / JEWELS / FLASKS
October 13, 2018
Suggested by the player: @hcseth, now I use Vaal Impurity of Fire, since it is no longer used Bones of Ullr with +2 level of socketed Aura gems to have the Puritys lvl 23 and +1 of All Res. Content No. 9. Auras
October 8, 2018
Change Gems Setup on The Vertex (Helmet). I took the gem Blind Support, since I now use a Ghastly Eye with the mod: Minions Have % Chance to Blind, that way I can have a free slot for another gem. Content No. 4. GEMS SETUPS
October 8, 2018
Change the 2 rare Cobalt Jewels by 2 Ghastly Eyes Jewels. The Cobalts on the left were the ones I was using before, the Ghastly Eyes on the right are the ones I'm currently using. Content No. 5. GEAR / JEWELS / FLASKS

October 2, 2018
Swap made in boots. With the new possibility of +1 Spectre in rare boots, I now use a Sorcerer Boots with high Energy Shield and +1 Spectre. Bones of Ullr on the left that I was using before and the one on the right is the rare I am currently using. Content No. 5. GEAR / JEWELS / FLASKS

September 1, 2018
Updated the gear I'm using at Delve, Content No. 5. GEAR / JEWELS / FLASKS

September 1, 2018
Updated Passive Tree 3.4, Content No. 3. PASSIVE TREE / ASCENDANCY / THE PANTHEON / BANDITS
AUGUST, 2018
August 17, 2018
I changed my Watcher's Eye for another that has Life Regeneration while affected by Vitality. The one on the left is the one I was using before, the right one is the one I'm currently using. Content No. 5. GEAR / JEWELS / FLASKS

August 17, 2018
I made a little change in the Passive Tree suggested by a member of the community. Next to the beginning of the Templar area, I took Discipline and Training and put Precision. I had to reduce the Clarity lvl from 12 to 10 and still can keep arc casting consecutively. I will leave a small image for understanding. Content No. 3. PASSIVE TREE / ASCENDANCY / THE PANTHEON / BANDITS

August 03, 2018
Added a Character Screen from Defense Status, content No. 2. INTRODUCTION / STATUS
JULY, 2018
July 25,2018
Added leveling progress, content No.

July 23, 2018
Added map mods tab, content No. 10. MAPS MODS

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great!you look likes alien with phase
I'm having fun with it. Thx.
solid guide, great work :D
hey new player here,thanks for the guide man,trying to do all kind of minion build to get the one that suitable for me(love minion type of job in game),gonna try this one now.
Btw what map mod that you cant do,im pretty sure you cant do no regen map and reflect probably?(my POE knowledge is still probably at low or lowest lvl lol)
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hey new player here,thanks for the guide man,trying to do all kind of minion build to get the one that suitable for me(love minion type of job in game),gonna try this one now.
Btw what map mod that you cant do,im pretty sure you cant do no regen map and reflect probably?(my POE knowledge is still probably at low or lowest lvl lol)

Hi. Thanks for reply. About mods in the maps I will insert a tab about it. But I'll also tell you here. You're right, the mods I can not do are Players Can not Regenerate Life, Mana or Energy Shield, and Monsters reflect #% of Elemental Damage.

Players can not regenerate is why in addition to the auras another important defense is Regeneration of the Energy Shield. The problem with mana would be solved easily by a Vaal Clarity, but it is dangerous to rely only on the Energy Shield Recharge.

Reflect can not be resolved either. Some expansions ago was still possible, currently thanks to the High Dps is not viable. I even tried it a few times and the result was always the same: the Spectres died.

Another mod that I avoid is Temporal Chains, this thanks to the low movement speed of the own build.
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Thanks for the reply.
While we're at it can you add lvling guide at least for passive tree progression,im a bit confused where to go first hehe
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Leveling this now, great looking build. Ill post my progress.
Thank you very much for the very detailed build! Your attitude to details is amazing - I just did not have a single question left at the end of the description :)
Glad someone keeps LL summoner alive after xWolf93 kinda left his guide

Maybe u will fix my uber elder problems :D

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