[3.14]Fire&Flamethrower Traps Saboteur/Strongest Combo in the Game/League starter+Boss farmer

zedamafia wrote:
Im using a bow...i have a jewel with increased damage with two handed weapons does it apply to trap damage?

No.If you have an abyss jewel that says increased x damage while wielding two handed weapon, that works.
stijntjuhh wrote:
hey, i've been using the build for a bit now and it feels very nice and enjoyable to play.

got a question though,

why not use a staff with 2+/+3 socketed gems and like 100%+ spell damage for a cheap alternative. wouldnt it be better than a +1 socketed gem en 100% spell damage on a bow?

I'm not sure how that is a cheaper alternative.You already get the bow as 6linked with the porcupine cards.And socketed +1 gems has a higher chance to appear while crafting a bow.On the other hand if you are gonna buy a +3 gem staff from the market,it won't be 6-linked and you will use more currency to 6-link it.If you already have a 6-linked staff then you need to craft that +3gems on it yourself which has a way low chance to appear because it is a very rare mod.Even +2 gems affix is way more rare compared to +1 gems so that's also very hard to craft.
What's the best 2-anger combination on Watcher's Eye:

damage + multiplier
damage + penetration
multiplier + penetration

or maybe something else?
Does chance to double damage applies to traps? Because it doesn't appears on my tooltip when i use focus
Zeerniboch wrote:
Does chance to double damage applies to traps? Because it doesn't appears on my tooltip when i use focus

Yes it does.It also shows in Path of building,make sure you check the right things in calculations.
Is Bottled Faith a good flask for this build?
tedbear2009 wrote:
Is Bottled Faith a good flask for this build?

Bottled Faith is a good flask for almost every build :)
I'm loving this build so far. I'm cruising through tier 13 maps at this point. I am having a really tough time with Blighted Maps though. What have you guys been doing with this build to handle tough Blighted Maps?
This is the one of the most fun build I've ever played, it feels so good throwing traps and watching everything explode and burn :D

What I did:
- killed every boss, including Cortex and Aul;
- completed several t15 blighted maps;
- killed Uber Elder using flamethrower traps only, just for fun;
- reached depth 400 in delve, could hit 500 probably but got bored hunting for sulphite.

Here are my thoughts about the build:
- the damage is insane, each Cortex phase lasted 3-4 sec;
- flamethrower traps are very helpful, especially in blighted maps. Actually, I think they deal even more damage than fire traps with +2 flames enchant, too bad they have only 3 charges and 5 sec cooldown;
- I felt squishy sometimes (500+ deaths lol) but that's probably because I tried to max damage and ended up with 5600 hp only;
- throwing speed is a bit slow, IMHO.

Anyway, I'm done with the league, if anyone wants my gear, pm me:

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I have one Question, if I go Skitterbots and want more DPS, would it be worth to take Explosives Expert? And if yes, what should I drop for it? Do I really need Chain Reactions? (I mean, The Skitterbots can Trigger the Traps too.) Or either of the Defensive Ones? Unexperienced, sorry for the neewby Question^^

Also I wonder, because I really dont like Bows.. I would like to go 1h and Shield for Shield Charge. What Modifiers should I look for on the 1h?

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