[3.9/Sirus down]Fire&Flamethrower Traps Saboteur/ All content viable / League starter + Boss farmer

!!! If you play this build,please leave a comment and share your gear !!!
!!! Melting bosses since July 2018 so it's been a year since i started this build thread.Thanks to everyone who are interested in it and shared their opinions here!!!

Video guide is up.It isn't detailed as the written guide of course, so make sure you read the guide.I only made the video to do some commentary and also cover up some questions.

*** 06/01/2020 Update ***
Killing Sirus for free! Message me in game.
All new bosses has been killed and videos are available.Play Scion if you want to kill Sirus comfortably.

*** 30/12/2019 Update ***
New version is up.This time i played Scion Ascendant that has a completely new item setup.Faster compared to shadow and also has endless flask charges.Boss damage is also higher if you go Saboteur/Inquisitor.

Patch notes and changes

3.9 Metamorph

No changes to saboteur,fire trap or anything that we use.But there are lots of changes to item crafting and some of those are important for us.

You can no longer craft the Veiled increased Damage of specific elements with an ailment chance on Bows. Means we can't craft %increased fire damage on bows anymore.Instead use fire as extra chaos.
The 'of Crafting' crafted suffix which previously allowed you to craft any number of additional mods on the item now allows you to craft up to three mods on the item. This affects existing items (items with the mod will now be limited to 2 additional crafts), however any items with more than the allowed number of crafted mods will keep those mods. Multi mod got nerfed.This means most items will probably miss 1 affix now.This results in a little damage loss since we need to drop something on our bow.(%X chance to deal double damage when focus should be the option to drop.)
The added Maximum Life and increased Life modifier from Pristine Fossils can no longer roll. We only use this on our helm so it might be a little life loss.
Spell Damage modifiers for two-handed weapons can now reach up to 164% increased Spell Damage (from 115%).
Spell Damage modifiers granted by Essence of Woe have been updated to be consistent with the above changes.
This is a buff for budget option bow.

3.8 Blight


Fire Trap
Now deals 11 to 17 Fire Damage at gem level 1 (from 10 to 15), up to 644 to 966 at gem level 20 (from 575 to 862).
Now deals 32.5 base Fire Damage per second at gem level 1 (from 29), up to 1832.8 at gem level 20 (from 1635.4).
Now deals 4 to 5 added Fire Damage against burning enemies at gem level 1 (from 3 to 5), up to 201 to 302 at gem level 20 (from 180 to 269).
Now gains additional radius as the gem levels, up to +8 at gem level 20 (from +6).

Now causes you to regenerate 1% of Life per second for each Mine Detonated or Trap Triggered recently, up to 10% per second (from a maximum of 20%). Now grants 20% reduced mana cost of skills that throw traps (From 25%) and 20% reduced mana reservation of skills that throw mines.

Shaper gloves
Elder and Shaper gloves can no longer roll the +1 Traps Thrown/+1 Mines Placed modifiers.

+ Fire trap got buffed again.(Last time was in delve league) I have really no idea why they are buffing this skill again.It is one of the highest damage traps in the game already.
- Pyromaniac regenerate is halved now.It shouldn't make a huge difference unless you are fighting bosses.You should start pushing that flask button more often.
Neutral change:They removed the "+1 traps thrown" mod from shaper gloves.We weren't using shaper gloves anyways so this doesn't change anything for us.This is a nerf to some traps builds out there,but not for us.

Oils and what node to get on your amulet

This area is about what i think of the upcoming system and which nodes are beneficial for us so i may be wrong about some parts because the league isn't live yet.I will list some nodes and the required oils below.

*Master sapper - Teal Oil + Black Oil + Opalescent Oil
Master sapper's location on talent tree was changed in 3.7 legion patch so now it takes some traveling on the tree.Getting this enchant will result in 6 extra skill points which is very nice.

*Divine Judgement - Sepia Oil + Teal Oil + Black Oil
%18 elemental damage and %5 penetration for more damage

*Heart of Flame - Teal Oil + Azure Oil + Golden Oil
%25 fire damage and %6 fire penetration for more damage

*Golem's Blood,Constitution,Purity of Flesh,Heart of Oak etc.
Anything that gives a lot of life and some other stuff.Note that these are probably be the most expensive ones because golden oil is needed to craft these.

3.7 Legion League

Legion league is heavily focused on melee but there are some stuff that needs our attention.Talent tree is same except they changed the location of Master Sapper.Because of this i had to drop Devotion(left side of templar) but instead we got Revenge of the Hunted.This results in a little life loss ( 100-150 life) but it's no big deal.Build already has 7k+ life on fire trap only(3.6patch) version and 5.5-6k on fire&flamethrower(3.3 patch) version so we have enough life.

Here are the gems that can be useful for the build:

This is a new mobility skill and it is very fast to use so i highly recommend you to use it.Very good at dodging things and also good while traveling around the map.

Immortal Call


No longer makes you immune to physical damage for a duration.
Base duration is now 1 second at all gem levels (from 0.4 seconds).
Now has an instant cast time (from 0.85 seconds).
Now causes you to take 25% less elemental damage and 25% less physical damage at gem level 1, with the values growing based on the gem level, up to 34% less elemental damage and 35% less physical damage at gem level 20.
Now consumes endurance charges up to a maximum of 5, causing you to take 15% less physical damage per endurance charge consumed for the buff's duration.
Increases the duration of the buff by 20% for each endurance charge consumed.
Now has a 3 second cooldown, which does not recover during its effect.
Shares its cooldown with other guard skills (Steelskin and Molten Shell).

So immortal call was providing a short duration physical damage immunity but now it instead grants less elemental and physical damage taken.If i'm not missing any explanation, you should still be able to use Cast when damage taken and Immortal call together.But the on demand mitigation can be very useful if you are well aware of your surroundings so i guess you can level Immortal Call to 20 and self cast it whenever you think you will take heavy damage from something.
TLDR Keep using Cwdt-Immortal call if you are lazy or noob.Use self cast if you think you can time it right to mitigate big burst damages.


Instantly reduce incoming damage for a short duration. Shares a cooldown with other Guard skills.
Level 20 description: Base duration is 1.5 seconds. %70 of damage from hits is taken from the buff before your life or energy shield.Buff can take 2209 damage.

This is a new skill that is introduced in 3.7 Legion League.In my opinion you should use this against elemental damage but it can be used for general play as well.It can be very effective if used against Atziri's Flameblast or Elder/Shaper projectiles but of course you are suppose to avoid those under normal circumstances.It's on 3 seconds cooldown with instant cast so why not use it whenever you are dodging something.It just takes some time to get use to it.

3.6 Synthesis League

Patch notes

+ Flamethrower Trap - Now deals 5 to 8 Fire damage at gem level 1 (from 5 to 7) and 211 to 319 Fire damage at gem level 20 (from 192 to 289)
+ Anger - Now causes you and nearby allies to deal 15 to 21 additional Fire Damage with Spells at gem level 1 (from 10 to 16) and 99 to 140 additional Fire Damage with Spells at gem level 20 (from 69 to 110).
- Loreweave now sets your Maximum Resistances to a maximum of 78% (from 80%)

Build got buffed again.No idea why they buffed flamethrower trap.It already deals a lot of damage.If you are a loreweave user then maybe it's time for you to use another body armour.Check Carcass Jack or rare shaper body armours.

New ideas for the build
So i've been thinking to add some new items and other things to the build and this is the part where i will mention those.If you have any ideas please leave a comment.

-Using only fire trap
Fire trap itself is a very powerful skill which is capable of clearing maps and killing bosses.So with enough investment i think you can do everything with only fire trap which frees the slot for flamethrower trap.This can be done by using a mastercrafted staff or bow with +1 gems,+2support gems,non-chaos as extra chaos,crit multi,%chance to deal double damage while focussed.If you are going with staff, use an eclipse staff.You can craft crit chance as suffix instead of multi or focus depends on your choice.Bow should be your best option because you can also use a quiver.This results in less crit chance but more crit multi,life and another mods that you can get on quivers like movement speed(shaper mod) or increased area of effect(elder mod).You can also use Kaom's Heart as a chest now because you only use fire trap and it is in your weapon.This results in 7k+ life compared to 5.5-6k life.Check the picture below for item options.

-Area of Effect
Fire trap doesn't have a very good AoE.Since they buffed Carcass Jack in 3.5 patch,it is a good time to use that for mapping.Elder quivers also has increase area of effect on those so you may consider using one.For gloves if you are using a shaper rare gloves with "throw additional trap",you can mastercraft "(8–10)% increased Area of Effect/ +1 to Level of Socketed AoE Gems" which also adds +1 radius.Also don't forget to take the AoE nodes on tree and check "Path of Building" while doing it because depends on your fire trap gem level and area increases from items,sometimes a single node doesn't do anything and it is a waste of skill point.So be careful with that if you don't want to waste a skill point.Here is an example picture of what you are looking for.

We were using Anger,Herald of Ash and Purity of your choice depends on your watcher's eye jewel.In 3.5 they added bestiary in core game so this means we can use Aspect of the Spider.There are also new fractured items in 3.6 so i'm not sure if there is anger or herald of ash reserve reduce items so we will see about that.Anger,Aspect of the Spider and Herald of Ash(for boss killing) or Purity of your choice would be the ideal setup.

Picture with new items and calculations

3.5 Betrayal
No changes to saboteur,trap,fire trap or flmaethrower trap.Still good to go.If you haven't tried this build yet,i recommend you to try it as a league starter or boss killer.It is a reliable build which won't fail you :) The only place i'm not comfortable with is the delving.

3.4 Delve
Base damage from the initial explosion increased by 40%, and the base damage over time increased by 20% at all gem levels.
So fire trap received a huge buff in both initial and damage over time.But traps got nerfed overall because of cluster trap nerf(you can now throw 2 additional instead of 3 traps)I never used shaper gloves with "throw 1 additional trap" so maybe this is the time to use one and it means this build got buffed a lot.I already had ridiculously high damage with bugdet gear and my end game gear is even cheap(less than 5exa) and cleared everything including uber elder.

Hello,I’ve been playing PoE since perandus league and been creating my own builds for quite some time.I wanted to share this one with you because there isn’t much love out there for fire and flamethrower traps.Hope they can catch some attention.I apologise for any possible grammer mistakes.(English isn’t my native language.)

Build summary

This build focuses on using both fire traps and flamethrower traps depending on the situation.Fire trap is a strong map clearer and also kills bosses with ease up to tier 16 guardians where we also get help from flamethrower traps to burn them within seconds.You can actually kill everyhing including Shaper without flamethrower traps but they are just too powerful so you wouldn’t want to miss the fun.This build is capable of clearing every end game content deathless including Uber Elder if you know what you are doing.I died once in Uber Elder because of blink arrow pathing bug so don’t count that :)
If you are worried that this build might be expensive to achieve such high damage numbers,let me ease your mind,you can clear everything on the atlas with budget gear.And even my end game gear isn’t expensive.I’ll talk about that in the gear section.Let’s move on.


Build guide
Make sure you also read the guide because it is way more detailed.
3.9 New Videos

All videos were recorded deathless except AL8 Sirus,the awakener(1 death).Scion has more survivalability so she is very powerful against new content where you can make some mistakes.

Sirus,the Awakener (AL8 / 1 death)
Sirus,the Awakener (AL4)
Veritania,the Redeemer(T11)
Veritania,the Redeemer(T14)
Drox,the Warlord(T13)
Baran,the Crusader (T13)
Al Hezmin,the Hunter (T12)
Elder(83 monster lvl)
Mastermind (83 monster lvl)
Shaper's Realm (now has x4 life compared to before)

Videos before 3.9

All videos were recorded deathless except Uber Elder where i died once because of blink arrow bug.Note that some maps have damage,crit,extra life,vulnerability curse mods and see how the build performs in different situations.

Uber elder
Forge of the Phoenix
Pit of the Chimera
Maze of the Minotaur
Lair of the Hydra

Pros & Cons

+You can do everything with budget gear and 5-links.
+Can one-shot elites&beyond bosses with fire trap in even %40+ life or +% resistance modded red maps.(Unless you are unlucky with crits.)
+Can kill tier 16 guardians and pushes shaper to next phase in couple of seconds.
+Can do every map modes but some are dangerous.(I will explain later.)
+Watching flamethrowers burn everything to ashes makes you feel like a pyromaniac :)

-Physical mitigation is low due to being a dodge character.
-You can’t tank everything and need to learn your character’s limits.
-It takes some time to get used to the playstyle.
-Isn’t fast as an arc trapper for mapping.


-5500+ hp (7k+ option with kaom's heart)
-%40 attack dodge
-%30+ spell dodge(even more with rare boots)
-some evasion and armour(this depends on your gear and flasks)
-Ignite and shock immune
-Blind nearby enemies (lowers enemies’ hit and critical chance)
-Up to %10 life regen if you keep using traps in the past 4 seconds(this is the main source of healing for trappers)
-%10 elemental damage reduction with the Wise Oak flask if you balance your resists.
-+%4 to max resist of an element depending on your Watcher’s Eye choice.
-Aspect of the spider (Details in buff&aura section)

Gear (My gear and detailed explanations)

My gear in Metamorph League (Scion Ascendant)

I'm playing Scion Ascendant this time.I wanted to test something different and it is very fun.Killed all new 4 guardians on red tiers and Sirus at AL8(AL4 video is up,forgot to record video on AL8)
Scion has better boss damage(sabo/inq) or you can go(sabo/pathfinder) and get that extra movement speed and flask management.Scion also has a completely different item setup that you cannot do on a Shadow.Message me in game if you have questions.

My gear in Synthesis League (Shadow / Using only fire trap)

I'm lvl 94 and finished whole content including Uber Elder.Only playing with Fire trap this time.I don't even have 21 lvl fire trap and 4 lvl empower and the damage is insane.You can absolutely drop some damage or use 19 gems even.Using Anger + Herald of Ash + Aspect of the spider for Shaper,Uber elder.Purity of lightning is for mapping and leveling mostly.(Drop herald of ash for mapping)

My gear in Incursion league (Shadow / Using both fire&flamethrower traps)

Gear explanation,crafting and other recommendations

Explaining why i'm using a 2-handed weapon

I used bow+quiver and you may ask why i didn’t pick 1h+shield.First off all bow+quiver choice is very cheap.You need to spend couple of exalteds to reach the same dps with dagger+shield.Second and more important reason is there isn’t any good choice to link your fire trap to anywhere else which means you can’t reach the same dps as mine because you won't have x2 6-linked traps.You can try some shaper(conc effect/immolate) or essence of horror(more elemental damage) helms but they don’t even have similar damage numbers and you can’t find the correct lab enchant on those.
The only logical reason to use 1h+shield is you can map faster and get fortify,but you need to dump flamethrower to somewhere else and 6-link your fire trap to your chest.Which makes this character a faster mapper but worse end game boss killer.
Weapon choice depends on your reason to play this build so make your own choice and play the way you want it.

Buy a 6-linked non corrupted bow with at least 50 item level(this is important otherwise you can't get +1 socketed gems on your bow) or buy/farm “The Porcupine” cards to get your bow yourself.Now there are lots of ways to craft this so i will start from cheap to expensive.


If you are playing with both fire&flamethrower traps then craft it with essence of woe(this is the only way to get spell damage on bows) and if you are lucky you can even get “+1 socketed gems”.It’s a very rare prefix so good luck with that.Note that i didn’t have that on my build which means you can even reach higher damage numbers.
UPDATE:Essence of woe got buffed in 3.9 so you can craft better bows now.


Use alteration orbs,augmentations and regal orbs to find useful affixes like "+1 socketed gems" and "critical multiplier".Also you can use shaper bows to get double damage/attack speed suffix.But you need to 6-link that yourself so that makes it more expensive.After regaling, use annulment orb to get rid of any unwanted affixes.Then multimod it by paying 2exalted orbs.I will list some affixes here so you can pick those depending on your gear.Use path of building to craft different bows and compare damage so you don't waste your money while doing this in-game.Don't forget to check my bow for example.
- (73–80)% increased Fire Damage / (21–23)% chance to Ignite (This got removed from bows in 3.9)
- +2 to Level of Socketed Support Gems(Use empower lvl 3 or 4(very expensive))
This prefix mod paired with empower gem gives huge damage so consider saving currency for this.Even with level 3 empower you will have insane damage so don't worry.
- Gain (14–16)% of Fire Damage as Extra Chaos Damage

- (25–28)% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
- (26–30)% chance to deal Double Damage while Focussed
This mod adds a skill called Focus to your character so you need to add this to your skillbar and press it whenever you want big dps(boss/beyond boss/essence monsters etc.)It is on a short cooldown and also instant cast so you can press this without interrupting anything.You just need to get used to it.
- (110–119)% increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells

For quiver you want to buy a spike point quiver for critical chance and search one with global crit chance,crit multi,80+ life and some resists if you need.

On shaper quivers you can also get movement speed which is very nice for this kind of build but there aren't many of them on the market with the stats i just wrote so good luck finding/crafting one.


If you are also playing with flamethrower trap,the first thing you want on your helm is the flamethrower enchant.Luckily it's cheap enough so it's no big deal.You can buy a normal one(ilvl 84) and craft it yourself,it’s very easy and cheap to craft.The only stats you want are health(90+) and resists.If you have a prefix open on your helm, craft (x)% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Fire Damage.This is a very good addition to our survivalability so i highly recommend crafting it on your helm.
Use scorched fossil for "Nearby Enemies have -9% to Fire Resistance" Use pristine fossil for a higher chance to get life or use both to craft an insane helmet.

If you are playing the cheap version, this is the only expensive piece in this build.First reason is of course you need to 6-link it.Second is, if you are using a rare body armour that means you need to buy or craft it.There are lots of options for this one.I started the league with a tabula and cleared up to tier 13-14s with that.Then i crafted my chest myself.If you don’t want to spend money on crafting,you can check the other options.Shaper rare chest gives the most dps but you can pick tinkerskin for more healing(might be good) and less cd on flamethrower traps(which you don’t need) or pick loreweave for +max elemental resists.(Loreweave got nerfed to %78 max resists in 3.6)You can also use Kaom's Heart paired with a mastercrafted bow or staff(socket fire trap in it and drop flamethrower traps) which results in 7k+ life.
If you are interested in crafting your own chest,buy a shaped(ilvl 84+) evasion/es hybrid body armour for easy coloring.Then chaos/alteration spam it until you hit tier 1“spells have +x% to critical chance”.My chest has tier 2 spell crit but i luckily hit “+1 to active gems” which gives more dps so i stick with it.Do NOT try to get both of those mods like mine,it is very unlikely you will get it.Just stick with a tier 1 spell crit and you are good to go.And of course you need life on your chest so good luck with that.If you used alterations you can then mastercraft it to put multimod(2ex) and life,resist whatever you need.


I’m using the “Slavedriver’s Hand” that is exclusive to the incursion league.But thanks to today's mechanics you can access league specific items very easily so you can even find this at a league start in under a week.
By using these gloves,you don’t need mana at all which is a problem in many of the trap builds.Because we don’t need mana,we can use 3 buffs(anger,herald of ash,purity of your choice/aspect of spider)which is very nice.And we get some increased area effect,%10 chance to get power,endurance,frenzy charges when traps are triggered.

I’m using rare boots with “%12 chance to dodge spell hits”(nerfed to %6).This boosts our survival against spell damage a lot so try getting one of these.If you need to put resists on these,they become very expensive so try capping your resists elsewhere if you don’t have lots of currency.The stats you are looking for are life(70+),%30movement speed,x%spell dodge and finally resistances.You can also get boots with "%x chance to dodge attack hits".


Very simple rings with life(70+),resists,str or dex if you need and finally if you can find one,look for %increased fire damage.Diamond and opal rings are good for increasing our damage.


If your resists are fine, simply use opal or diamond ring.Use essence of anger so you get %fire damage.Look for an open suffix and craft "Aspect of the Spider".If you are not sure what is "Aspect of the Spider" and how to craft it, i will explain it in the buff & aura section.


Mine is very cheap(About 5 chaos).The only thing you want is %30+ crit multi,lots of life(total 80+),crit chance(or open suffix so you craft yours) and maybe stats and resistances.
If your amulet has open prefix, craft " (11–13)% increased Area Damage/(8–9)% increased Area of Effect " on it.


You can use essence of scorn to craft "crit multi" on it and keep trying until you get a very nice amulet with open prefix.You may even get "%spell damage" while doing this so it will a good damage boost.


Buy a stygian vise for abyss socket so we can get some damage from our belt.Put 80+life,resistances and some flask stuff(%reduced flask charges used,%increased flask effect duration).You can even use darkness enthroned if you don’t want flask mods and if you have good jewels.


Craft one by using pristine and prismatic/scorched fossils combined.Pristine fossil crafts life.Prismatic fossil crafts "(25–30)% increased Elemental Damage" suffix.Scorched fossil crafts "(20–30)% increased Fire Damage" prefix.Fossil craft is the only way to get big damage boost from our belt so consider this if you have currency.I never bothered with it because our damage is more than enough.


Cobalt/Crimson jewels

-(5–7)% increased maximum Life
-(15–18)% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Fire Skills
-(12–15)% to Critical Strike Multiplier for Spells
-(12–15)% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Elemental Skills
- (9–12)% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier

Hypnotic eye jewels

I listed Tier 1 values below, so if you don't have enough currency, search one with lower tiers.

-(36–40) to maximum Life
-Adds (19–25) to (26–34) Fire Damage to Spells while wielding a Two Handed Weapon

-Adds (19–23) to (24–32) Fire Damage to Spells
-(9–12)% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
-(20–30)% increased Critical Strike Chance if you haven't dealt a Critical Strike Recently

Watcher's Eye

For watcher’s eye the cheap option is “+% crit multiplier while affected by anger”,the expensive option is the fire penetration one with anger.But it gets more expensive if you look for “% of physical damage taken as x damage while affected by purity of x”(x is for fire or lightning) so i recommend buying one with crit multi cause it is way cheaper(around 50c) and gets the job done.Mine has purity of lightning.Since we are immune to ignite and shock,pick a watcher's eye with purity of fire or lightning.Do NOT buy purity of ice unless you are farming Uber Elder because if you get hit by physical damage there is a chance you will get frozen if your flask isn't up and you might end up dying.(You can use Dream Fragments ring to be immune to chill and freeze)

Buffs & Auras

- Anger: Adds flat fire damage to attacks and spells.Combined with Watcher's eye jewel,anger gives a lot of damage.
- Herald of Ash: More fire damage.
- Purity of Lightning/Fire: + max resist and also physical mitigation thanks to Watcher's Eye jewel.
- Aspect of the Spider:Bestiary is now in core game so you should get the beast(Fenumus, First of the Night) and craft it on a rare gear that you are wearing(it is a suffix so the item you are crafting it on must have an open suffix slot)I recommend crafting it on a ring or amulet otherwise some support gems might effect Aspect of the spider and its mana reserve gets higher so you can't use it.Basically your item goes to trash so be careful.

I used anger,herald of ash and purity of lightning back in Incursion league because there wasn't Bestiary in core game at that moment.Now the ideal setup should be anger and aspect of the spider all times which means %75 mana reservation.
If you are playing with Slavedriver's Hand you can also use herald of ash or even purity of fire/lightning with enlighten or some mana reserve reductions.Herald of ash is mainly for more damage but you can pass that once your character is geared enough.
If you are playing with shaper gloves then anger and spider reserves %75 mana so you don't have much left.With enlighten lvl 3 and anger helm enchant(%15 anger mana reserve reduction) you can also get herald of ash and you will only have %12 mana left.Depends on your gear and mana level, you can play with that mana.

Simpler explanation
If you are only using fire trap,
Use Anger + Purity of x (depends on your watcher's eye) + Aspect of the Spider.
Reserve cost: 50 + 35 + 25 = 110
This means you need to get mana reserve reduction somewhere.Enlighten lvl3 doesn't help so what you need to do is get a helm with "Anger has %15 reduced mana reservation" and use lvl 2 enlighten.

If you are playing with both flamethrower and fire trap then you can't get a helm with anger mana reserve reduction because you should use a helm with flamethrower enchant.You can get one with anger, but you will lose flamethrower damage so it's up to you.
Use Anger + Purity of x (depends on your watcher's eye) + Herald of Ash
Reserve cost: 50 + 35 + 25 = 110
Use lvl3 Enlighten and also you need to get the %4 mana reserve node on the tree(near hasty reconstruction).

Gem links

3.9 Update:They added new gem types called Awakened gems.These are more powerful versions of the existing gems but they are harder to level up.
Awakened Fire Penetration,Awakened Controlled Destruction,Awakened Elemental Focus,Awakened Increased Area of Effect(we normally don't use area of effect support but this version has %14more damage on it so it can be a powerful choice for mapping.

Fire & flamethrower traps

6-link bow:

Fire Trap - Trap and Mine Damage - Cluster Traps - Combustion - Fire Penetration - Controlled Destruction/Empower
Controlled Destruction is your 6th link.Use Increased Critical Strikes if your crit is lower than %50.I highly suggest using Charged Traps instead of Trap and Mine damage for map clearing when you have enough damage because it is faster.
If you are playing with a mastercrafted staff or bow then your 6th link is empower(lvl 3/4) instead on controlled destruction.Note that empower lvl 4 is very expensive so you can use lvl 3 and you will be fine.

6-link body armour:

Flamethrower Trap - Trap and Mine Damage - Elemental Focus - Concentrated Effect - Fire Penetration - Increased Critical Strikes/Empower
Increased critical strikes should be your 6th link.Level 4 empower actually gives way more dps than increased critical strikes but i wanted to keep the build as cheap as possible.If you have the money you can try it.



Blink Arrow - Faster Attacks - Blood Magic - Gem of your choice*
This is how i played the first time i did this build.But flame dash wasn't very good at that time.I don't recommend using blink arrow anymore unless you are a fan.

Use this instead,


Flame Dash - Faster Casting - Blood Magic - Gem of your choice*

*I used Portal or Phase run.

CWDT Setup


Bear Trap - Cast When Damage Taken(lvl 1) - Immortal Call(lvl 1) - Increased Duration
Level your bear trap so it doesn’t stuck on the cwdt setup.You can use Phase run instead of bear trap.You don't need bear trap that much anyways.You can also use lower level of phase run so it activates itself and maybe that helps to escape from mobs.

Buffs & Auras

!!! Make sure you read and understood the previous section Buffs & Auras before advancing here !!!

Fire&flamethrower version,

Herald of Ash - Anger - Purity of Lightning/Fire - Enlighten(lvl3)
First of all if you don't have watcher's eye or lvl 3 enlighten yet,use arctic armour as your 3rd buff.Purity(Lightning or fire) depends on your watcher’s eye so coloring may change.Do NOT buy watcher's eye with purity of ice because we aren't freeze immune without flask this means you will get frozen when your flask isn't up and you will die.You need level 3 enlighten and the %4 reserve reduction node on talent tree to use all 3 buffs.

If you are playing the fire trap only version,

Anger - Purity of Lightning/Fire - Enlighten(lvl2)
4th link is Herald of Ash or you are using Aspect of the Spider.


1. Life flask with staunching(to clear bleeding).Divine life flask is better for instant recovery and instant recovery saves you from low life situations.Eternal life is better for overall healing.
2. Diamond flask with freeze or curse immunity.Put the other immunity to 5th flask slot.

3. Quicksilver flask with increased movement speed during effect mod for more speed.

4. The Wise Oak or Atziri’s Promise
Make sure you have all your overcapped resistances balanced means you will have something like %85(just an example) written in the parantheses for all your resistances except chaos.If you can’t balance your resistances make sure you have fire resistance highest so you get the penetration.
If you aren’t planning on doing guardians,shaper and uber elder,you can pass wise oak and use Atziri’s Promise.Chaos resist is better for mapping because of Syndicate members and incursion temples.
5. Basalt Flask/Quartz Flask/Jade Flask (I used basalt because we need physical mitigation.We already have lots of dodge.)

Talent Tree

I recommend using Path of Building because everything is more detailed there and also it is easier to check something in case you forget.

Bandit & Pantheons

Help alira for easier resist cap and more dps.If your plan is to do mapping mostly,you can kill all and take 2 skill points.
For pantheons i don’t think there is only one option of each category.
Soul of Brine King->If you can’t position yourself well enough and get hit a lot,this might save you because we aren’t stun immune.
Soul of Lunaris->This is the one i used for everything.
Soul of Solaris->Mainly for bossing purposes and maps with critical chance mod.

Soul of Gruthkul->Some physical mitigation for mapping.
Soul of Yugul->Upgraded version can be used for uber elder.
Soul of Shakari->If you are low on chaos resist and also want to be poison immune.(Poison immunity helps a lot on red tier maps)


Normal lab:Perfect crime
Cruel lab:Chain reaction
Merciless lab:Pyromaniac
Uber lab:Born in the shadows

You can take pyromaniac at normal lab to get that early healing and regret those points after you do cruel lab.Pyromaniac is very important for trap builds so don't forget that.


Gloves:I don’t think any of the enchants worth your time so i don’t use any.If you know something useful,go for it.

“x% increased critical chance if you haven’t crit recently” This is active all the time because we aren’t hitting with anything and traps don’t count.
“Damage penetrates x% of enemy elemental resistances if you haven’t killed recently”Good for guardians,shaper,uber elder.

“Flamethrower trap has 2 additional traps.”This is the one i’m using.I haven’t tested the others but this seems the best for dps.
Other options are;
“Flamethrower trap has 12% increased cast speed”->Makes flamethrowers rotate faster.
“Flamethrower trap has 15% increased Cooldown Recovery Speed”->0,55 reduced cooldown.
“Flamethrower trap deals 40% increased Damage”->Some damage.
“Flamethrower trap has 30% increased Skill Effect Duration”->Stays 1,05 seconds longer.

If you are playing with Fire trap only then you should get a fire trap or anger reservation enchant.
"40% increased Fire Trap Damage" or "15% reduced Anger Mana Reservation"

Pastebin/Path of Building


Shadow / Fire trap
Shadow / Fire & Flamethrower

Both versions are up to date and capable of doing everything.If you want to play with only fire trap and have 7k+ life go with fire trap only version.(Note that this version is more expensive.)
If you are also interested in flamethrower traps ( which is very fun so i highly recommend you to play this version if it is your first time) but you will have 5-6k life, then go with fire & flamethrower version.


Scion / Fire & Flamethrower
In 3.9 Metamorph, i decided to test scion and it has a completely different feel and different item setup.Check that if you are interested.

Leveling tips

I recently(3.8 blight) updated path of building so it has now leveling tree and also leveling gems to help new players to know when to get gems that is required for the build etc. To see the leveling trees, once you are in path of building and pasted my build's link,click tree from left,then click the box on the left of reset button(bottom of your screen).

For skills start with explosive trap and get fire trap as soon as it is available.Shadow has access to all trap gems so you don’t need to trade with other people.You don’t have to use flamethrower trap while leveling because it may be hard to link it somewhere especially at league start.Fire trap has enough damage to finish all the quests and prepares you to maps.

For unique items you can use wanderlust boots,doedre’s tenure gloves,lifesprig wands then into axiom perpetuum,goldrim helmet and elreon jewelery with “- mana cost to skills”.Replace boots and gloves after level 40-50 and get rare ones with life and resist.

Mana cost might be a problem especially at league start so don’t try to use every buff while leveling.Just pick anger or herald of ash and use mana flask.Once you get slavedriver’s hands you can activate the rest of the buffs.

Possible questions you might ask

-Is this build hardcore viable?
You can try with my current setup but i don’t recommend it. By using loreweave and mind over matter,it should be better for hardcore players.
If you have kaom's heart waiting for you,then fire trap version should perform well.

-Is this build SSF viable?
Yes it is.The only thing you will probably miss is Slavedriver's Hand.Make sure you get mana regen from rings,amulet and don't reserve all your mana.You can farm Porcupine cards for 6-link bow.Other items are just rares anyway.

-Which map modes should i avoid?
If you are playing softcore and aren’t pushing beyond level 95 or so,these don’t matter much.But if you are a player like me who don’t want to die a lot or playing hardcore then you should be careful with these mods.
Dodge chance is unlucky,- max resists,no regen(we dont use mana but it blocks our heal from saboteur ascendancy),more than two damage mods at the same time and monster have critical chance&multi

-Can i kill guardians and shaper with 5-link?
Yes you can.

Why is my boss killing slower than yours?
-Make sure you have your gems 20lvl 20quality and always throw a fire trap before throwing flamethrowers because you need to burn the target for extra damage.

Contact me here or in game for any questions.
My ign&meme

My ign is HansGetZheFlammenwerfer.It’s a reference to the internet meme hans.

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04.07.2018-Added additional information to some parts.
Last edited by soulsofblack93 on Jul 4, 2018, 4:11:51 AM
Thx for nice and clear guide! Now farming red maps, getting lvls to go clear end-game bosses. It may feel a bit squishy at first,but you just need to get lvls and hp on your gear,and get used to trap gameplay,not trying to facetank. Personally i can recommend using at least 5l tinkerskin while lvling cause it helps a lot,especially before you get pyromaniac from lab. Cheers!
Also for mapping i tried using cheap yellow dagger and Kongming's Stratagem,that i bought for 1 fusing,and it is kinda faster with shield charge,and fire trap damage is enough

Last edited by knehtq on Jul 4, 2018, 9:59:10 PM
Hi, how does your build compare to dagger or scepter? Does plus 3 to fire gems give more overall dps?

Thank you!
Sidhuraj wrote:
Hi, how does your build compare to dagger or scepter? Does plus 3 to fire gems give more overall dps?

Thank you!

Hello!You can of course play with 1h+shield,more survival thanks to block,shield charging through the map results in faster mapping.However you can't have 2 6-links but it isn't really necessary for mapping purposes.A 6-link fire trap on your body armour is enough to clear everything including shaper and red elder.If you think you can do with a 4-link flamethrower then go ahead.(or you can use elder,shaper helm and do 5-link)
For your second question,gem level is a very big damage boost for spell builds so any kind of +x gems are good.(Level 4 empower beats inc critical strikes so +3 gem is better then some gems)
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21.07.2018-Added section for upcoming flashback league.
Updated section with flashback league.Let's show some love to fire-flamethrower traps in flashback league :)
Kill Alira or Help Alira?
ludicurous wrote:
Kill Alira or Help Alira?

Help her.I just noticed i made a typing mistake in the bandit section :) Gonna fix it.
Fixed the broken skill trees and updated pastebin links.

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