[3.15]Fire&Flamethrower Traps Saboteur/Strongest Combo in the Game/League starter+Boss farmer

!!! If you play this build, please leave a comment and share your gear !!!
!!! Melting bosses since July 2018 so it's been over 2 years since I started this build thread.Thanks to everyone who are interested in it and shared their opinions/gear here!!!

22/07/2021 [3.15] Expedition Update
Every build in the game got nerfed. But trap gems haven't gotten any nerfs so expect a smaller nerf to trap builds.Let's see if traps are gonna be meta again(Incursion flashbacks :D )

Patch notes and changes

3.12 Heist

There are now alternate quality effects for all gems in the game.I will list the good ones that worth considering in the gem section below.

3.11 Harvest

Some "Critical Multiplier" values have been lowered to nerf all kind of crit builds in the game so we also lost some crit multi overall.This is a nerf to every kind of crit build in the game so we have to deal with it :)
Following this, some values also have been nerfed on cluster jewels but i only use clusters on 1 of my variants(Shadow Energy Shield) so it doesn't matter that much.
Agnostic have been added to talent tree so Scion doesn't have to equip a Timeless Jewel anymore.(This a big upgrade for us because it was hard to get that jewel at league start.)

3.10 Delirium

No changes to traps,saboteur or anything related.Fossil crafting has changed so i will change some parts about crafting.That's all.Good luck in Delirium!

3.9 Metamorph

No changes to saboteur,fire trap or anything that we use.But there are lots of changes to item crafting and some of those are important for us.I updated gear section because of this.

3.8 Blight


Fire Trap
Now deals 11 to 17 Fire Damage at gem level 1 (from 10 to 15), up to 644 to 966 at gem level 20 (from 575 to 862).
Now deals 32.5 base Fire Damage per second at gem level 1 (from 29), up to 1832.8 at gem level 20 (from 1635.4).
Now deals 4 to 5 added Fire Damage against burning enemies at gem level 1 (from 3 to 5), up to 201 to 302 at gem level 20 (from 180 to 269).
Now gains additional radius as the gem levels, up to +8 at gem level 20 (from +6).

Now causes you to regenerate 1% of Life per second for each Mine Detonated or Trap Triggered recently, up to 10% per second (from a maximum of 20%). Now grants 20% reduced mana cost of skills that throw traps (From 25%) and 20% reduced mana reservation of skills that throw mines.

+ Fire trap got buffed again.(Last time was in delve league) I have really no idea why they are buffing this skill again.It is one of the highest damage traps in the game already.
- Pyromaniac regeneration is halved now(from %20 to %10).You should start pushing that flask button more often :)

3.7 Legion League

Legion league is heavily focused on melee but there are some stuff that needs our attention.Talent tree is same except they changed the location of Master Sapper.Because of this i had to drop Devotion(left side of templar) but instead we got Revenge of the Hunted.This results in a little life loss ( 100-150 life) but it's no big deal.Build already has 7k+ life on fire trap only(3.6patch) version and 5.5-6k on fire&flamethrower(3.3 patch) version so we have enough life.

Here are the gems that can be useful for the build:

This is a new mobility skill and it is very fast to use so i highly recommend you to use it.Very good at dodging things and also good while traveling around the map.

Immortal Call


ony 20% for each endurance charge consumed.
Now has a 3 second cooldown, which does not recover during its effect.
Shares its cooldown with other guard skills (Steelskin and Molten Shell).

So immortal call was providing a short duration physical damage immunity but now it instead grants less elemental and physical damage taken.If i'm not missing any explanation, you should still be able to use Cast when damage taken and Immortal call together.But the on demand mitigation can be very useful if you are well aware of your surroundings so i guess you can level Immortal Call to 20 and self cast it whenever you think you will take heavy damage from something.
TLDR Keep using Cwdt-Immortal call if you are lazy or noob.Use self cast if you think you can time it right to mitigate big burst damages.


Instantly reduce incoming damage for a short duration. Shares a cooldown with other Guard skills.
Level 20 description: Base duration is 1.5 seconds. %70 of damage from hits is taken from the buff before your life or energy shield.Buff can take 2209 damage.

3.6 Synthesis League

Patch notes

+ Flamethrower Trap - Now deals 5 to 8 Fire damage at gem level 1 (from 5 to 7) and 211 to 319 Fire damage at gem level 20 (from 192 to 289)
+ Anger - Now causes you and nearby allies to deal 15 to 21 additional Fire Damage with Spells at gem level 1 (from 10 to 16) and 99 to 140 additional Fire Damage with Spells at gem level 20 (from 69 to 110).
- Loreweave now sets your Maximum Resistances to a maximum of 78% (from 80%)

Build got buffed again.No idea why they buffed flamethrower trap.It already deals a lot of damage.If you are a loreweave user then maybe it's time for you to use another body armour.Check Carcass Jack or rare shaper body armours.

3.5 Betrayal
No changes to saboteur,trap,fire trap or flamethrower trap.Still good to go.If you haven't tried this build yet,i recommend you to try it as a league starter or boss killer.It is a reliable build which won't fail you :) The only place i'm not comfortable with is the delving.

3.4 Delve
Base damage from the initial explosion increased by 40%, and the base damage over time increased by 20% at all gem levels.
So fire trap received a huge buff in both initial and damage over time.But traps got nerfed overall because of cluster trap nerf(you can now throw 2 additional instead of 3 traps)I never used shaper gloves with "throw 1 additional trap" so maybe this is the time to use one and it means this build got buffed a lot.I already had ridiculously high damage with bugdet gear and my end game gear is even cheap(less than 5exa) and cleared everything including uber elder.

Who am I ?
Hello,I’ve been playing PoE since the time when Act 3 Dominus was the last boss and there was also no loot filter.Those were the dark times :) After a couple of leagues passed with learning the game, i started creating my own builds.I always make solid boss killer builds which are also capable of farming high tier maps efficiently so you can farm good amount of currency.I make lots of builds and guides every league so check my youtube channel if you're interested.(YT name:Jaamon,link is in video section)

Build summary
I created this build in [3.3] Incursion league and i've been updating it every league.I'm the only one in the entire world who has been playing&updating these skills so I call this my signature build.Fire and flamethrower traps have a synergy together so that's why you want to play with both of them.These two skills combined are probably the highest dps traps in the game.Other good options are explosive and ice trap but they are not even close.
This is a perfect league starter build.Meaning that you can start playing this build with only a couple of chaos worth gear.I will list and explain all kind of equipment from low to medium budget, so please check the gear section for that.You can farm t15-16 maps and kill guardians,conquerers,shaper etc. with low budget gear(less than 5ex).After that you can work your way to medium budget and melt all kind of end game boss in a blink of an eye.


I make lots of end game builds every league so check my channel if you want more solid builds.
Youtube profile:My youtube channel/Jaamon

3.15 Expedition Video Guide: Build guide+Gameplay

There are more videos below.I'll try to record new ones after 3.15 patch.

Other Videos

3.12 Heist Video Guide
Everything in one video:Full build guide+Gameplay (3.12 patch/Shadow Saboteur)
This is the strongest one so far! Video contains full build guide,lots of high tier mapping,all conquerers and guardians,Shaper,Uber Elder,Sirus,Cortex,Aul and more. Everything was recorded in Awakening lvl 8 obviously.I also updated the entire guide according to this.
(3.12 Heist league,12/11/2020)

3.10 Delirium league (Energy shield version)

I only did this version once and haven't min maxed this so i'm not gonna explain anything in this guide.If you want to see how energy shield is,just check the video and the gear that i shared here.
Energy shield (High Budget)
PoB Link:Shadow / LL + Energy Shield/High Budget
Shadow / Low Life + Energy Shield Gear(High budget)

Older videos(Watch these if you want to see how the build was 2 years ago)


Pros & Cons

+Excellent league starter with low budget requirement.
+Traps aren't meta so some gems and items are extremely cheap!
+You can help your friends' boss kills and boost them in Uber Labyrinth if their league starters are bad ;)
+Can kill AL8 Conquerers,Shaper guardians in a blink of an eye.
+You don't have to roll your maps cause traps can do everything.But some mods are dangerous which i will explain later.
+Extremely satisfying to watch flamethrowers burn everything to ashes.Pyromaniac detected :)

-Physical mitigation is low due to being a dodge character.
-You can’t tank everything and need to learn your character’s limits.
-It takes some time to get used to the playstyle.
-Traps aren't the fastest mappers right now.But still has respectable clear time thanks to flamethrower traps.


-5500+ hp (7k+life high budget option with bow+quiver+kaom's heart unique body armour)
-%40 attack dodge
-%30+ spell dodge(even more with rare boots)
-some evasion and armour(this depends on your gear and flasks)
-Ignite and shock immune
-Blind nearby enemies (lowers enemies’ hit and critical chance)
-Up to %10 bonus life regen if you keep using traps in the past 4 seconds(this is the main source of healing for trappers)
-Endurance charge generation thanks to Slavedriver's hand gloves.
-%10 elemental damage reduction with the Wise Oak flask if you balance your resists.
-Aspect of the spider buff that slows and reduces the damage of enemies

Build mechanics and How to play

Fire traps and flamethrower traps have both something in common.They deal bonus damage to burning enemies.

What does burning mean?
Burning is a term used for any kind of fire damage over time.This can be a burning ground effect like the one fire trap leaves on ground,or it can be an ignite which can be applied from a fire source.
Let's talk about fire trap for a moment.Once the trap is activated,it deals some burst fire damage to the targets and then leaves a burning ground on the floor for couple of seconds.This is a crit spell build so that burst damage will do most of the work.But since we have high crit chance and also we are using "Combustion support" on fire traps,that burst damage can easily ignite the target.Even if it fails to ignite,it will leave that burning ground effect on the floor which also counts as burning effect.So fire trap always apply that burning condition no matter what.

If we talk about flamethrower traps,they don't have any kind of burning ground effect.But it is another burst damage spell so it can ignite with crits.Since fire traps can ignite/burn easily,we don't have to do that with our flamethrower traps.So we can use support gems like "Elemental focus" to get some insane damage numbers.With elemental focus,flamethrowers can no longer ignite but we don't need that because fire traps will help us with that.

How to dps bosses?
You just learned that we need targets to be burning so our traps can deal more damage.When you are fighting a map boss,a T16 Guardian,Shaper,Sirus or any kind of other big dps required target,you have to use a couple of fire traps otherwise you'll lose a lot of dps.So always throw some fire traps along with flamethrowers.

Bear Trap
This is another trap that has some benefits especially against bigger targets.
"Enemies take 15% increased Damage from Trap or Mine Hits
Enemies have 80% less Movement Speed when the Debuff starts"

You only want to use this at very beefy targets like T16 Guardians,Conquerers,Sirus etc. Just throw 1 bear trap along with your other traps and that's it.Bear trap also slows the enemy a lot so it is very helpful at bosses like Guardian of the Phoenix.

Gear (Everything from low to medium budget including some crafting tactics)

Shadow / Using both fire&flamethrower traps

Gear explanation,crafting and other recommendations


Dual wield or 1Handed+Shield

I'm playing with X2 Void Batteries because hands down these wands are the best for dps if you don't want to spend too much.(good ones are usually under 40c each)However,they are expensive at league starts because their drop rate is too low.So you may want to start with rare weapons&shield until prices go down.
Rare weapon and shield prices change depending on current meta builds and the week we are in(in a new league).You may want to reduce the tiers of some stats or try different combinations until you find something for your budget.I will list the good stats you should search.Do not try to put every stat on search because you won't get any results or they will be insanely expensive.Put a mixture of these and find something good.Remember,you will transition into Void Batteries later so don't pay too much to these rare items.

Weapon(Wand or sceptre)
-"+1 to Level of all Fire Spell Skill Gems" OR/AND "+1 to Level of all Spell Skill Gems"
-Spell damage OR Fire damage
-Global Critical Strike Multiplier
-Fire damage to spells
-Critical Strike Chance for Spells

-"+1 to Level of all Fire Spell Skill Gems" OR/AND "+1 to Level of all Spell Skill Gems"
-Life(70+ is good at league start,100+ for later)
-"Critical Strike Chance for Spells" OR "Spell damage" OR "Fire damage"
-Resistances (at least 1 resist or maybe an open suffix for you to craft one)
Note:You can also get a shield with open prefix and craft life yourself(up to 70 life which is very good)

Bow (High budget)

Bow playstyle is completely a different story.First of all,expensive version is high budget(5ex+).Normally this build starts as low budget then transitions into medium budget.If you want to invest more or simply want to play with bows,then you better know how to farm currency in this game.And you can also use Kaom's heart body armour because you will link your flamethrowers into the bow so you can easily achieve 7k+ life.

Buy a 6-linked non corrupted bow with at least 50 item level(this is important otherwise you can't get +1 socketed gems on your bow) or buy/farm “The Porcupine” cards to get your 6linked bow yourself.Craft it with essence of woe(this is the only way to get spell damage on bows)If you are lucky you can even get “+1 level of socketed gems”.


Once you get "+1 level of socketed gems", use orb of annulments to get rid of some unwanted stats so you have room for craft.You need 1 open prefix and 2 open suffixes.Then simply use crafting bench and craft "Can have up to 3 crafted modifiers".After that,you should craft "+2 to Level of Socketed Support Gems" as a prefix and a good suffix such as "Global Critical Multiplier" or "Chance to Deal (8-10)%Double Damage"

For quiver you want to buy a spike point quiver because it has global critical chance implicit.After that you just put decent life,resists.

On shaper/hunter quivers you can also get movement speed which is very nice for this kind of build.


One of the most important things on the helmet is the labyrinth enchant.Enchants can be hard to find at league start so you may want to wait a week to find something on the market.The best enchant for this build is "Flamethrower traps have 2 additional flames".Try to buy an evasion based helmet such as Sinner Tricorne,Ursine Pelt etc. Item level isn't that important so it is easy to find a helmet after all.After you bought the enchanted helmet,now the crafting begins.
We are using Essence of Horror to craft "Socketed gems deal 30% more elemental damage".This essence is usually under 10chaos but it can be around 15c at league starts.You can only use it once then craft a better helmet later once you have good amount of currency.Helmet is where we are putting our fire traps.So it basically becomes a 5-linked item because essence mod is a "more" damage multiplier.Try to craft a helmet with resists and life.



At a league start,save your currency and buy a Tabula Rasa.After you get decent gear overall,you can get a rare chest for 30-40chaos.Skin of the Loyal is a very good unique body armour to get some damage.But you need to find one with correct colors(because you can't change its colors) so i have no idea about the prices at league start.It is 20-30chaos as i'm writing this guide.(Week #5 of Heist league)

Carcass Jack unique body armour.This chest is perfect for this build because it gives so much area of effect so it makes our traps even bigger.It also provides area damage,life and resists so very good chest overall.The funny thing about this is that most people aren't playing trapper/miner these days so a corrupted one is very cheap.I paid 4exalteds to this,only 4! But prices can change in a different league.You can also search one with "+2 level of duration gems or AoE gems" but that should be expensive because of Blade Vortex/Toxic Rain players.
One last thing about Carcass Jack is,if you buy a corrupted one like mine,your chest probably won't have correct colors.You can actually change corrupted item's socket colors on the crafting bench.Most people still don't know this detail.You just need to pay some vaal orbs that's it.
Other mentions


I’m using the “Slavedriver’s Hand” unique gloves.This item is the ultimate BIS for any trap build.Here's why;

-Traps have Blood Magic: This means free traps so you can reserve almost all your mana.We just need some mana for mobility skill and some active cooldowns that's it.
-Increased and reductions to cast speed also apply to trap throw speed: If you are playing with Void batteries like i do,you will get lots of cast speed so this mod helps us to achieve higher trap throw speed.
-%10 chance to get Power/Frenzy/Endurance charge: We can already generate power and frenzy charges with Charged Traps attachted to our Fire traps but this also adds another 10% and sometimes you also get Endurance charges which is nice.
-Traps have (10-20)% increased area of effect: Make sure you check your Flamethrower traps' radius in Path of Building and see when it gets +1 radius so you can buy the correct gloves for you.

As you can see,all of these mods that i explained above are beneficial for trappers so that's why this item is easily BIS for trappers.
This is a league specific item(incursion league) so it is a little expensive(mostly 30-50c).You may need to wait a week at a league start to buy this.You can also craft your own if you are lucky.I will explain how to do that but it's RNG.
You've probably met Alva,the explorer.She is the NPC of Incursion league.You need to put "Sacrifical Chamber" in the Temple of Atzoatl and upgrade it to lvl 3 so it becomes "Apex of Ascension".So the whole finding sacrifical chamber and upgrading it to lvl 3 is RNG.That's why you'll probably end up buying the gloves.If you manage to get this room,then you need to use "Architect's Hand" unique gloves and "Vial of Dominance" together at the altar that is located in Apex of Ascension.Gloves is like 1 chaos and Vial of Dominance is 5c maybe.So you will end up crafting it yourself for under 10c and not gonna pay 40c+.

If you can't afford Slavedriver's Hand yet,just use a rare gloves with life,resistances.And make sure you don't use Summon Skitterbots because you will need some mana to throw your traps.



Rare boots with 70+life,(25-35)% movement speed,resists and maybe dodge chance to attacks/spells.


Flamethrower traps have a cooldown so you may want to put some cooldown reduction on your boots.This can be expensive depending on what stats you search so feel free to skip this if you want.You'll only lose like 0.2 seconds cooldown on your flamethrowers.

Lab Enchant
Once you get a good boots and decide to stick with that,you need to go farm Uber Lab some day.Check poelab website and pick a day where there is no gold door so you can simply rush to boss and farm fast.
"120% Increased critical strike chance if you haven't crit recently"
This is one of the best enchants for any trapper/miner or totem build because in these kind of builds,you aren't technically critting at all.Your traps/mines/totems crit so you don't lose this buff at all.This buff gives me %6 crit chance with my current gear/setup.
There is also one more similar enchant called "Damage penetrates 10% enemy elemental resistances if you haven't killed recently".This is also a very powerful enchant but this enchant is the rarest boots enchant in the game so i never bother with this.If you get this luckly,just stick to this and you are fine.



Very simple rings with life(70+),resists,str or dex if you need and finally if you can find one,look for %increased fire damage.Diamond and opal rings are good for increasing our damage.Look for an open suffix and craft "Aspect of the Spider" on one of your rings.You can also craft Aspect of spider on your belt or amulet so don't forget that.If you are not sure what is "Aspect of the Spider" and how to craft it, i will explain it in the buff & aura section.


If your resists are fine, simply use opal or diamond ring.Use essence of anger so you get %fire damage.Craft until you get a good result.



Decent life(70+),critical multiplier(30+),resistances.If you need str or dex,pick a base suited for that.If your amulet has open prefix, craft " (14–16)% increased Area Damage/(10–12)% increased Area of Effect " on it.


You can use essence of scorn to craft "crit multi" on it and keep trying until you get a very nice amulet with open prefix.You may even get "%spell damage" while doing this so it will a good damage boost.Or just search for one and pay for it if you have the currency.

Amulet annoints and Oils

I will list a damage annoint and also some life ones.Note that these can be a little expensive because silver/golden oil is needed.You can use something else at league start that is cheaper.

*Heart of Flame - Teal Oil + Azure Oil + Golden Oil
%25 fire damage and %6 fire penetration for more damage

*Golem's Blood - Teal Oil + Golden Oil + Golden Oil

You can annoint another life node like Purity of Flesh,Heart of Oak etc.
Anything that gives a lot of life and some other stuff.I picked Golem's Blood because it also provides decent Life regen.



Buy a stygian vise for abyss socket so we can get some damage from our belt.Put 80+life,resistances and some flask stuff(%reduced flask charges used,%increased flask effect duration).You can even use darkness enthroned if you don’t want flask mods and if you have good abyss jewels.


Belt is another piece that can have "Cooldown recovery rate".I picked Leather belt for +40 life implicit.You also want 80+ life,resist if you still need.I highly recommend you to cap your resists from other pieces and put "x% spell damage during any flask effect" for more dps.There are lots of results with these mods so just pick something according to your budget.If you can find a belt with open prefix,craft "x% increased damage".


Rare jewels

I'll list some good mods you can put on your jewels.Double crit multiplier with life is the best choice you can get but they are at medium budget(1-2ex).You can get x1 multi,life and one more beneficial mod for cheaper.

Best stats;
-(5–7)% increased maximum Life
-(15–18)% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Fire Skills
-(12–15)% to Critical Strike Multiplier for Spells
-(12–15)% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Elemental Skills
-(9–12)% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier

Other good stats;
-Fire damage
-Area damage
-Spell damage

Abyss jewels/Hypnotic Eye

I listed Tier 1 values below, so if you don't have enough currency, search one with lower tiers.

-(36–40) to maximum Life
-Adds (19–25) to (26–34) Fire Damage to Spells while wielding a Two Handed Weapon

-Adds (19–23) to (24–32) Fire Damage to Spells
-(9–12)% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
-(20–30)% increased Critical Strike Chance if you haven't dealt a Critical Strike Recently

Watcher's Eye

First of all you need to decide which aura to use so you can buy a Watcher's eye with that aura's mods.There are 2 different auras that are beneficial to this build.One is Anger aura,and the other one is Zealotry.Once you get very high level flamethrower traps(by using empower lvl3-4 and corrupted +2 gems carcass jack) Zealotry provides more dps to Flamethrower traps.But since we are not using those kind of gem level modifiers on fire traps,Anger gives more damage to fire traps all the time.However,flamethrowers are the main source of boss dps so Zealotry is the best choice normally.If you somehow can afford or maybe found yourself "Anger penetrates resists+Another anger mod" Watcher's eye, you can play with Anger aura.If you don't have anything like that,go for Zealotry and use "Critical strikes penetrate %10 of enemy elemental resistances while affected by Zealotry".That's what i used and it's very cheap.

Buffs & Auras

- Zealotry: More spell damage.Combined with Watcher's eye jewel,zealotry gives a lot of damage.
- Summon Skitterbots - There are 2 robots.One chills enemies(basically slows),other shocks(17% increased damage taken).On top of these,if you are using Saboteur ascendancy's "Explosives Expert" passive,you get %10 penetration against chilled enemies and 80%increased critical strike chance against shocked enemies.So these two little guys provide lots of dps overall.
- Aspect of the Spider:Bestiary is now in core game so you should buy the beast(Fenumus, First of the Night) and craft it on a rare gear that you are wearing(it is a suffix so the item you are crafting it on must have an open suffix slot)I recommend crafting it on a ring,amulet or belt.Otherwise if you decide to craft in on a gear with sockets,some support gems might effect Aspect of the spider and its mana reserve gets higher so you can't use it.I'm not sure which supports can effect it so can't say anything about.
If you don't have Slavedriver's Hand yet,skip Aspect of Spider.You also need lvl 4 enlighten otherwise you need to use Enlighten lvl3 and get %4mana reservation from talent tree(near hasty reconstruction).Or you can annoint your amulet with a mana reserve reduction passive.

Gem links

3.12 Heist Update:They added different qualities for all gems in the game.If you can't find/buy it,simply use the normal version.

Flamethrower traps
6-Link body armour:

Flamethrower traps - Trap and Mine Damage - Fire Penetration - Empower - Elemental Focus - Increased Area of Effect / Concentrated Effect
First of all,let's talk about Flamethrower traps real quick.Anomalous FTT has cooldown reduction so that helps a lot in maps.However,it also reduces the duration of the trap so it's actually a dps loss.In the end,once you have enough gear,that dps loss won't mean anything because you are gonna kill everything in the game in a couple of seconds.For this reason,you can start with normal flamethrowers first,then switch to anomalous once you have decent gear.
You may want to swap Increased AoE for Concentrated effect at big boss fights like Conquerers,Guardians,Uber Elder etc.
If you have the currency,buy Awakened Increased Area of Effect.It has more damage multiplier unlike the normal one so provides some good dps.Fire penetration and elemental focus also has Awakened versions so if you're trying to min max this build,you also need to buy those.
You can't find empower at league start so you should use something else until you get empower lvl3 or 4.(Combustion support,Increased Critical Strike,Increased Critical Damage etc.) Check your own PoB to see which gem provides better dps to you.

Fire traps
Goes into 4-linked helmet(essence of horror craft)

Fire Trap - Cluster Traps - Charged Traps - Combustion
As long as you have flamethrower trap cooldown available,those should be your #1 priority BUT there are some important things about fire traps.
First of all,we are using "Charged traps Support" on our fire traps so they help us generate power and frenzy charges.If you are playing with Void Batteries like i do,without power charges you will lose tons of damage.So it is crucial to throw fire traps from time to time so you can maintain those 8 stacks of power charges.Frenzy charges also provide 4% more damage per charge so they are also good for dps.
Another thing about fire traps are that we also use "Combustion support".Because of this,whenever fire traps' ignite a target,that target's fire resistance will be lowered.This is a dps buff to both fire and flamethrower traps.You already know that both fire and flamethrower traps deal more damage against burning enemies by default(this is written in both gems' description already) and combustion is just another reason to use couple of fire traps at a boss fight.If you don't throw fire traps at bosses,you'll lose a lot of dps.

3-link weapons

Mobility setup;

Dash - Second Wind - Arcane Surge
You have to lock your Dash at low level because you won't have enough mana to use it if you level it too high.Make sure it has quality so it means better cooldown time.
I highly suggest you to get Divergent Arcane Surge.It adds +2 extra seconds to Arcane surge buff.(from 4 seconds to 6 seconds)

Other weapon;

Bear Trap - Vaal Righteous Fire - Increased Duration
Anomalous Bear Trap has increased skill effect duration so the debuff it leaves on the enemy will last longer.

4-socket Gloves and Boots
You can put these gem groups in your boots or gloves.It doesn't matter.


Cast When Damage Taken(lvl 1) - Immortal Call(lvl 2)
Immortal Call is a guard skill and once it gets triggered via CWDT,it provides less physical and elemental damage taken.If you also have endurance charges,it will also consume those to increase physical mitigation even more.We sometimes generate endurance charges thanks to Slavedriver's Hand gloves.


Zealotry - Summon Skitterbots - Enlighten
These are our buffs and auras.You need at least lvl 3 enlighten.If you don't have lvl 4,you must annoint your amulet with a mana reserve notable on talent tree or you can just take 4% mana reserve reduction under the notable "Influence" by just using 2 points.

1 socket:

Wave of Conviction
So first of all,you can absolutely skip and don't use WoC. I only use it at big bosses and even forget to use it sometimes.
Secondly,your WoC must deal higher fire damage than lightning damage.Normally WoC deals lightning and fire damage equally and applies lightning exposure by default.To compensate this,you need to use a Hypnotic Abyss Jewel with fire damage to spells.Check gear section for details.If you are playing with Anger aura instead of Zealotry,you already have that fire damage to spells so you don't need an abyss jewel at all.And one last thing,do not level up your WoC,leave it at lvl 1.


1. Life flask with staunching(to clear bleeding).Divine life flask is better for instant recovery and instant recovery saves you from low life situations.Eternal life is better for overall healing.
2. Diamond flask with freeze or curse immunity.Put the other immunity to 5th flask slot.

3. Quicksilver flask with increased movement speed during effect mod for more speed.If you use one of the high budget flasks,then you have to change that movement speed into freeze or curse immunity.

4. The Wise Oak or Atziri’s Promise
Make sure you have all your overcapped resistances balanced means you will have something like %85(just an example) written in the parantheses for all your resistances except chaos.If you can’t balance your resistances make sure you have fire resistance highest so you get the penetration.
If you aren’t planning on doing guardians,shaper and uber elder,you can pass wise oak and use Atziri’s Promise.Chaos resist is better for mapping because of Syndicate members and incursion temples.
5. Basalt Flask/Quartz Flask/Jade Flask (You can use basalt because we need physical mitigation.We already have lots of dodge.)


You can use a Cinderswallow Urn instead of your 5th flask.This means you have to put your freeze or curse immunity to your Quicksilver flask.You'll lose some movement speed but you can get a Cinderswallow with (12%movement speed) & (%50 chance to avoid being stunned) if you want.If you want more dps,get one with (60-80%) crit chance.Cinderswallow is a silver flask so it gives us Onslaught buff which also gives movement,attack and cast speed.
The actual reason to use a Cinderswallow Urn is that it has the mod "Ignited enemies take 10% increased damage" so this is actually a very good dps flask.Unfortunetly,all the other mods on this flask doesn't work for trappers/miners/totem builds.If you want that extra dps,go for it.

This is the ultimate BIS for almost all of the builds in the game.If you can afford Bottled Faith,don't bother with Cinderswallow Urn and just use this instead.Note that i don't use Bottled Faith because this is a low-medium budget build.

Bandit & Pantheons

I kill all bandits these days.2 passive points are very valuable.
For pantheons,just use whatever you want.I'll list some of the good ones below.
Soul of Brine King->If you can’t position yourself well enough and get hit a lot,this might save you because we aren’t stun immune.
Soul of Lunaris->This is the one i used for everything.
Soul of Solaris->Mainly for bossing purposes and maps with critical chance mod.

Soul of Garukhan->Upgrade gives 6% movement speed increase.
Soul of Abberath->Immunity against burning ground.
Soul of Yugul->Upgraded version can be used for uber elder.
Soul of Shakari->This got nerfed so hard,i don't recommend it anymore.


Normal lab:Perfect crime
Cruel lab:Chain reaction
Merciless lab:Pyromaniac
Uber lab:Born in the shadows

You can take pyromaniac at normal lab to get that early healing and regret those points after you do cruel lab.Pyromaniac is very important for trap builds so don't forget that.
If you stopped leveling or don't care about dying anymore,use Explosive Expert instead of Born in the Shadows.Or replace Chain reaction(this might cause trigger problems with fire traps so i haven't tried it).Explosive Expert gives a lot of dps thanks to Summon Skitterbots.


Gloves:I don’t think any of the enchants worth your time so i don’t use any.If you know something useful,go for it.
Boots and helmet enchants were explained in gear section already.

Pastebin/Path of Building


I'm using LocalIdentity's Community Path of Building so make sure you use that.This is NOT regular PoB.Regular PoB doesn't get updates so you shouldn't use it anyways.

Shadow / Fire & Flamethrower / Life version

Leveling tips

I recently(3.8 blight) updated path of building so it has now leveling tree and also leveling gems to help new players to know when to get gems that is required for the build etc. To see the leveling trees, once you are in path of building and pasted my build's link,click tree from left,then click the box on the left of reset button(bottom of your screen).

For skills start with explosive trap and get fire trap as soon as it is available.Shadow has access to all trap gems so you don’t need to trade with other people.You don’t have to use flamethrower trap while leveling because it may be hard to link it somewhere especially at league start.Fire trap has enough damage to finish all the quests and prepares you to maps.

For unique items you can use wanderlust boots,doedre’s tenure gloves,lifesprig wands then into axiom perpetuum,goldrim helmet,praxis rings with “- mana cost to skills”,le heup of all.Replace boots and gloves after level 40-50 and get rare ones with life and resist.

Mana cost might be a problem especially at league start so don’t try to use every buff while leveling.Just pick anger or herald of ash and use mana flask.Once you get slavedriver’s hands you can activate the rest of the buffs.

??? Questions i get asked a lot ???

-Is this build SSF viable?
Yes it is.The only thing you will probably miss is Slavedriver's Hand.If you don't have it,don't reserve all your mana and maybe use a mana flask if you don't have enough mana regen.You'll probably need to play with a bow+quiver because you can't find void batteries in SSF.You can farm Porcupine cards for 6-link bow then craft it like i explained in gear section.Other items are just rares anyway.

-Which map modes should i avoid?
If you are playing softcore and aren’t pushing beyond level 95 or so,these don’t matter much.But if you are a player like me who don’t want to die a lot and also push high levels,then these are the mods to avoid.Btw don't bother rolling these at low levels or low tier maps.Just avoid these at tier 14-15-16 maps.(that's where the farm happens)

!!! Deadliest mods !!!

-Monsters have attack/cast/movement speed->Once you upgrade your atlas to lvl 8,this mod gives like %50 to those values and it is probably a trapper's worst nightmare.Mobs move so fast that you can't even target them sometimes.You should avoid this at all costs at higher tier maps(t14+)
-Monster damage->This is the highest damage multiplier the monsters can get so avoid at all costs.
-Minus max player resists->Again same stuff.This makes you get 1-shotted from something that you can normally survive.(volatile flameblood,strongbox ice nova etc.)

Other mods;
-More than 2 damage mods together(extra fire,light,cold)
-Monsters have crit chance/crit multi
-No regen->Traps are free to cast but you can't use your mobility skill in these maps.Also you will lose your life regen so flask will be the only thing that heals you.Pretty dangerous actually.

-Can i kill T16 Guardians,Conquerers,Shaper,Sirus etc. with 5-link?
Yes you can.

Why is my boss killing slower than yours?
-Make sure you've leveled your gems(also 20 quality) and always throw a fire trap before throwing flamethrowers because you need to burn the target for extra damage.

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Last bumped on Jan 28, 2022, 10:09:16 PM

This section is for the scion character.Check below for anything related to her.

Why Scion?
Scion has a completely new item setup and talent tree because she has access to pathfinder ascendancy which is based on flasks.Flasks make the game so much easier so she is very powerful especially in boss fights because she has no downtime on flasks.She also moves faster and she is way tankier(thanks to MoM and Agnostic) I will explain everything here.One important thing before starting, you can't play scion if you are a SSF player because she uses lots of uniques to enable the build.

Scion/Ascendant Videos

I played this in 3.9 Metamorph league.Nothing has changed so you can do the same without an issue.
All videos were recorded deathless except AL8 Sirus,the awakener(1 death).Scion has more survivalability so she is very powerful against new content where you can make some mistakes.

Sirus,the Awakener (AL8 / 1 death)
Sirus,the Awakener (AL4)
Veritania,the Redeemer(T11)
Veritania,the Redeemer(T14)
Drox,the Warlord(T13)
Baran,the Crusader (T13)
Al Hezmin,the Hunter (T12)
Elder(83 monster lvl)
Mastermind (83 monster lvl)
Shaper's Realm (now has x4 life compared to before)

Pros & Cons

+ She is faster and tankier compared to life based Shadow.
+ %100 flask uptime even on bosses.
+ Good amount of attack and spell dodge.
+ Heals herself very fast and it is automatically.(Agnostic keystone - I will explain later)
+ %40 of damage taken goes from mana.(Can be higher if you have good Watcher's Eye jewel)
- Uses lots of uniques so you need some time to gear up.
- Gets stunned a lot until you get the flask mod.

Gear (My gear and detailed explanations)

My gear


I'm using 2 sceptres.You can play with 1 sceptre+shield if you want.So you can also use shield charge and get life,mana from shield.That is probably a better choice at low budget.

Stats to look for
Get at least on of these: (+1 to level of all fire spell skill gems) AND/OR (+1 to level of all spell skill gems)
-Spell damage / Fire damage
-Fire damage to spells
-Critical Multiplier
-Critical chance for spells

You also need an open suffix on one of your weapons so you can craft "Trigger a socketed spell when you use a skill" and don't forget to put Wave of conviction+Culling Strike+(gem of your choice)
Last gem can be a curse(flammability for damage or enfeeble for survival) or maybe another spell like Purifying Flame.Just put whatever you like.
Finally if your sceptre has an open prefix and if the sceptre doesn't have influence on it,you can also slam it with Warlord's Exalted Orb for a chance to get "Fire damage to spells and Fire penetration" but there are like 6 mods so it has a low chance.You can also craft "Cannot roll attack modifiers" if there is an open suffix and slam like that so it will eliminate 3 of the mods and you will have higher chance to succeed.


You need to get a helm with labyrinth enchant "Flamethrower trap has 2 additional flames" and craft it with Essence of Horror to get "Socketed gems deal %30 more elemental damage".Other stats should be 70+life and some resists if you need.And finally craft "+1 level of socketed AoE gems".This might eat some currency so consider rolling for a better helmet when you finish gearing your other pieces.

If you want to increase your damage even higher,buy a helmet with Elder or Shaper influence on it.But it will be very hard to find one so good luck with that.You can also craft your own with Awakener orbs if you know what you are doing.
The reason for Elder/Shaper influence is, on Elder helms you can get "Socketed gems are supported by Concentrated Effect" on prefix and there is also "Socketed gems are supported by Immolate" on suffix.
And on Shaper helms you can get "Socketed gems are supported by Trap and Mine damage" on suffix.
If you are lucky to get one of these while rolling with Essence of Horror, this will basically make your helmet 6-linked and will increase your Flamethrower traps damage a lot.

3.10 Update:They moved "Nearby enemies have -%x Fire Resistance" from fossils to Warlord Influence.You can now use a Warlord base helm and craft that too.


We are using unique body armour Cloak of Defiance.This gives us mana regen,mana,Mind over matter keystone and also %10 of damage taken is from mana before life.Mind over matter already gives %30 so this makes it a total of %40.And you don't need to take MoM on talent tree because this body armour gives it already.


Rare gloves with life,mana and resists.You can get gloves with incursion mod "Fire damage against burning enemies" like i did to get some extra damage to burning enemies.


Rare boots with %30 movement speed,spell dodge and also life and resists.

Another option:https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Omeyocan
If you have high mana and mana regen,you can use the unique boots Omeyocan.These boots eats your mana a lot but gives lots of dodge and also onlaught if you are not on low mana.Onslaught is mostly for movement speed because cast speed and attack speed don't do much on trappers.


One of the ring is Essence Worm to get that free aura.Anger is our choice because it gives fire damage to spells also you will use a Watcher's eye with Anger mod when you have the money.

Other ring is a rare one.

Just get something with life,mana and resists(if you need).You can also search one with %fire damage.
Vermilion rings are good for more health.Cerulean rings have more mana.Opal rings have elemental damage on them.Our damage is already more than enough so i went with Vermilion ring to get more health.You will craft your own ring with Essence of Anger(%fire damage) or Essence of Scorn(global critical multiplier).


We need mana and mana regen that's why Atziri's Foible unique amulet is our choice.Make sure you get one with good rolls.It won't cost more than 10chaos.Don't forget to annoint your amulet with Master Sapper.


Stygian vise is the best because of the jewel socket.
Try getting one with life,mana and resists.Flask duration is also good.
!Warning! This is a very expensive method and even the final result can have some bad mods so you may want to sell and try again.If you truly want to min-max your character,then go ahead.

Redeemer belts can get "(16–20)% increased Mana Recovery rate",Shaper belts can have "(21–25)% increased Elemental Damage",Warlord belts can have "(26–30)% increased Fire Damage".
So we have 3 very good stats for a belt.But can only get one or two at the same time.There are multiple ways to acquire such a belt.You can just craft or buy a good belt with open suffix and slam Redeemer's Exalted Orb on it,or open prefix for Warlord.There is no Shaper exalted orb so we can't try that one.These options might fail because there are more than one affix you can get while trying this method.So you might end up slamming something bad or maybe useless for this build and eventually you need to sell that belt and try again.
The second method includes the use of "Awakener's Orb",for those who don't know what it does,it simply combines two different influence mods into one item.So you need 2 different belts,and one of them has to be a Stygian vise,other can be anything it doesn't matter cause we are gonna destroy it.And one other thing to mention is Stygian Vise cannot drop as influenced(unless they add something new in future patches) so you need to exalted slam and influence it yourself.(by using redeemer or warlord ex orb) Eventually you will have a random belt with one of the three influences and a stygian vise with another influence.Then you want to use Orb of Alterations and get that influence mod that we need(that i listed for each influence at the start of this section) on both items.Items can stay as blue(magic),the only important thing is each belt has to have only one influence mod and that is the one we need.If the belt also has a prefix or suffix because maybe you used Orb of Augmentation and if that affix is also an influenced mod,you CANNOT use that belt and need to use Orb of Annulment to remove that unwanted mod(%50 success chance).Once you have 2 different magic belts with one influence mod on each of them,then you click on Awakener orb,then the unwanted belt(not stygian vise) and finally click on stygian vise.This will destroy the first belt and add its influence mod to stygian vise while keeping stygian's influence mod too.And then adds random affixes to make the belt rare.Final result is a stygian vise with 2 different influence mods(that you picked) and some other random stats.It can have an open prefix/suffix so make sure you put something from crafting bench.


First of all, some jewels require a specific jewel slot to be socketed in.I explained the locations but if you still aren't sure,make sure you check Path of building because they are already socketed in there.

Hair Trigger

x2 Hair Triggers to increase trap trigger area.Use x3 while leveling and drop one once you get every trigger node on the tree and annoint your amulet.

Unnatural Instinct

Unnatural Instinct to get some mixture of stats.You need to put this in the upper right corner(above blood drinker).You can hover your mouse on it to see what stats you get after you put it in the socket.

Watcher's Eye

Watcher's Eye with Anger mod on it.Best one is "Damage penetrates 15% fire resistance while affected by anger".There is also one with critical multiplier.If you have lots of currency, buy one with one of these mods + "%x damage taken from mana before life while affected by clarity" to increase your survivialability even more.

Rare Hypnotic Eye

Rare abyss jewel for your belt.Get a mixture of life,mana,fire damage to spells,crit multi,crit chance if you haven't crit recently.Obviously you can't get all of these.Just try finding one with at least 2-3 of these.

Buffs & Auras

We are using Mind over Matter keystone so we can't reserve all our mana.Using Essence worm ring with Anger in it to get fire damage to spells.Also using a clarity to get mana regen.This will get reserved from our mana but no big deal.
Important Note: If you achieved 4000+ mana you can use Flesh and Stone(sand stance) while mapping to blind nearby enemies and also get damage mitigation from range attacks.But this will reserve a lot of mana! So consider turning it off and on at some points.

Gem links

Some gems are Awakened but these are for high budget so you need to play with regular ones until you get these.

Fire trap
6-Link body armour

Fire Trap - Trap and Mine Damage - Cluster Traps - Combustion - Awakened Fire Penetration - Controlled Destruction
Once you geared up your character and also leveled those gems, use Charged Traps instead of Trap and Mine Damage for mapping.It will increase your trap throw speed a LOT!

Flamethrower trap

Flamethrower Trap - Trap and Mine Damage - Awakened Elemental Focus - Awakened Fire Penetration
If you crafted your Shaper/Elder influenced helm,gem setup can change a little depending on what you get.
Put Concentrated Effect if you have Shaper helm with Trap and Mine Damage already.


Flame Dash - Faster Casting - Arcane Surge
Make sure your Arcane Surge is low level so it gets activated every time you use Flame Dash.

Trigger gems in weapon

Put these in your weapon that has "Trigger socketed gems when you use a skill"
Wave of Conviction - Culling Strike - Gem of your choice
Final gem is a curse(Flammability for more damage, Enfeeble for survivalability) or any other spell that you think is useful.

CWDT and Bear Trap

Cast When Damage Taken - Steelskin - Increased Duration - Bear Trap

My CWDT is lvl 12,Steelskin is lvl 15.You can go higher or lower if you want.You can level up increased duration and bear trap.Make sure your bear trap doesn't stuck on cwdt.You need to cast it manually on phased monsters/bosses where you can prepare your traps.(Shaper/Sirus/Essence monsters etc.) Bear trap also slows the monster a lot so it is very useful on fights like Guardian of the Phoenix.


Put Clarity in somewhere. Anger goes into Essence Worm unique ring.

Other gems

You will have a couple of slots left.The rest is up to you.You can level gems or use anything you want.Portal is a QoL improvement.You may also consider using Vaal Righteous Fire-Increased Duration for that damage boost.

Alternate quality gems

I already listed similar gems with Shadow to shadow->gem links so don't forget to check that out,too.I will list the different ones that Scion uses here.

Clarity:You and nearby Allies have 10% increased Mana Recovery from Flasks
Wave of Conviction:20% increased Skill Effect Duration
Arcane Surge Support:Arcane Surge lasts 2 seconds.(This is probably +2 seconds,there should be a typo in patch notes)


TIP:Beastcrafting helps a lot with flask crafting.

-Life flask with staunching mod for bleeding immunity.
-Eternal Mana flask: The first thing you want on your mana flask is "Flask effect is not removed at full mana" This basically makes your mana flask unending.Also put Freeze/Curse immunity.
-Quicksilver Flask with Adrenaline mod for more movement speed.Also try getting Increase duration or Increased Effect/Less Duration.
-Diamond Flask with Freeze or Curse Immunity.Put whichever you didn't put on your Mana flask.
-Unique Flask of your choice
Bottled Faith: Very expensive.Gives the most damage.
Atziri's Promise: Cheap.Some chaos resistance and elemental as extra chaos damage.
Wise Oak: Hard to maximize.You need to balance all your resistances(not chaos) to get benefit from both penetration and damage reduction.If you can't balance them,at least make your fire resistance highest so you get penetration for that damage increase.

!!! Important Note !!!
If you have access to flask mod "% chance to avoid stun" Put it on your mana/diamond flask and craft a boots with freeze/chill immunity.You still need Curse immunity on your other flask.

Bandit & Pantheons

Help alira for easier resist cap and critical multiplier.
For pantheons i don’t think there is only one option of each category.
Soul of Brine King->If you can’t position yourself well enough and get hit a lot,this might save you because we aren’t stun immune.If you have stun flask,don't use this.
Soul of Lunaris->This is the one i used for everything.
Soul of Solaris->Mainly for bossing purposes and maps with critical chance mod.

Soul of Gruthkul->Some physical mitigation for mapping.
Soul of Yugul->Upgraded version can be used for uber elder.
Soul of Shakari->Causes poisons on you to have 50% less duration, and prevents you from being poisoned while there are at least 5 poisons on you.

Shakari is my choice even after the nerf(it used to make you poison immune all the time) because you won't have good chaos resist unless you min-max your gear.So it will help a lot with poison.


Normal lab: Make your way to Shadow Ascendancy.Pick dex/int and skill point.
Cruel lab: Get Saboteur.Other point goes to 40dex.
Merciless lab: Get skill point and Pathfinder.
Uber lab: Get Path of the shadow and now you can delete any unnecessary points that you used to connect Scion-Shadow on your tree.


Gloves: I don't recommend any because they are all useless.Also if you enchant your gloves, you can't do reflect maps.Because most gloves enchants shoot something every now and then.Normally trap builds can do reflect because we aren't attacking actually.

“x% increased critical chance if you haven’t crit recently” This is active all the time because we aren’t hitting with anything and traps don’t count.
“Damage penetrates x% of enemy elemental resistances if you haven’t killed recently”Good for Guardians,Shaper,Uber Elder,Sirus.

“Flamethrower trap has 2 additional traps.”This increases the damage of flamethrowers a lot.Increases the number of flames from 4 to 6.

Pastebin/Path of Building

Scion / Fire & Flamethrower

I'm using LocalIdentity's Community Path of Building so make sure you use that otherwise some stuff might not be visible to you.Normal path of building misses so much stuff anyways so this is the one you are suppose to use these days.

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Thx for nice and clear guide! Now farming red maps, getting lvls to go clear end-game bosses. It may feel a bit squishy at first,but you just need to get lvls and hp on your gear,and get used to trap gameplay,not trying to facetank. Personally i can recommend using at least 5l tinkerskin while lvling cause it helps a lot,especially before you get pyromaniac from lab. Cheers!
Also for mapping i tried using cheap yellow dagger and Kongming's Stratagem,that i bought for 1 fusing,and it is kinda faster with shield charge,and fire trap damage is enough

Last edited by knehtq on Jul 4, 2018, 9:59:10 PM
Hi, how does your build compare to dagger or scepter? Does plus 3 to fire gems give more overall dps?

Thank you!
Sidhuraj wrote:
Hi, how does your build compare to dagger or scepter? Does plus 3 to fire gems give more overall dps?

Thank you!

Hello!You can of course play with 1h+shield,more survival thanks to block,shield charging through the map results in faster mapping.However you can't have 2 6-links but it isn't really necessary for mapping purposes.A 6-link fire trap on your body armour is enough to clear everything including shaper and red elder.If you think you can do with a 4-link flamethrower then go ahead.(or you can use elder,shaper helm and do 5-link)
For your second question,gem level is a very big damage boost for spell builds so any kind of +x gems are good.(Level 4 empower beats inc critical strikes so +3 gem is better then some gems)
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21.07.2018-Added section for upcoming flashback league.
Updated section with flashback league.Let's show some love to fire-flamethrower traps in flashback league :)
Kill Alira or Help Alira?
ludicurous wrote:
Kill Alira or Help Alira?

Help her.I just noticed i made a typing mistake in the bandit section :) Gonna fix it.
Fixed the broken skill trees and updated pastebin links.

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