PvP Changes and Timeline

so i guess you don't want pathfinder to pvp.
HoGM w/o flask charges gain would be a 'fun' experience.

let say if you just reduce pvp damage across all skills, the one who has more bubbling divine flask uses will win, so the flask change is a harsh but justified design.

Removing player names from minimap doesn't seem a good choice, if there still be a red dot. It rather punish 'melee' range characters who should know where offscreener is, but offscreeners could still shoot at every single red dot on minimap no matter if there a name above it or not.
Removing dots will force some of 'competitive' pvpers to use a software overlay in order to restore their offscreen potential. Making things 'harder to see' while keeping all data on client is a damn stupid idea.

What about Wicked Ward and Radiant Faith / Time of Need? Well scaled ES recharge alone can carry you through 90% of matchups. Wicked Ward is fucking broken. High ES + huge ES regen is a problem, frost bomb is not a regen counter since harbinger league.

What about ES/life/mana gain on block? you should not leave this untouched.
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all of these changes seem bad.
having to build chars just for pvp is a significant barrier to entry.
building a separate set of mechanics for pvp is not good design.
we need a balance team that can deftly fine tune things with a chisel rather than one that constantly breaks everything with a hammer.

If you remove all the good/interesting stuff you then make PvP gear based, which I thought was the reason nobody played it. The more PvP becomes a gear competition the less interesting and even more elitist it becomes by default. Without "broken" builds to counter pvp will find an equally as heinous meta that is ethically pure and diversity/fun will die at the door.
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PvP in this game is bad, just remove it already,

it will never work in this kind of game as much as you want it to be true.

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So much entitled millennials there. If you people don t like pvp just don t play it and basta.Voicing your opinion is fine but asking for something you don t like to get erased is childish.
Poe Pvp experience
it's funny how obvious it is that this thread was posted on reddit.
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...it was quotes. from the forum. lolz!
FOR THE LOVE OF GOD add the "chest" event that Booty Bay has in Stranglethornvale in WoW.

As in, once every 6 or 12 hours, have a chest drop in Sarn Arena.

The chest wouldn't need to contain much, just a chance for some nice uniques or currency-shards or whites for crafting etc., it'd give incentive to partake in pvp and it wouldn't be obnoxious
*clap clap*

I like these changes.

Just not a fan of that 1 flask per round thing.

Just the fact that we can't gain charges from any sources is good enough. Puts everyone on the same level.

Seems like all that's left after that is reducing extreme healing or trigger healing (on block/hit etc). This could then allow overall reduced damage dealt to players since damage would stick more.

Thank you for finally making changes!
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Head_Less wrote:

So much entitled millennials there. If you people don t like pvp just don t play it and basta.Voicing your opinion is fine but asking for something you don t like to get erased is childish.

How about you voice your opinion instead of doing your standard ad personam shit, hmmm? Don't you think that would be a grown up thing to do, Sir Damn Those Millennials?
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