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Thanks for looking at pvp

edit: I understand wanting to reduce the power of sustained flasks, however I do not believe this change is the correct one, a massive reduced duration or less flask charges gained would be better than straight out saying "you get 1 use of a flask per round"
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Oh boy.
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googie337 wrote:
please make a weekly pvp tournament automatic system...or give some kind of good reward for the 1v1 ladder because the current ladder is boring and dead no 1 wants to q up and fight anymore.
agree on both
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what happens to extremely high block builds that given the current damage now but are still not possbile to kill ?

or full screen magma/fireballers that doesn't need to aim. or find opponents.

can i run 5 zerphis and rotate them each round.

there are many other skills not listed that does more damage than kb , like la/iceshot roa /fb
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Because these 3 hardcore PvP players need to be catered to.

This is such a giant waste of time. I was thinking that GGG learned their lesson the first time they rolled out the PvP update. Spoiler alert: it was a giant waste of time and nobody played PvP afterwards.

PoE is not made with PvP in mind and never will be balanced well enough to be better PvP than anything else that is currently available on the market.
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Thank you Nickk_GGG for the information and getting the short straw to have to put up with us PvPers.

Feedback for the flask idea in the opening post. Honestly the idea seems pretty damn interesting and can add a strong dynamic to PvP and allowing a player to get ahead, I do see issues for a build that relies on using a mana potion for sustain however.

Have you considered making the matches best of 7 rather than best of 9? PvP can be an extremely short experience but it would make "shut out" games be a little bit less of a painful experience to players first getting into PvP.

Everything that you listed seems to be fantastic changes! But like someone just mentioned Zerphi's is a plague on PvP and there has been no information about uniques flasks in PvP.

Finally: Block and Dodge both in HLD and LLD can be brought to an absurd degree making it so players can run into an issue where their damage doesn't persist against a player.

Awesome job so far
Love all of the changes, and have very little complaints. I'm just wondering if the flask changes will apply to 3v3 CTF as well? Any way you guys can bring back 6v6 as well?
Rip pvp
K making max block, dodge, evade build. Thanks GGG!
*grabs ice shot gem*
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