PvP Changes and Timeline

Who gives a f*ck about pvp. Give us Race season please!!!!!
rel4us wrote:
How will this affect the hall of grandmasters?

Basically we are gonna go from a map you are either FORCED into making a build just for that one fucking stupid ass map (Like it was for a long time) or use one of the broken skills to atleast get the fucker knocked off your atlas and sell the rest to people who did just that... made a single build JUST for HOGM... To farm by the hundreds for one or two high end cards... Not for me sorry.

NOW we dont even have the first option... Now you are just FORCED into a PVP centric build to complete ONE PVP based map... In the PVE content... or pay someone who make a character that way.

REMOVE HOGM from the fucking atlas at the very least.... My Atlas Completion should have NOTHING to do with PVP! In any shaper or form.. PVP is SUPPOSE to be optional.. This map is not optional when you want 100% completion of your atlas. That map seen its fun for the first day it released but it also showed its direct flaw with trying to force PVP content into existing PVE content.. it just does NOT work! And before anyone jumps on this statement let me be clear.. I dont want the map took away.. I dont care about it dropping or any of that.. leave the map in game just as it is for people to have their fun with.. i just dont want to be forced into that shit just for my atlas to be finished every league. Simply remove from the atlas much like Perandus Manor was for a short time. for the same reason.. because its not going to be possible to complete this map if the only balance being done in PVP is to damage output and NOTHING done to amount of defenses people can get.. Because thats whats gonna happen is this map will litteraly be impossible to complete without making a build just for it... or just for the fucking unkillable CI tanks in there anyway.. Less Damage=No possible way they can ever die now..

But dont take my word for it go look yourself GGG. Go look at how many people out of all the HOGM maps that are completed every league.. how many were done solo? How many were done solo till the last one or two left on the last hall then 3-5 other players are THEN and only then invited to "Finish" the map? How many were done solo BUT, with Scorching Say? Better yet how many players who entered HOGM with SR on their build had SR being used ANY other time outside that single map? And all JUST to get that one maps completion.. in PVE content..

Nothing against PVP players in fact i'm more than happy they see something to the broken mess PVP has been for quite some time.. However PVP is NOT what i play POE for nor will it ever be. And feeling FORCED into PVP just so i can complete my atlas every league or BUY the shit from someone else is just stupid. That map already has builds that are litteraly impossible to kill without certain skills (Regardless if you are built for them or not) and is either again Cheesed or people go all the way making a single build for just that single map in mind.. Not for me and why force such on people who want nothing to do with PVP but thoroughly enjoy the rest.. Why continue to punish me with content ill never have interest in no matter what you do with it.. It's simply NOT what i play POE for. Its simply not in my interest. Nor should it be forced on me either. But as long as this map is on my atlas, its pretty god damn forced ATM....
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What about Hall of Grandmasters?
Will all the damage reductions planned for pvp also affect the exiles there?

And yes some blurry things like zerphi flask and block-dodge are not much adressed.
We need more block and dodge pen available and ways to limit ES regen. 7-10k es regen per sec with block is a no-no.

Also> get ride of HOGM atlas completion, PVE players really hate that and it bring bad light to pvp. Just let it on the atlas but don t make it provide any bonus or something.

And also Get ride of Leo or change it. PVE players really have bad taste in their mouths when having to come there for whatever the reasons they go there.

Thanks GGG for finally taking care of pvp after years of neglect and thanks projectPT.
Poe Pvp experience
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You will never be able to make PVP in this game good. Please stop trying. It's broken far beyond the point where damage and flask changes will save it.
Nice, this should kill a lot of the meta. Please address flask charges in arena as well. Would like to see builds that are created around these balance changes not hop in arena to find zerphi's still infinitely working there.
Lmao Pvp why would you even waste your time with that dogshit?
NickK_GGG wrote:
but with player-run tournaments running right now, and with players investing in their builds, we don't want to make significant changes that will negatively affect these events and players.


ptournaments fucked pvp. hahahahahahahaha
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...it was quotes. from the forum. lolz!
Hey NickK I like the changes but please dont forget skills like bear trap, Lightning and ice Arrow, and the new trap skills as well, also Zerphi flask builds are immortal, they can get up to 25K life regen per second, thanks to the fevered mind jewel taht dosent have any limit.
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The changes to Poet's Pen are gona be only pvp or also PVE ? Please for the love of god , now that i have a fun build i like to play don't nerf it... like always

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