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"The best deal I ever made"

The sketch portrays the God Prospero and Cadiro signing the contract. Cadiro would bring Prospero riches in exchange for immortality.

From Cadiro's dialogue:

Cadiro: "We signed a contract, Prospero and I, and more than two centuries have borne witness to our successful partnership. The best deal I ever made."

Prospero is the god of lost souls and found treasures. Lord of the underworld and all its material bounty. Gems, precious metals, coal... a myriad of subterranean substances, exotic and volatile. If it has value and it can be unearthed with pick and shovel, it falls within Prospero's divine concerns. As do all those who trade in them.


I really enjoyed the Perandus League and its Lore; Cadiro was an interesting and well designed character with a lot of intriguing dialogue.
Prospero, the god of lost souls and found treasures, has never been portrayed by GGG and there isn't any detailed description. So I took the chance to let my creativity flow and imagined him as this huge fat God, sitting on a throne made of stone and gold, wearing the most valuable armour of all time. I assumed Cadiro would have been strongly inspired by Prospero regarding his outfit and appearance, so I tried to follow the same style.

Prospero is wearing the very same crown which is represented by the Perandus family on all of their flags. A huge key (to his most valuable treasures) is attached to his shoulder pads. In his right hand he holds the contract which Cadiro is about to sign.

"There are worlds that lie beyond the edge of my page, the edge of my understanding. Worlds of wonder. Worlds of terror." Aramil - Cartographer to Emperor Chitus

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I've been a bit strapped for time, but decided to enter a 'finished' piece of a composition I was planning.

Behold, the Omnitect Capsule Boss in pixels! Take some time to imagine the projectile spam! The unfair deaths! Getting sent back to the beginning of the final levels on game-over!

And here's a little preview of some 'attack effects' I started working into the piece:

The original intent was to present a 'boss battle scene', but time slipped away and I really can't spend every waking hour from now 'til the competition's end detailing a full piece.
What is a gate or a barrel; a tool for destruction or a breakthrough;
Hope & courage needed to venture deeper. Maybe, it's just a barrel..maybe not.

Name:Bind of Time

Name: Hope
I like ''Calvin and Hobbes'' comic style so i always imagine this when alva call you

in my DA:
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Queen of the Forest

Burial Chambers, I farmed tons of them this league. First Headhunter. Was cool. This is the character I did it on, Windripper Deadeye. Funny enough while I only set out to MF on this character I had so much fun with Tornado Shot that I just kept on playing her even after I got my hoonter.



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My submission to the contest. Hope you like it! Cheers

@muller.pereira - Instagram

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Completed 15 Challengesmullerpdo wrote:
My submission to the contest. Hope you like it! Cheers

@muller.pereira - Instagram


Damn! Nice one! That Vis Mortis though. Impressive.

As some guy said: so many sleepers artists and some with huge talent too
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Hi, here is my participation, hope you enjoy the trolling joke ahah

Greetings ! Here's my entry for the contest :3

Completed 15 Challengesmullerpdo wrote:
My submission to the contest. Hope you like it! Cheers

@muller.pereira - Instagram

Wow it's awesome ! Great job ! :D
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Started working on a series of minimalistic posters and thought I'd share. Here are the first few that are done so far, there's a few more available / still in the works, but some just are easier to simplify than others. Also, there's so many gems in total I doubt I'll be able to get every single one done. :P

I hope you like 'em.
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