[3.7] 13 Curse Occultists support

The main idea is to support a group with as many curses possible. Depending on your group you may not need all 13 curses. For example a group might not have projectiles, so there is no need projectile weakness. This guide showcases the potential of a curse support and flexibility to fit your needs.

Legion update
So i don't have the group to play this build with this league for right now but noting really changed for this league so everything is still the same

Required items

This item is core to the build. With it we can apply 6 curses to enemies which bypass the curse limit. Since the the effigy is granted by the item we do not need to six link the item. If you know a curse will be inefficient for your group you are supporting you can instead socket an increased duration so Doedre's Effigy will last longer.

Vixen's entrapment is such a good item. the one additional cure and casting all socketed curses when casting bane that we socket in our weapon makes this build so much easier to use

Dying Breath gives us 18% increased area of effect on curses plus 18% increased effect of curses and then, Allies gain 18% increased damage. This item is ideal for our build and we only need it 4 linked but a 5 or 6 link never hurts. I would use Bane and 3 curses of your choice.

Optional curse on hit
You can use asenath's gentle touch or oskarm that already have curse on hit as a mod but you will want them corrupted with another curse on hit implicit There are also weapon and shield combinations that work with curse on hit/block, I just prefer Dying Breath because of the buffs that it provides for the party and the 5 link.

Then for additional curses we have
Losing two ring slots will hurt our stats a bit so we need to try and make those up in the skill tree and in the few rares we can get.

We can upgrade to Windshriek with a prophecy and it adds 60% increased area of effect of curse skills, this makes the build feel less risky allowing you to keep your distance from danger, but still engage and support your team.

Any amulet with the corruption [Enemies can have 1 additional curse] will do but i recommend a rare one with resistances sadly all I currently have is

I would actually advise against the amulet (good ones cost a lot) and we only "NEED" it if we only have 5 sockets on our chest but I'm still going to leave it here as it is another way to increase curse limit if you don't want to use one of the rings or something or if we get a 14th curse one day

Other items to consider

This amulet is really good if your not using the corrupt amulet. decent resistance, increased curse area, and a free, and very fast warp skill. only down side is that its always corrupted so we cant get 1 additional curse on it. Definitely a first pick if you don't need all of the curses.
You can obtain it by selling a level 20 (non vaal) corrupted lightning warp, any onyx amulet and a unique ruby ring. you can also see the item before the trade is completed so you can try changing the ring or amulet to see if you can get a max roll (might put into required items and just scrap the corrupt amulet for 1 additional curse now that we can get 13 curses without it)

If you don't need a rare helmet and wish to support your party with more auras I would recommend Alpha's howl its a fantastic option and has been a staple in many support builds

This amulet is a nice support item and if you plan on supporting early then you might want to pick one of these up.

Again, you may use a pair of gloves like these. They save a couple gem sockets but I don't think it's worth losing what is gained from Vixen's Entrapment. (With incursion league you could get double corruption curse on hit, but it would be quite expensive.) I would only consider using something like this if you don't want to use bane and have another weapon with curse on hit.


The Chaos res while affected by purity of elements is the mod we want to look for on the watchers eye. They are generally not too expensive but at the same time one of the most expensive pieces in this build, I think the most I've spent on one was about one exalted orb

The reduced mana reserved is what we really want for both of these but efficient training can get us a lot of strength as well.

4% Effect of curses.

Other Gems
I like to use Chaos Golem for a bit of physical damage reduction.
For a movement skill I use Lightning Warp with Faster Casting
And for additional Enemies debuffs you can use one of the new Vaal Impurity's depending on what your group needs, right now I'm using Vaal Impurity of Lightning as it benefits the majority of my party members.
You can also use arctic armor or other auras for the party

Passive tree

Level 27 tree- about when you get bane

Realistically this build doesn't start until level 65 when you can start placing Doedre's Effigy that tree looks like www.poeurl.com/bYAl

A finished tree will look like www.poeurl.com/b0RT

Depending on your gear you may want to consider getting some of the 30 nodes for strength and dexterity.

We need to remember that Doedre's Effigy is NOT an actual totem and will not benefit from totem modifiers otherwise we would get totem duration and health.

Alira at first, we will need the resistances, once we fix those we can switch to the two passives.

Major: Arakaali for mapping and Solaris for bossing. Upgrades worth getting for both.
Minor: Shakari or Gruthkul if your not worried about chaos damage. Upgrades worth getting for both.


I would say you definitely want these three how ever for the last on is a bit more difficult to decide for me

vile bastion gives is we cant be stunned when we have ES but withering presence gives 60 chaos res and hinders enemies. i never have a problem getting chaos res and not being stunned is really nice, but so is hindering too and then we wouldn't need the watchers eye jewel so I'll leave this last one open and you can decide whats best for your play style and what you would prefer to do

PoB (outdated)

This is currently every thing I have at 85 I'm only using 11 curses due to the fact that two don't benefit my group at all

Gear set up example

New Idea
Its expensive but I was considering Atziri's Reflection going for 30 exalted (as I post this) with a rare shapar scepter, with socketed gems are supported by spell cascade and master craft, trigger sockedted spell when you use a skill and then just use shield charge to get around this will make it so we don't need cast while channeling, cant be effected by curses, and just have quicker travailing time to keep up with carries. I don't know if ill be able to make enough in this league to test it, but its a thought

Carry build
Hopefully in this synthesis league I plan on making a carry build that benefits from all 13 curses. Currently a Cospri's malice paired with Mjolnir build is being tested but it needs more fire and chaos damage. If you have any ideas please let me know. Once we get it to higher tier maps and confident it is viable to do at least red elder I will create a separate forum post and leave a link to it here.

This is the gear setup we have been testing, let me know if you have any ideas for it

Final note
This build is still a work in progress but i am confident about what i have above.
I plan on expanding this guide every league so if your interested and like this build keep an eye out for me. I'll try and get a video for sharper next league, Uber elder might be out of reach, but we will see.

Thank you for taking the time to read my build.
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Very nice! Would you share a PoB link?
Very nice! Would you share a PoB link?

Yeah give me a day or two and I will make a spoiler note for PoB
Yay I'm finally not the only person to be playing this weird version of cursebot. Awesome work.
TokeMcBong wrote:
Yay I'm finally not the only person to be playing this weird version of cursebot. Awesome work.

Thank you very much, if you have any ideas from what you are working on that may perform better then what I have, please let me know I'm interested to see other ideas
mixmaster200 wrote:

Thank you for your comment, but I don't understand. Google translate comes back with "I do not smoke" and I'm not quite sure what to say to that, if its possible for you or any one else to clarify this for me please do, I would really appreciate knowing what others have to say.
hi, interesting build.
hope you will finish this build, or fix mistakes out.
right now i cant judge it cause im still not really prepared for the build.

also which curse do you think is the most useless or inferior in random groups^^?+

cause i wanna drop a 13th curse for star of wraeclast amulet.
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hi, interesting build.
hope you will finish this build, or fix mistakes out.
right now i cant judge it cause im still not really prepared for the build.

also which curse do you think is the most useless or inferior in random groups^^?+

cause i wanna drop a 13th curse for star of wraeclast amulet.

Thank you for taking a look, as for what i think may be the most useless curse, would have to be despair, i have found that a lot of chaos damage builds tend to be more of a solo kind of thing so most people wont play them in groups although most builds will get some chaos its normally not a high amount, but keep in mind i designed this build to be highly customisable, and if your supporting random groups you may want to think about getting secondary rings just in case another curse also wont be useful.
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also noticed 1 problem, chaos damage bypassing energyshield and we have around 2-3k life so its a bit dangerous.
what am i supposed to do?

1. ci and drop all life nodes? (but then it's a lot less tanky maybe?!)
2. or remove dying breath somehow and somehow split all 3 curse gems from the 5link across the gear, and get ESH'S VISAGE shield + some kindah mainhand weapon ?
3. get 1-2 lifeflasks + coruscating elixir? (seems annoying)

im very noob when it comes to making builds, its just an idea, do you know anything that could fix this?
i dont know :(

also another issue, i am kindah dex/str starved, and feel like i need to get my curses to lvl 20 or 21 for maximum efficiency?

so i will need i think around 159 dex and str. could fix that with jewels maybe jewels with chaos res and attributes and some es or life. would maybe also fix the chaos by pass issue, not sure.

also not sure if alot of 1% reduced mana reserved corruption jewels ~8 would allow me to run a purity of elements maybe, and get a watchers eye with "+50% chaosres if affected by purity of elements". to get a cap on chaos res. not a math genius :D
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