Mathil Build List v3.0

kabinyi wrote:
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kabinyi wrote:
Quick question regarding Shock Nova Inquisitor.

How does Mathil have all the auras/buff up?

In his youtube clip he has Zealotry, wrath, herald of ice and some other aura/buff not sure what it is

The unique helmet gives Eldritch battery, which consumes ES for mana cost instead of mana. Therefor you can use up all your mana for heralds and buffs.

yes it does i have the helm as well. but when i use wrath and zealotory it uses all mana and when i try to use herald of ice it says i have no mana..... i have used all 785 mana and i have 650 ES

You need to socket the aura gems in the helmet to benefit from the reduced mana cost
Hello Mathil,

I have a Question about you´re God Jewel Spectral Shield Throw Deadeye Build.
My Damage is high for many Mobs but for singel target is my Damage not good (Bosse).
What could be the reason?

Thank you for your help =)
I do not see self cast ice nova frostbolt on this list? anyone have it?
Hey, a question for Mathil or anyone that knows, been playing CI trickster scourge arrow, I have almost exactly the same gear as Mathis in terms of ES value and have taken the same passive tree, but at lvl 87 I’m at 5200 ES, how did mathil reach 6800?? What am I missing here, were there changes for ES values in legion or something??

Thanks in advance for any help
this is cool bro!
Is the self cast Ice Nova build viable in 3.7 after the nerf to Warlords Mark?
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Dear Mathil !

I am a huge fan of all your builds.

I was wondering about your Inquisitor Ice Trap build. I would like to ask, how do you generate and maintain power charges ?

I apologize if I sound like a complete noob. =)
Hey Mathil,

Kind of a newb question here, Where do you put the Glorious Vanity Timeless Jewel for the Divine Flesh node for the Scourge arrow pathfinder build??

NvM, I looked up your pathfinder and looked at her passive tree.

If anyone else is wondering about this is goes in the jewel slot to the left of Point Blank.

Thanks Mathil as always for being a bad ass player, and sharing these bad ass builds!
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That Shock Nova Inquis is the biggest waste of time I've ever experienced. Died 6 fucking times on a Shaped Estuary map after respeccing to this. It's like you're wearing paper and have 2k life. WASTE OF TIME.

Hell I even went out of my way to get a Lightning damage leeched as life ring to pair with Mark of the Shaper. What a WASTE of time and currency.
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Is it just me, or is crafting good chaos resist gear for the scourge arrow pathfinder?? If anyone has some tips please let me know.

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