[3.5] FunRoom's Ignite Elemental Hit [All Contents*]

Neocitrans wrote:
I don't get how you got such High ignite dps, I got the same gear, my Ignite dps is at 260k, Im playing with resolute technique, and I'm 88, rest of the passive point goes into health, I got lvl21 Elemental Shot and a +3 bow, help please!

(If you want to maximize single target dps, you have to replace GMP with another damage multiplier support. An average of 600k dps (300k-ish for shaper) should be enough to do all contents.)

Yours look fine on PoB. On normal mapping you would expect everything gets perma ignited+shocked (sometimes chilled as well). So it actaully has higher dps than you expected.
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This has been one of the most fun builds I have played in a few leagues.

Mapping Setup

Boss Setup

Rest of gear

I found this build after I got the helmet enchant from Uber Lab and thought this looks like fun. I decided to go the RT passive tree for consistency and have enjoyed it immensely. I was using a drillneck, but happened to get the Rigwalds in a Museum Temple room a couple nights ago and was hoping for the +1 arrow/+1 chain corruption... Thankfully it didn't poof... The fork helps amazingly with clear for mapping and the glove curse corruption helps with bosses in my single target setup.

I am sitting comfortably with about 5.7k life and have killed up to a red elder with it so far. Just starting trying my luck with Guardians. Chimera is down, although it took a few portals to reset flasks. Unfortunately I haven't gotten to play it much the last few days, but life happens.

Thanks for the amazing build! This is definitely one that I will plan on keeping for a few runs in standard between leagues.

Edit... I was testing with Faster Projectiles, normally in my single target and I forgot to take it out when I linked my setup. Typically I run Swift Affliction in that spot.
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Pez27 wrote:

Glad to know you enjoyed the build!

I noticed the enfeeble with hit corruption on your glove. That is probably one of the best way to survive in maps.

You can also consider swapping the herald skill with Haste or Grace. Vitality with some Watcher's Eye synergy can be great as well.
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Hey man, very nice and fun build!

Is it necessary to have 2 life flasks? If I remove one, what other flask should I use?
Also, what quiver do more dmg?

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Salvatron wrote:
Hey man, very nice and fun build!

Is it necessary to have 2 life flasks? If I remove one, what other flask should I use?
Also, what quiver do more dmg?


The two flasks serve different purposes: one for instant heal when low life, and another for constant regeneration. Since each flask would only give you 2000-3000 life, a 5k+ hp build would require both flasks activated in order to bring you from low life to full hp. Extra life recovery from flasks nodes are also picked on the skill tree for this.

That said, you can always replace one of the life flasks with a granite flask if you won't get hit so often.

For Quivers:
Maloney's Nightfall would give the highest damage, but you need to blind the enemies in order to achieve that. This can be achieved by using the Witchfire Brew.

If you want more consistent damage instead of using flasks, Drillneck would be the second best choice.

Hyrri's Demise and Rigwald's Quills are also decent.
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Are you gonna update it for 3.4?
Why do you want him to update his guide for 3.4 when 3.4 patch notes still in the mist?
This build is fine as it is now but expects some heavy nerf in next patch especially in the elemental conversions of EH.
Balantakos wrote:
Are you gonna update it for 3.4?

Of course I will update the build when 3.4 patch notes is out.

Although it is quite likely that they will nerf the base damage of elemental hit, you can also expect some ignite buffs since ignite is relatively weak in the current state.

The impact of new skills will also be revised. EH is currently the best skill for ignite builds, but the introduction of new skill gems might change this. We will see.
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Dutky wrote:
This might seem like a vague question but as a new player I'm curious..

What's the main difference between this bow build and the ones I find on the ranger section?

This build gives up some single target dps and results in the most even aoe damage.

2 AoE effect takes place each time you hit: the explosion from elemental hit and the ailment proliferation.

These two aoe stacks and double dips from aoe radius modifiers, aka a 20% increased aoe radius would result in a total of 40% increase.

Since ignite damage is the main dps here, so basically with 1 hit, all enemies within a huge area will start burning and die at the same time. This is much better and faster than essence drain/ herald of ash which would only spread the damage after the initial targets dies.

In addition to the fast projectile speed, attack speed and movement speed, this build clears maps either faster or cleaner than most other builds. A perfect all-rounder you can say.
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