[DEAD] FunRoom's Ignite Elemental Hit [All Contents*]

Currently working on a new Single Target Bow.

I wanted a pretty fast bow but was not worried about the crit as I went the RT route on my tree for consistency. I needed it to be a little lower in the Dex requirement as I don't have too much more Dex available.

I bought this as a crafting base for 2 vaal orbs.

I then scoured and added the 20% quality.

This was the result of 1 (YES 1) Shrieking Essence of Dread for the +2 socketed bow gems and luckily got the attack speed/double damage mod I was trying to get.

It then 6-linked in 65 fusing.

Currently waiting for my Catarina to get to level 8 (only like 8k more exp to go) to finish the bow, but in testing it vs my old single target bow, the damage is insane. The double damage mod on the ignite is NUTS!!


Also switched my single target quiver to a Drillneck. Much better single target damage for the burning and ignite.
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3.4 unique item discussion added to thread.
I play builds that guarantee to be destroyed in 4 months.
Well, with the merge into Standard, I was finally able to finish my bow as my Catarina ended up 35 points off of level 8 in Incursion.

So after about 600 alterations, 30 regals, and 10 exalts trying to get the mods I wanted, my single target bow for this build is finally complete.

As you can see, it's slightly changed from the previous version, that's because I forgot that the "Gain xx% of physical damage as extra cold damage" wasn't an attack mod, so thus we scoured and started over. I ran out of Shrieking Essence of Dread and Rage trying to get +2 bow gems or +2 fire gems, so on to alt spamming I went.

After a bunch of failed regals and failed crafts with Cannot Roll Attack Mods then slamming either gain physical as extra element or socketed gems are supported by cast on critical strike, I finally hit the rolls I was after. I alt spammed into the 12 IAS/Double damage mod then augmented the +2 socketed bow gems. Regaling it gave me the fire damage and thankfully after the Catarina craft, my exalt paid off. The projectile speed is huge quality of life and with the Faster Projectiles gem, it shoots a single target arrow that is almost as fast as my Quill Rain for clear.

Yes the Double Damage modifier works with the ignite and gives INSANE damage to an already absurd amount of damage this build has. Combined with a Drillneck for the 50% extra damage with hits and ailments for targets they pierce, and your single target is NUTS!
Hi dude! I met your build only in the end of Incursion league but I extremely liked ignite damage from Elementalist.

Looking forward to see some new Ignlite build from you even thoug Ele hit is still playable.

TY and GL
Just wondering, as a new player, is this a good build? Looking to give PoE another shot when Delve comes out.
chronocide wrote:
Just wondering, as a new player, is this a good build? Looking to give PoE another shot when Delve comes out.

A good build depends on how you judge it.
On dps, this build is at average level and gets nerfed in 3.4 patch.

However, on gameplay experience, in my opinion, this is the best I have ever played.
I play builds that guarantee to be destroyed in 4 months.
With the recent nerf in 3.4, is the build still all content viable? Looking to try this out.
Hello, i'm looking for the MoM's version of the tree, what we have in the thread isn't update. I tried to do it by myself, but find nothing good :/
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