[DEAD] FunRoom's Ignite Elemental Hit [All Contents*]

3.5: Remove quill rain from this build. Use +3/+4 bow and it is still good.
This is a long guide. Certain information is outdated. Try Ctrl-F to find what you need.
*All Contents except Hall of Grandmasters.


3.4 Stuffs

Elemental Hit was nerfed in 3.4 patch. So I went on a long journey finding another skill that can deal more ignite damage than elemental hit. Surprisingly EH is still the #1 skill on my dps and QoL ranking.
About the skill
- Elemental Hit adds 3 types of elemental damage to your attacks, but you can only deal 1 type of elemental damage at a time.
- You can use Combat Focus to limit your damage type so you can always deal the same elemental damage.
- By fully converting the other 2 types of added damage (cold and lightning) to fire, you will have a very high base damage added to your fire hits.
- This can be achieved with Avatar of Fire and two unique rings.
- FYI: In PoE, the damage conversion order is Physical -> Lightning -> Cold -> Fire -> Chaos. This conversion is one-way and is not reversible(e.g. fire to cold is not possible). That's why fire is chosen here.
Pros and Cons
- One shot clears screen. Just like Herald of Ice+Inpulsa builds, but a lot more quiet and affordable.
- Fully Ergonomic. Zero flashy graphics, cracking sounds and mimial amount of clicks. It cures your eye, ear and fingers after a whole day of work.
- Relatively cheap. Most uniques suggested are either cheap / not mandatory except Combat Focus.
- Can do all contents. Alc-and-go maps without any worries.
- No fear for Obelisks bloodline mods because you can 1-tap clear it.
- Damage over time from proliferation can bypass Proximity Shields.

- Way lower dps than normal Elemental Hit. Can do bosses including Uber Elder, but a lot slower.
- Survivability is sometimes an issue. You actually rely on packs for flask recharges, so soloing bosses would be difficult and require portaling for refills.
- Not SSF-viable. Combat Focus is not available as quest reward. There are no easy way to obtain it in SSF environment.
36 challenges
I finished the 36 challenges last league solely with this build.
And for this league, I completed 36 with another build.
This build should be capable of most challenges in this league as well. Boss fights would be a bit difficult though.
New Potential Ignite Skills Analysis

TL;DR: All skills tested below are not as good as Elemental Hit.
1. Molten Shell
- I was initially anticipated about the molten shell change (instant cast part) as I expected a build which allows me to ignite everything while walking.
- Nope. The interaction of this skill with Scold's Bridle is bugged and does not seem to get fixed soon. A lot of currencies was wasted on testing it.

2. Discharge
- I then move on to something similar to molten shell, which also have a large base damage. Discharge with stormfire would provide a huge base damage if you use 6 power charges and 9 endurance charges.
- Since discharge has a high cast time, I had to trigger it with cast while channeling. So I tried and another problem happened.
- Both storm burst and lightning tendrils are bugged and would not grant power charges with Romira's Banquet. That means trying to trigger EE for ignite would be almost impossible. And the delay is long for cast while channeling (0.4 seconds).

3. Scourge Arrow
- At first, I thought this one would be preceding Elemental Hit since it has a "150% more damage with ailments per stage" mod, giving it a 750% more ignite damage on maximum stage.
- It does do more damage than Elemental Hit if invested heavily(using a Voltaxic Rift, Zerphi's Heart and 7x4T1 Searching Eye Jewels), but with the channeling required, the attack speed it gives is just too slow to become a smooth build. This feels as painful as Explosive Arrow, where you have to shoot multiple times and wait for explosion. In fact Explosive Arrow would be much better and cheaper than this.
3.4 Ignite Skills Scores

Elemental Hit
★★★★★★★★★☆ DPS
★★★★★★★★★★ Speed
★★★★★★★★★★ AoE

Flameblast (Full Stack)
★★★★★★★★★☆ DPS
★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Speed
★★★★★★★★★☆ AoE

Explosive Arrow
★★★★★★★★★★ DPS
★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆ Speed
★★★★★★★★★★ AoE

★★★★★★★★☆☆ DPS
★★★★★★★★☆☆ Speed
★★★★★★★☆☆☆ AoE

Scourge Arrow
★★★★★★★☆☆☆ DPS
★★★★★★★★★★ DPS (with 7x 4T1 Abyss Jewel)
★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ Speed
★★★★★★★☆☆☆ AoE

Burning Arrow
★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ DPS
★★★★★★★★★★ Speed
★★★★★★★☆☆☆ AoE

Incinerate (Full Stack)
★★★★★★★★☆☆ DPS
★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆ Speed
★★★★★★★★☆☆ AoE

★★★★★★★★☆☆ DPS
★★★★★★★★★☆ Speed
★★★★★★★★☆☆ AoE

Hi, this is a special type of build that plays with the buffed ignite mechanics and reworked elemental hit.
It is also league starter friendly as the core items are not expensive at all.
I would recommend reading the Q & A sections for some basic knowledge of the build.


1M+ DPS with 7 items (400K against Shaper)

3.3 Ignite Ranking!

Base Damage: (Max Stack)
Explosive Arrow > Elemental Hit > Flameblast > Burning Arrow > Incinerate > Fireball

Front Loading Speed: (Max Stack)
Elemental Hit > Burning Arrow > Fireball > Explosive Arrow > Incinerate > Flameblast

Proliferation effectiveness:
Fireball > Elemental Hit > Explosive Arrow > Flameblast > Incinerate > Burning Arrow

Elemental Hit > Explosive Arrow > Incinerate > Fireball > Burning Arrow > Flameblast

!Based on self knowledge and experience

Uber Elder Down


(Others like Shaper, Red Elder, Uber Atziri are easy and deathless-able.)

This build wasn't meant to do uber elder, but I still manage to complete it.
1. I was using a GMP setup for mob clears and a Mirage Archer setup on the second weapon slot for shaper and elder. It worked pretty well since you can kite all the time.
2. I swapped my boots with a Kaom's Roots to prevent slow and stuns. This change results in a 100%(almost) unique gear, as a consequence lightning resist was not capped, so I added a lightning resist jewel to cover it up.
3. The fight finished in around 5 minutes so it is pretty fast I think.
4. Died several times due to lack of life flasks charges

It should be possible if I give up some damage nodes to boost life regen, probably as well use Loreweave for extra resists.

First Thing First

Here is a preview of a time portal run.
Incursion is the core mechanics in this league, so speed clear meta is important. This build focuses on optimizing full clear speed on regular mapping.

Even buffed, running full ignite is still not good with other skills. It is only great when you have high base damage on your skills, like Explosive Arrow and Elemental Hit. If we can expect a further buff in 3.4, this build will be perfect.

Note that a vast majority of players in this league goes crit Elemental Hit rather than this. So before you decide whether or not to play this build, here is a comparison between ignite Elemental Hit and crit Elemental Hit:

Ignite Elemental Hit: <- Our Build
Pack Clear: ★★★★★★★★★★
Boss Clear: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆
Can reflect kill you (w/o Paragon): No*
Proximity Shield / Ally Cannot Die Monsters? Prolif No Problem
*You can pick Perfect Agony Flask to force lowering your hit damage, while not affecting ignite damage.

Crit Elemental Hit: <- Popular one
Pack Clear: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆
Boss Clear: ★★★★★★★★★★
Can reflect kill you (w/o Paragon): Yes
Proximity Shield / Ally Cannot Die Monsters? Shoot at Point Blank (facetank)

Pros and Cons in Ignite Elemental Hit

+ Insane clearspeed. One shot swipes a whole pack instantly, never leave 1 or 2 left^. Shaped Burial Chambers + time portal + boss = 2 mins only.
+ Every map ends with 0 monster left^. If you have OCD and get triggered by the "X monsters left" everytime you finish a map this build suits you.
+ Super Comfortable. Mapping requires very little amount of clicks. The skill itself still keeps the default attack sound, so you will not be ear raped and be able to focus on other sounds like mob direction and item drops. It is also GPU friendly.
+ High damage over time dps. The damage is so high you can actually do shaper and red elder at a decent speed.
+ All contents. You can do any map mods without even looking at it. Just alchemy and go.
+ Low entry fee. This build does not require fancy statsticks or op uniques to be viable. With around 20c you can get yourself a working build that destroys the atlas.
+ Too many uniques that can work with it. There are no real fixed unique items other than the threshold jewels. Some are really strong and they are all cheap and easily accessible. You can find my comments on different uniques below and choose your own favourite playstyle.

- It is damage over time. The DPS is always constant and you will struggle a bit when doing Shaper Guardians. They have too much life and it could get boring when you kite all the time and watch them die slowly.
- It is ignite. Map mods with "90% chance to avoid elemental ailments" is actually fine when you clear packs, but will be obviously slow during boss fights.
- Does not leech well. Life flasks are the main healing strategy. When you run out of flasks, you have to kite until pantheon refills it, or you just portal out.
- GGG server does not like it. Each time you shoot and swipes a pack, you lag a little bit. It takes a while for the server to calculate how each of them dies and what they should drop. This is more obvious when you run iiq gears.
- Not SSF friendly. Threshold jewels are not given as quest rewards. You will not be able to do this build on SSF until the said jewels are dropped.

^Depends on map layout and monster type. I can still guarantee the clearspeed is faster than the other EH builds even in a Prison Map.

Things you want to know
<<<Budget Guide>>>

If you are doing SSF and you really want to play this,
please make sure you have at least 1 Combat Focus.
Other slots can be filled with any items, but do expect dps drop if you do not have the highly recommend ones.
Pick the Elemental Overload skill tree if you are playing this build the first time.

List of budgetary unique items:
Combat Focus
Another Combat Focus
Dyadian Dawn
Quill Rain
Tabula Rasa
Call of Brotherhood
Devoto's Devotion
Witchfire Brew
Grand Spectrum Viridian Jewel

30c Budget T15 Run with level 19 EH

In this video, I used:
Tabula Rasa 12c
Devoto's Devotion 2c
Pyre 2c
Witchfire Brew 1c
Southbound 1c
Dyadian Dawn 1c
Maloney's nightfall 1c
Combat Focus 1c x2
Grand Spectrum (Viridian) 3c x3
===Total 31c===
The above price tags are from when I took the video.

Gears for Grinding Game™

General build for doing all contents:
We can achieve 100% unique item with a legacy Silverbough.
For explanation of the unique items, check the "Item Synergies" Section below.

Glove Enchantments

Commandment of Flames > Commandment of Blades > Commandment of Spite

Boots Enchantments

Defensive: 80% chance to Avoid being Stunned if you've Killed Recently
Offensive: Damage Penetrates 10% of Enemy Elemental Resistances if you haven't Killed Recently
Mobility: 10% increased Movement Speed if you haven't been Hit Recently
Do not craft on Seven-League Steps as they will add level requirements to it.

Helmet Enchantments

Utility: Elemental Hit has +30% chance to Freeze, Shock and Ignite
Offensive: Elemental Hit deals 40% increased Damage
Mobility: 30% increased Blink Arrow Cooldown Recovery Speed

Further Improvements to Survivability

1. Loreweave is always a good option for defenses.
2. Put a Red Dream on the jewel slot to the left of Templar for 3 endurance charges, aka longer immortal call duration.
3. Use a rare item with "10% physical damage taken converted to fire" mod for more consistent Paragon of Calamity effect.

Alternative gears:
MoM Gear by xMustard

Finding T1 magic mods
(you can look for magic flasks, e.g. Experimenter's Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline for ~30c values):

Adds a bit more movement speed:

Farming level 20 gems (or level 3 empower/enlighten):

Item Quantity items:

Covering up resistances:

Other Mentions:

And this is finally achieved:
Farmed with ignite build only, /played 7 days (mostly afk).

Really Fun Stuffs (but not recommended):

10k dps burning ground, sadly the AoE is too small.

Ignites enemies before EH so your EH will gain 80% increased AoE.
You have to walk near them though.
Herald of Thunder should work better.

Gem Links

Main Skill:
Elemental Hit - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Deadly Ailments - Burning Damage - Combustion

Low-tier Setup:
Elemental Hit - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Mirage Archer - Burning Damage - Combustion

Boss Fight Auto Pilot Setup:
Elemental Hit - Mirage Archer - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Deadly Ailments - Burning Damage - Combustion

Boss Fight Manual Dying Sun Setup:
Elemental Hit - Swift Affliction - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Deadly Ailments - Burning Damage - Combustion

1. Blasphemy - Flammability - Elemental Weakness
2. Herald of Thunder - Curse On Hit - Flammability - Elemental Weakness
3. Orb of Storms - Curse On Hit - Flammability - Elemental Weakness

Other curses: Despair, Projectile Weakness(for the pierce)
For survival: Temporal Chains, Poacher's Mark, Enfeeble

Defensive Methods:
Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Cold Snap - Increased Duration

Offensive Methods:
Spell Totem - Scorching Ray - Faster Casting

Skill Tree and Path of Building

General Skill Tree

[Suggested Route]
Resolute Technique Version: https://pastebin.com/nkti8UiW
(NEW) RT Blood Magic Version: https://pastebin.com/hgctaiu2

[Other Variations]
Elemental Overload Version: https://pastebin.com/kaKqjxxk
(NEW) EO MOM Version (by xMustard): https://pastebin.com/LuJXKBdN
Acrobatics Version: https://pastebin.com/ikfnrWG5
Trickster Variation: https://pastebin.com/v9a2TYqE

Elemental Overload with low accuracy would allow you to "penetrate" into enemy packs by missing, and causes AoE to spread inside packs. It is ok to Quill Rain for mob packs, and Lioneye's Glare for bosses.

Resolute Technique allows you to be confident with your hits on bosses, so you will not need to hit them multiple times all the time. Ideal for minimalist who can trust their ignite damage and only hit the boss once.

Blood Magic gives you around 1500 more life to sustain from final bosses. However, you will not be able to use Blasphemy so you will need a curse on hit setup.

Acrobatics allows you to fight Chimera. And maybe more HC viable.

Kill all

Brine King, Ryslatha
Arakaali if using Kaom's Roots

Ryslatha upgrade is highly recommended.

Play Style

Here's my playstyle on maps:
1. Hit once
2. Flask and Run
3. Rinse and repeat
Upon bosses:
1. Hit once
2. Place scorching ray totem
3. Place Orb of Storms (if using Orb of Storms)
3. Run next to boss, Stibnite Flask, Blink arrow away (If using Maloney)
6. Hit the boss constantly until dead

When doing dangerous maps, you can hit monsters off-screen instead.
But be careful to porcupines. You kill them off-screen, they revenge off-screen.
Just swap gloves when you see them.

Leveling Guide

Use any skills before level 12.
Switch to Quill Rain and start using Elemental Hit at level 12.
Note that EH is not provided as quest reward in witch.
Go straight to the Combat Focus slots and Avatar of Fire as soon as possible, but you might also want 30 Dex points on the way since EH is a dex based skill and you are playing witch.
It should be something like this.

Since this was my league starter build, I was running with a 4L until I reach maps:
Elemental Hit - LMP/GMP - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Combustion

However, if you have a 6L tabula, run the full gem setup instead.
For me, a 4 link was able to clear everything to t8 maps.

Use Elemental Proliferation Support or Ignite Proliferation Support before you get Beacon of Ruins.

level 30
level 30 after refund 5 points

It does not matter what you want to go first after you have AoF. Go for life if you have low hp, and go for damage if you cannot 1 shot white mobs.
Here's something it may look like when you level:
level 60
level 80

Ascendancy Order

1. Shaper of Desolation
2. Beacon of Ruin
3. Paragon of Calamity
4. Pendulum of Destruction

Crafting a +3 Bow

Although it is mentioned a lot of times before, I will still make a short guide here so you won't need to google it again.
1. Get a 6L white bow. The cheapest one would be a Short Bow from The Porcupine Divination Card, but you can only get ilvl 50 mods from it.
2. Use a Shrieking Essence of Rage on the bow.
3. If you have advanced mods activated from settings, you can hold alt and hover the item to check the mods. You will need:
--- At least 1 open prefix
--- 2 suffixes, no more or less
If the mods does not fulfill this requirement, return to 2.
4. Craft the Catarina level 8 mod "Cannot roll Attack Mods" on the bow. This costs you 1 Exalted Orb so make sure your bow certifies requirements in 3.
5. Slam another Exalted Orb on the bow.
6. Now you should have a +3 bow. You can remove the crafted mod and then craft attack speed suffix from Tora, or increased damage over time prefix from Leo(if you still have 1 open).

P.S. Since we are using Elemental Hit, you can as well use Shrieking Essence of Dread, Shrieking Essence of Sorrow and Shrieking Essence of Spite for the same +3 effect to EH. Deafening versions would have the same effect, but more expensive.

Q & A

Can you explain what is happening behind these two rings (Pyre and Call of Brotherhood) and Elemental Hit?
Mechanics of EH:
EH adds plain fire, cold, lightning damage to your attacks.
EH then choose one element and blocks all other damage types you can do.
So to increase the damage, we need to convert the cold and lightning damage to fire and block EH from rolling cold and lightning using the threshold jewels.

The Conversion
Avatar of fire will convert 50% of the added cold and lightning to fire damage.
Pyre will convert 40% of the added cold to fire.
That's a total of 90% cold to fire conversion.
Call of Brotherhood will convert 40% of the added lightning to cold.
Since 90% of cold damage will then convert to fire,
That's a total of 86% lightning to fire conversion.

The Result
Level 20 EH before conversion:
Adds 590 to 1096 Fire Damage to Attacks
Adds 483 to 896 Cold Damage to Attacks
Adds 95 to 1802 Lightning Damage to Attacks

Level 20 EH after conversion:
Adds 1106 to 3452 Fire Damage to Attacks
Adds 48 to 89 Cold Damage to Attacks
Adds 13 to 252 Lightning Damage to Attacks

Level 24 EH after conversion:
Adds 1590 to 4966 Fire Damage to Attacks

Yes this seems bugged but no it is intended.

Can I use Lioneye's Glare/Frostferno/(other unique items)?
Yes. Any unique item is replacable as long as they have positive effects on you.
You can as well tweak your skill tree to fit with those uniques of your choice.
However, since Yoke of Suffering, Pyre, Call of the Brotherhood and Dyadian Dawn functions as a %more multiplier to our damage, I will still suggest you to prioritize in getting those uniques than other items.
But please note that since your character deal only fire damage, any conversion to chaos damage would be ignored. Examples are Atziri's Promise and some "Fire damage can poison" stuffs.

Porcupines kill me:( What should I do?
Take off Southbound. Your hit damage is usually high enough to one shot white mobs.
However, magic mobs are still dangerous though.
So for 100% safety, equip Inpulsa's Broken Heart.

How do Inpusla interact with this build?
With Inpulsa equipped, everything explodes no matter how they die. So even with Southbound equipped, mobs will still explode.
The shock effect buff on Inpulsa will greatly improve the ignite damage from our skills.
However, the explode will prevent all your skills to proliferate.
Only the explosion damage will be able to proliferate.
Conclusion: Not recommended for general farming.

How to solve lag issues?
Change Lockstep to Predictive. Gameplay will be a lot smoother but sometimes you will be out of sync. Can't do much until GGG fixes their server.

Can I use a +3 Maraketh Bow?
It is actually nice to have +6% movement speed on your bow. However, our skill tree is extremely lack of dexterity. Thats why I would suggest a short bow instead. If you can find solutions to get to 212 dex, then it would be fine.

Should I invest on chain/fork/pierce/additional arrow?
On pack clear effectiveness: Chain > Pierce > Additional Arrow > Fork
Chain is generally hard to obtain (shaped bow or corrupted quivers)
Same as Additional Arrow (elder bow, shaped quivers or corrupted quivers)
So I would just stick to Pierce Quivers for the low cost.

My +2 Projectiles Tabula/Frostferno does not buff my dps as expected.
Elemental Hit does not have the Projectiles tag. It does not benefit from +level Projectiles from your armour. It does get buffed from +2 AoE though.

What kind of modifiers can increase the ignite damage?
Direct modifiers:
Fire Damage, Elemental Damage, Burning Damage, Damage over time, Elemental/Fire Damage with attack skills, Generic Damage (e.g. "#% increased damage" in jewels)
+# level to socketed (all/fire/cold/lightning/bow/aoe/melee) gems

Indirect modifiers:
Cold Damage, Lightning Damage, Increased effect of non-damaging ailments(shock), Increased effect of curses,

Clearspeed modifiers:
Increased Area of Effect(not area damage), Attack Speed, Movement Speed

No effects:
Projectiles Damage, Area Damage, Any damage modifiers with "on hit" text, any damage modifiers with "with weapons" text, Damage penetrates #% fire resistance
+# level to socketed projectiles gems

So you say "damage penetrates #% of fire resistance" does not affect ignite damage. Does that mean Mastermind of Discord is useless in this build?
Yes. However, Herald of Ash itself is still useful when you want a little bit extra damage.

Can I do this build with another Ascendancy?
Yes. Trickster, Pathfinder and Champion are all good with the ignite build.
However, I will still want to go for Avatar of Fire in the skill tree instead of Xoph's Blood no matter where you start.
Xoph's Blood is not bad though, but Yoke will give more damage because of shocks.

I've seen so many other elemental builds. What exactly can ignite do to beat the others?
Comparing with On Hit Builds:
On Hit builds would usually leave some minions behind after your initial shot. Ranged projectiles are usually a cone shape which has some blind spot when you attack. You will need follow-up attacks to fully clear a pack.
Proliferation gives a larger effective AoE for damage to spread. It covers up the blind spots that ranged projectiles have, so killing packs generally leaves no mobs behind.

Comparing with Other ignite builds:
Elemental Hit frontloads damage and ignites with initial contact. This makes the build a lot faster than Flameblast, Explosive Arrows and Fire Burst(the one from Essence of Hysteria).
Elemental Hit also has a lot more base damage comparing to Burning Arrow and Fireball. Using Quill Rain would also make the projectile speed faster than these two skills.

Things I want to share

Elemental Overload or Resolute Technique?

The answer depends on what playstyle you want and what items you are using.

Elemental Overload:
Going Elemental Overload means you need to have method to crit in 8 seconds. And there are many ways to achieve that. Examples are: Orb of Storms, Trypanon in offhand, Blade Vortex on damage taken. Using Kaom's Heart would limit your gem slots and make it difficult to setup crit methods.

The Lioneye's Glare + EO combo is also good since you can crit while never miss.

I liked the low accuracy for penetrating into mob packs for a more effective AoE until you find yourself struggling at boss fights sometimes.

Resolute Technique:
It removes the limitation of using Lioneye's Glare and allows you to use a +3 bow/ Quill Rain instead.

I sometimes hate the popping sounds from crit and this completely removes it.

For more effective AoE, you can always use a quiver that pierces target(aka Drillneck). It is not a must since our AoE and prolif is large enough to clear packs.

Item Synergies Explanation

Avatar of Fire, Elemental Hit and Combat focus:
Avatar of Fire would convert the cold and lightning damage that EH gives to fire damage, which would effectively doubles the base fire damage that you can deal. A higher base damage is what you would want for an ignite build.
And with the new threshold jewel, we can always deal fire damage with our skill, effectively igniting enemies.

Pyre and Ignite:
Since AoF would only convert 50% of EH's cold damage to fire, with Pyre you can then convert a total of 90% instead. The high burning damage that this ring gives also buffs our ignite damage by a decent value.

Pyre and Southbound:
Equipping Pyre would destroy all enemies on hit. Destroyed monsters does NOT proliferate ignite damage.
If your initial hit does not kill the minion, the ignite damage would kill them instead and enemies would not be destroyed.
However, our base damage in this build is so high that even with 1 hit we can already kill most monsters. So Southbound is used to prevent them from being destroyed by hits and thus our ignite can 100% proliferate.

Yoke of Suffering, Elemental Hit and Beacon of Ruin
Elemental Hit grants 10% more damage for each type of elemental ailments on enemies. Since we are playing with pure fire damage, normally it can only get 10% more with the ignites we dealt. However, Yoke of Suffering activates our ability to shock, and with Beacon of Ruin, shock effect would have a minimum of 20%. This means that just by equipping Yoke, we gain an extra 10% more from EH and at least 20% more from shocking the monsters.

Lab Enchantments and Shock
Thanks to EH, we have a 50% chance to shock without any skill tree investments. And good news is, with the labyrinth enchantment "Elemental Hit has +30% chance to freeze, shock and ignite", a 10% extra shock chance from Yoke of Suffering and another 10% chance from elementalist nodes, TA-DA! You have 100% chance to shock without Shaper of Desolation. Yes that node is completely useless in our build.

Quill Rain and ignite
Quill Rain gives a 40% less weapon damage that would be bad to use normally. However, the less mode does not affect ignite calculations, thanks to the nerf in 3.0.0. So this means that while we can enjoy the super fast attack speed from Quill Rain, we can deal full ignite damage to enemies with 0 downsides.

Quill Rain and Devoto's Devotion
So we want our build to fast clear everything. What else could be better with a helmet that gives extra AS/MS while wielding a Quill Rain??

Maloney's Nightfall and Witchfire Brew
So by looking at this quiver, we can see that we can deal 60% increased ignite damage if the enemies are blinded. However, the quiver itself does not provide a effective method to blind enemies. Even a corrupted "socketed gems are supported by level 10 Blind" mod on your bow would only grant a 10% on hit.
So why not create your own smoke cloud and blind the heck out of them?
Oh, look! A unique flask that gives smoke cloud and another 40% increased ignite damage!!!
This game is so well-designed. And that's why I loved this build so much.
P.S. This combo would be better if you play saboteur.

Cold Snap on Damage Taken and Beacon of Ruin
This is wierd. Why a cold snap on a fire build?
With the changes of Cold Snap in 3.3, cold snap can now create chilled ground and grants you frenzy charge when enemies die on the chilled ground effect.
Remember what we say about EH? EH grants 10% more damage per elemental ailments on enemies.
So just by casting cold snap passively, you will be able to deal another 10% more with EH buff, PLUS a
12% more damage with 3 frenzy charges, PLUS a chilled ground effect that always slows enemies by 10%, thanks to us being Elementalist.

Curses, Scorching Ray and Combustion
We are running dual curse in this build. With a scorching ray totem and the new combustion support, we can reduce enemies' fire resistance by at least 140%. That's a huge damage boost.

(old) Discussion on Unique Items

Elemental Hit can be used with ANY weapons. This means you can play with your own style and unique items and need not to follow my build.

Here's the uniques that I would use in my build:
Combat Focus:
1. You need to block lightning and ice to always do fire damage.

Quill Rain:
1. Less Weapon Damage on this does not affect ignite damage.
2. The high attack speed it gives saves me gem links and skill points.
3. It is a bow. Ranged attacks are generally safe.

Dyadian Dawn:
1. The chill from cold snap allows you to leech from monsters. Not too helpful but better than nothing.
2. Enemies burns faster, meaning higher dps.

Hyrri's Demise:
1. It helps obtaining Dex
2. It adds a little bit extra elemental damage
3. It adds a little bit AoE for pack clear

1. Pierce helps clearing packs even easier.

Maloney's Nightfall:
1. Blind helps surviving
2. Blinded enemies receive increased damage which is nice.

Grand Spectrum:
1. Adds 108% increased elemental damage.
2. 3x rare jewels with life is better but this is cheap.

1. With Avatar of Fire it helps converting 90% of your cold damage to fire.
2. Destroys porcupines.
3. I am running T9 maps currently and destroys white mobs with 1 hit. This means that you don't even need ignite to kill them. Using Pyre for build health check is nice.

Call of the Brotherhood:
1. With Avatar of Fire it helps converting 86% of your lightning damage to fire.
2. Judging by the 36% extra conversion it gives, it might be better to use Stormfire + Vinktar's Vessel.

1. Extra Health
2. Synergies well with Pyre. Pyre destroys monsters which will sometimes prevent ignite to proliferate. Southbound stops the explosion and make pack clearing even smoother.

Kaom's Heart:
1. Extra Juicy Health
2. Fire Damage
3. Can super corrupt into +4 gems which is so nice.

Tabula Rasa:
1. If you happen to get +1 all gems and +2 AoE gems, use this. Lv 28 Elemental Hit with Empower will be so good.

Kaom's Roots:
1. Prevent youself from being stunned.
2. Decent replacement for boots on Elder fights.

Here's the uniques that I want to discuss
Xoph's Blood:
1. This gives Avatar of Fire.
2. With this I can just quit playing ignite and just go Pathfinder. It hurts when you need to pick AoF in skill tree with ranger. Xoph's Blood Elemental Hit is 10000% better.
3. So. Freaking. Expensive. This is the reason I go ignite now.

1. Default +4 level to EH with a 5L
2. Saves a ring slot for Pyre (the ring is still good even with cold to fire)
3. If super corruption hit another +4, you can get a maximum level 32 elemental hit. That is 3x base damage comparing to a level 20 one.
4. With at least 1 +2 elemental gem implicit mod, this will have better damage than a 6L.
5. Notice that EH does not benefit from +2 projectiles, even it fires projectiles when you use ranged weapons.

The Poet's Pen:
1. Ignite damage is limited, so why not push further and socket some dps/utility skills?
2. Since enemies are already ignited, what about a Flame Surge-Immolate-Conc Effect for extra DPS?

1. Free flammability aura allows you to go for a third curse, an Anger aura, or even Herald of Ash.
2. Price is too high and thus not so worthy.

Sacrificial Heart:
1. It gives some extra base elemental damage to our build
2. With Vaal Haste can we go Sanic?

Berek's Respite:
1. Built-in prolif so you can switch Beacon of Ruin to Mastermind of Discord for heralds
2. Beacon of Ruin is still better choice.

The Taming:
1. A minimum of 80% increased damage
2. Decent elemental resist, but does not have life

Oro's Sacrifice:
1. It gives so much fire damage and even gains frenzy charge without cold snap.
2. Sadly it is a melee 2H weapon.

1. Good One Hand Weapon with default six-links.
2. Her Embrace interacts with ignite very well.
3. You need some life regeneration to sustain.
4. Might as well go crit instead of full ignite.

Razor of the Seventh Sun:
1. 100% increased Burning Damage. Wow.
2. Recovers a little bit health as well.

1. 100% increased Ignite Damage. Wow.
2. You have to dual wield in order to proc the chill. It is better to put it on an animated guardian.

Doryani's Catalyst:
1. 100% increased Elemental Damage. Wow.
2. There are so many items that gives 100% increased damage to ignite. This one is not that good tho.

The Tempest:
1. Has the second highest attack speed among all unique bows.
2. Has extra lighting damage to add

Doomfletch's Prism:
1. This one is probably nice. However, you have to try adding Physical Damage in order to make it even better. Not starter friendly.

Chin Sol:
★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆ (10/10 for EH trap)
1. This one is interesting. With Trap Support you can almost always activate the 100% more damage with hits.
2. This does not buff ignite damage tho. You can try this on a Pathfinder/Saboteur for a non-ignite version.

Xoph's Nurture:
1. With Avatar of Fire it converts 100% of it's physical damage to fire. Yay.
2. It recovers life and also proliferates ignite. Works well without elementalist.

The Signal Fire:
1. This is required if you want to play with other kind of physical bows.
2. Seems good with Reach of the Council.

Piscator's Vigil:
1. The 100% increased elemental damage works with hit only. Does not buff ignite.

1. You probably want this if you play 1H sword or wand.

Malachai's Artifice:
1. It might be a good idea to proc EE with a lightning golem.
2. No ring slot for this sadly.

(old) Discussion on Shock-related Unique Items

Yoke of Suffering:
1. Your elemental damage can shock! This is the activator of the shock genre.
2. Works well with Beacon of Ruin (always 20% more damage with shocks)
3. You will need to get some shock chance to make it more consistent. Shaper of Desolation will help even you don't.

1. Only has good dps when killing packs
2. does not have fire conversion comparing with Pyre and Call of Brotherhood.

Inpulsa's Broken Heart:
1. Further increases the shock effect
2. The explosion would counter ignite proliferation, that's a bummer.

Valako's Sign:
1. I put it in here just because it gives some damages. When you have Yoke, you actually will not prefer this. This is only 20c worth at most, trade site is going nuts.

Esh's Mirror:
1. Could work with Piscator builds, but not too good for ignites.

Doryani's Fist
1. Melee fists sounds dangerous, but the lightning damage it gives is good.

Ylfeban's Trickery
1. Another shock activator.
2. Using the curses it gives could save you mana for MOM type builds.

Vessel of Vinktar
1. Leech effect does not happen when you AoF.
2. So it is basically suicide.

1. No. Too bad to use.


I just put this here for reference.
This is the "DPS" you get when you use Elemental Overload.
The damage is true while doing maps,
but obviously you will miss a lot of hits in boss fights and fails to sustain the EO effect.
I play builds that guarantee to be destroyed in 4 months.
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5 June 2018:
1. Added comments on a bunch more unique items.
2. Introduced ratings for unique items. A solid 5/7 for this build.
3. Added video

7 June 2018
1. Finalized Gear Description so this is now a build guide instead of build discussion.
2. Uploaded Atziri Run

8 June 2018
1. Uploaded T16 map run

10 June 2018
1. Added POB
2. Added leveling guide

11 June 2018
1. Packed stuffs so they are more readable despite my poor English
2. Further improved leveling guide

12 June 2018
1. Added Q&A
2. Added some images to make it less dull.

13 June 2018
1. Added guide on crafting +3 bow for Elemental Hit.

16 June 2018
1. Improved gem link descriptions

17 June 2018
1. Uploaded Red Elder Run Clip
2. Uploaded Budget Run Clip

22 June 2018
1. Added Blood Magic+Resolute Technique PoB
2. Thanks to (I forgot who) for suggesting this.
3. Updated Q & A Section
4. Finally completed the Headhunter

26 June 2018
1. Q & A section is more useful now.
2. Tuned a little bit on everything.

2 July 2018
1. Corrected Blood Magic PoB

9 July 2018
1. Added PoB of xMustard's MoM Variation

31 July 2018
1. Apparently this build is packed with too much information.
2. I am sorry that there's no Table of Contents so you have to search them yourself.
3. Anyways, added a budget section explaining how to play it.
4. Will be fixed in the future™

25 August 2018
1. 3.4 Discussion


Please don't bother to read everything. My English is poor.
If you like this build/have questions, ask here or in game. It is fine.

This is just a low cost all-rounder build for casual farmers.
The build is not top-tier and cannot get to top-tier in 3.3. Ignite is still very bad and needs some buff.
I play builds that guarantee to be destroyed in 4 months.
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Small question:

When building around ignite, why not fireball based? It has a high base damage and a nice 88% more damage with ignite to stick to the theme.

These 88% are almost 2 additional support jewels, so perhaps a second look at this?
Llyrain wrote:
Small question:

When building around ignite, why not fireball based? It has a high base damage and a nice 88% more damage with ignite to stick to the theme.

These 88% are almost 2 additional support jewels, so perhaps a second look at this?

I have 28k ignites at level 57, I doubt fireball could compete with that kind of damage. Plus the faster attack speed with quill rain means you can just shot and run faster.
Llyrain wrote:
Small question:

When building around ignite, why not fireball based? It has a high base damage and a nice 88% more damage with ignite to stick to the theme.

These 88% are almost 2 additional support jewels, so perhaps a second look at this?

Fireball has an effective base for ignites of 2091.5 at L20 gem WITH the 88% more bonus.

Properly converted (Call of the brotherhood, Cold to fire and AoF) EH has a base for ignites 2586.11 AND it's an attack so it scales with elemental damage with attacks. It also can take advantage of silly things like a super corrupted frostferno(potentially +8 gem levels)

Fireball is actually one of the worst ignite skills... to give you some other examples

Flameblast has a base of 2743
Vaal Flameblast has a base of 4371.75
Explosive Arrow has a base of 3662.5 (is also an attack so better scaling)
Incinerate has a base of 2664.7525 (up to 3633.75 with enchant)

As you can see fireball is the lowest damage out of all of these.

You should consider using a Lioneye's Glare... Quill rain isn't really necessary as you don't need to hit frequently at all for ignite(only once in fact) but you do want to hit and you can't miss with Lioneye
Last edited by Drekor on Jun 4, 2018, 11:13:57 PM
Drekor wrote:

You should consider using a Lioneye's Glare... Quill rain isn't really necessary as you don't need to hit frequently at all for ignite(only once in fact) but you do want to hit and you can't miss with Lioneye

The reason of going Quill Rain here is purely for its high attack speed. I am currently doing T10 maps and my bow hits can already kill all white mobs, triggering pyre's destroy effect, which is quite annoying as destroyed minions does not prolif :( (thats why I prefer Southbound for low tier maps)

The hit-and-run strategy makes clearing maps extremely fast. While doing Incursions, I can usually full clear the whole area with ~30 seconds remaining, allowing me to recheck the temple layout and walk to the door I want to open.

There is also a problem with my low accuracy rating. You have to compensate the attack misses with more hit attempts.
I play builds that guarantee to be destroyed in 4 months.
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Drekor wrote:

Explosive Arrow has a base of 3662.5 (is also an attack so better scaling)

My initial idea was going Explosive Arrow. Then I find out EH is probably better.

The 3662.5 base damage is in fact incorrect since you consider yourself hitting 5 fuses all the time.

The base damage of 1 fuse is 732.5. So taking EE in account, the one hit base damage that you can expect would be 732.5*3 = 2198, and it is just a bit lower than EH.

The 10988 base damage for 5 fuses is also decent if you want to do harder bosses like shaper.

The only downside on EA is the 1 second fuse time before explosion that slows map clearing a LOT. When they die and drops something good, you are usually 2 screens away, so you either missed it or you have to walk backwards to pick it.
I play builds that guarantee to be destroyed in 4 months.
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FunRoom wrote:
Drekor wrote:

Explosive Arrow has a base of 3662.5 (is also an attack so better scaling)

My initial idea was going Explosive Arrow. Then I find out EH is probably better.

The 3662.5 base damage is in fact incorrect since you consider yourself hitting 5 fuses all the time.

The base damage of 1 fuse is 732.5. So taking EE in account, the one hit base damage that you can expect would be 732.5*3 = 2198, and it is just a bit lower than EH.

The 10988 base damage for 5 fuses is also decent if you want to do harder bosses like shaper.

The only downside on EA is the 1 second fuse time before explosion that slows map clearing a LOT. When they die and drops something good, you are usually 2 screens away, so you either missed it or you have to walk backwards to pick it.

You'd hit all 5 on any boss but for clearing you obviously don't need that and 1 fuse would likely kill everything it ends up playing much like a totem build where you hit them with the fuse then keep running and let them blow and burn behind you.

Personally I think the choice to go with EH is much better since it front loads it's damage and has no ramp up time. Ignite builds aren't really great boss killers to begin with so may as well focus on good clearing.
This CAN cause client crashes, due to a [rarely seen] glitched (read: corrupted) attack animation. Proceed with caution.

I am not updating this reply at all, so please check patch notes in case it gets fixed.

Noticed you thought that Inpulsa's shock explosions would not be capable of allowing ignite prolif to function, as a Beacon of Ruin Elementalist. Specifically:
The explosion would counter ignite proliferation, that's a bummer.

Thought you should know that prolif still functions with Inpulsa's, the explosion change does transport elemental ailments to nearby enemies within the radius allowed. I've seen several builds that take advantage of that, and played some of them myself to confirm this. That may be important to what you're trying to accomplish.

Hot Flashes: poeurl.com/bPZT
Balance: poeurl.com/btzp
Shocking EleHit: poeurl.com/bZXo

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