Fast Leveling Guide (3.10 viable)

Hey, thanks for the post! Added to my set of permanent tabs which are open when playing :)

A small efficiency in act 3. You go currently have:

  • Battlefront (get ribbon spool)
  • Solaris lvl 1
  • Solaris lvl 2
  • Battlefront
  • Docks (get sulphite)
  • Solaris

Would it not be quicker, and save doubling back on yourself, to do this:

  • Battlefront (get ribbon spool)
  • Dock (get sulphite)
  • Battlefront
  • Solaris lvl 1
  • Solaris lvl 2
great guide! wish we can get overlay in-game for this guide. thanks for your hard work man!
If i may: i wouldn't say that Clear the strand, ACT 6, is optional. If someone doesn't want respec points, he will skip that (in some case, ppl won't even open "spoiler" here if they see respec point). In this case, Lily won't sell gems in Oriath at the end. I did this mistake first time i used this guide and i had to google it, why Lily isn't selling anything.

But great guide, thanks! Saved a lot of time.

For starter, not an alt.

I playing with witch bv in SSF.
I done every skill point sidequest, trail, and 3 labs.

Now I just hit A10, take about 10 hours.(lv63) Still have 1 lab to go.

I barely pick-up gear and sell.(1~3 times full bag per ACT)

So Act6 and ACT7 I had a hard time( 1900 life and 56/75/43 resist )
Died about 3 times during these 2 ACTs.

Is there any room to speed up?

Like if I skip lab & SP quest, will I have a hard time during Main quest?

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jeipei89 wrote:
sykor wrote:
Faster "The Dweller of the Deep" make sure u have 1x portal scroll or portal gem
run until u find bridge or the instance for the question drop your portal scroll move to ledge activate waypoint port to city join your submerged portal finish dweller quest relog game and continue in ledge heading in the direction of the 3 stones

since this is not needed to progress in the story quests, no, this will actually slow down your progress, it's better to do these optional skill point quests later on when your better geared

sykor wrote:
For Skillpoint only
graveyard will be faster if u take wp go alleflame go next area activate wp port back run to fairgraves relog/tp to next area safes a bit time

same with this, it will slow your leveling process down, it's an optional quest and not needed to complete the story

Having 2 more passive skills early on will help you progress the skill tree, which will let you have either more dps or more survivability early on, which will help you kill stuff fasfter or survive more later and will make you progress faster.
Thank you so much <3
Act 2, Riverways->Wetlands->Kill/Help Oak.

Kill/Help Oak is listed as a mandatory, not an optional like the other bandits.

To my knowledge, Oak interaction is not required to progress. Was this an oversight, or am I unaware of something here?

EDIT: Having just tried to do a quick run through: It has now come to my attention that you have to "deal with the bandits" before you can open the ancient pyramid door in the caverns. So ... my post reverses: all three are required and not optional. The only "optional" aspect is whether you help or kill, but you still have to "deal" with each and so should be more obviously mandatory.
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Man, this guide is helping me so much. It might have something to do with the fact that i start to understand the game more and more, in general. But with is guide i was able to cut the time i needed to progress through the story in half, compared to Delve. Saved me a lot of optional stuff and a lot of time looking for where to go next.
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Thanks for the awesome guide!

The combination of this guide and a much more strict item filter is saving me a ton of time!
Katalaeia wrote:
Thanks for the awesome guide!

The combination of this guide and a much more strict item filter is saving me a ton of time!

No problem dude, glad you like it!

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