3.3 Unofficial PvP Season

Event #3 eLLD 1v1 Round Robin


Server: EU
IGN: Clif_PewPew
signing up for event 3


US server
I added everyone that has registered for the eLLD Event#3 which will be a 1v1. Due to being a 1v1 you will be able to register and participate on a perm league character or HC character for this event. Please keep in mind the changes that have been made to the LLD rule set after feedback from Event #2.

the eHLD event #4 will be posted shortly, thank you for your patience. If you see your name in the LLD and you cannot make it please notify me directly or post in this thread, if you want to participate please sign up! The event can be made larger if an even number of people sign up in the waitinng list que.

Unlike Event@3 EU will match agianst EU and NA against NA
Signing up for:

Event #3 eLLD 1v1 Round Robin
Granite - EU
Colorblind? - Check out the Unofficial colourblind mode!
phi pt plz sign me up for the Event #4 eHLD 2v2 Round Robin

ign: googlefromdiablo

usa server
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Ill join for the events 3 and 4
ign: lapizz
server: EU
Join event #4

IGN : Bondisk
IGN : Bondisk, Champion, Vegadisk
PVP Formula Guide Kor
https://blog.naver.com/aliac/221569081708, https://blog.naver.com/aliac/221569083928
PVP Formula Guide Eng
https://blog.naver.com/aliac/221571697824, https://blog.naver.com/aliac/221571734537
Bonus Event

Letting people be aware there is a little bonus event to get a few more points in the season!
Sign me up for

Event #3 eLLD 1v1 Round Robin

Saturday June 30th 12pm PST

IDK my character name yet
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