3.3 Unofficial PvP Season

hi please unregistered me from the tournament i have to work over-time this weekend and won't be able to make it on time

thx and sorry for the bad news.

ign: Lord_Peanutsize
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#4 LittleMárkusz EU
IGN: Márkusz
My builds: thread/1600072
( •_•)>⌐■-■
Please cancel me for event 3. Sorry :(
posted in discord but I'm not making event 3 for LLD

haven't singed up anyway, might as well post it here though

gl to everyone who is :^)
I won't make it for Event #3 (barring a miracle)
Signing up for Event #4 eHLD
IGN: SpiraMN
Server: US
Hld event #4

Ign: MullaXul
Character: Sagat
Region: NA
GGG, the ADA of gaming....huuuur i gotz mai skilz.
IGN: MullaXul
event #4

event #4

either Harry_Hardcock or Im_Fucking_Bad_At_This

would prefer US this time, but if it's absolutely unavoidable I'll play on EU again. High ping isn't as bad for me in high level anyway.
Event #4

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