Bonus Event for Community PvP Season

Complete a build guide for your eHLD or eLLD build and gain an additional 3 points to the season. You may get a total of 6 points ( 3 from eHLD and 3 from eLLD), completing multiple guides for multiple builds is encouraged but you cannot gain more than 3 points per ruleest.

Once you have completed your build guide post a link in this thread to attempt to claim your points! Low effort posts will not be granted those 3 points and I solely decide if the build guide meets that standard. I will personally not be eligable to gain any points from this for obvious reasons.

There has been people getting into PvP but we do not have enough guides to showcase the tools and this is a call to action!

To encourage completion of guides sooner than later, you will be awarded an additional point if you have a guide completed during future PvP event. This means anyone with a sufficient build guide by Event #3 will gain 1 additional point ontop of their 3 for completing the guide, and another once Event #4 happens. You can only gain 1 point per week in this fashion not 2.


SpiraMN +3+1 points
Shazamarang +3+1 points
Aliac123 +3+1 points
Aodui +3+1 points
Markusz +3
Prory +3

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My build guide is already in Ahfacks post, but I can post here if you want.

Could do with an update, might do that nearer to the next HLD event.
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sounds good! aliac can bring 5 more builds(6 of them are going to be banned tho)
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