Ethical Fire dancer - an Abberath's Fury build

Main skill is Abberath's Fury, DPS oriented squishy build, playstyle is rush to opponent and run over or around them depending on their mobility.
Damage scaling: fully rely on Disintegrator for flat damage, physical is 50% converted to cold, 50% to fire, then 90% of cold also converted into fire, and there are layers of gained damage from Hatred and HoA.
Juggernaut mainly because of Unstoppable node, movement speed is one of the main dps scaling factors in the build. Also provides nice area, damage reduction and resistances.


Skill tree:

lvl92 J U G G
6731 life (+200 with Kaom ring)
33% block chance
Movement speed: 29% base, 85% with phase run, 94% with QS, 150% with both
-15% cast speed
50% fire penetration
82% increased AoE (131% with support)
Abberath's Fury ingame tooltip avg damage numbers without EO:
- 7148 with AoE support
- 10293 with Ele focus support
Abberath's Fury effective average PvP damage per hit (no EO, no curse):
- 1685 with AoE support
- 2082 with Ele focus support
126/124/90% ele resist overcaps with end charges
25-100% physical reduction (IC)
+54% chaos resist (negative 8% without MingLee)

- Very good sustained and burst damage, deals damage while moving
- Good mobility
- Stun, Freeze and slow immune

- Squishy
- Only works in melee range

Solaris with all upgrades, most important is Jorus against crits
Ryslatha with Gorulis, provides 60% more instant recovery on the panicked flask, but you have to manage it well, you can choose Garukhan or Abberath against attack or fire opponents

Bandit: Passives

Important: Abberath's Fury skill has a "cap" of around 160% movement speed beyond that it starts skipping casts, losing half of your dps, so you want to stay below that cap, that's why I don't use adrenaline flasks.
Very flexible on ring slots, no need for ele resist rings, still capped without pyre
Reduced cast speed is important as it gives you more damage from the pvp formula, so try to avoid all increased cast speed modifiers.
Balefire + Singularity is mainly used to cast auras faster at the start of a round, not 2 apeps because marauder is not smart enough for those.



Skill tree:

lvl95 Scion Pathfinder/Elementalist
6861 life
49/30% dodge chance
14% block chance
136% movement speed
-26% cast speed
63% fire penetration
Ingame tooltip avg damage numbers without EO:
- Abberath's Fury: 6422 with AoE support
- Abberath's Fury: 9521 with Ele focus support
- Ice trap: 19227
- Molten Shell: 44270
Effective average PvP damage per hit (no EO, no curse):
- Abberath's Fury: 1842 with AoE support
- Abberath's Fury: 2315 with Ele focus support
- Ice trap: 3480
- Molten Shell: 5370
85/77/73% ele resist overcaps
-40% chaos resist

Pyre can be used instead of cold to fire, but in my build I would need to remove hatred, so it was less damage for me. Without MoM I could run hatred + pyre + more damage support gem.
Apep's rage is only used to cast auras faster at the start of a round.
Dex jewel is only used to get freeze immunity from belt.
Needs work: Better mana sustain or remove MoM cus only recovers mana from flask, it can be good against oneshotters. Needs more movement speed, as it scales effective dps well. Chaos/ele resist and stun swaps.

IGN: Márkusz
My builds: thread/1600072
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another boot build!

It seems we may have to go Toe to Toe

Main characters: Deep_water - AnomaIy - Artica
Build guides:
that boot builds are really funny (yours too with the abyss boots)

-~Shop for the price awarded player~- view-thread/375747
Toe to toe hahaha fuck
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respecced to J U G G
IGN: Márkusz
My builds: thread/1600072
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Small update to gems in staves and helmet: removed BV curse on hit, added bladefall as ranged damage ability, and some utility in swap staff
IGN: Márkusz
My builds: thread/1600072
( •_•)>⌐■-■
can vork in pve?

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