3.3 Unofficial PvP Season

Registration for eLLD Event #3 has begun. To register give the character name and server! Event #3 is eLLD 1v1 round robin.

There was also a quick change to the eLLD ruleset so check out the forum thread and read the 3.3.c changlog
hi i would like to enter the lld event #3

ign : GoogleFromDiablo
Event #2 eLLD 2v2 Round Robin

IGN: Clif_PvP

Server: EU
IGN: Clif_PewPew
Hi, signing up for eLLD event #2 and event #3.

Account: Balzemohr
Char: BalzeBow
Server: EU

eLLD #2
Account: crodog
server: US
My entry is on hold until i can come up with another build. Looks like Lycosidae was banned since the last time i checked the rules and its a BIG part of my build. I should have something ready by saturday though.
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Aight fuck it

Signing up for event #2

Still making a few adjustments to my character so the name might change. Current character name is LLD_is_for_losers
ok , i'm all set. In for LLD event 2 and 3.

Account: crodog
server: US
last one spot :)
Sign me in for elld 2 and 3

account: DedeX
char: DeDe_ethicalLSD
server: EU


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