3.3 Unofficial PvP Season

Signing up:

Event #2 eLLD 2v2 Round Robin
Account: Dimitripersson
Character Name: ZinZ_eLLD
Server: EU
Hey PT, I meant I'll sign up for all the EHLD stuff. Sorry man, no interest in LLD. I read something wrong and said events 1 and 2, not knowing 2 was LLD.
GGG, the ADA of gaming....huuuur i gotz mai skilz.
IGN: MullaXul
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Proxzee signing up for all the LLD events char name is proXpvp from EU
account name:Blinkanbgon
Character name:KozakTournyCharacter
Server: NA
Event #2 eLLD 2v2 Round Robin
Account name: Nephaste
Character name: Petit_Ours_Brun
Server: EU
discord.gg/brNDd44: The french discord
Important Notice:

eHLD event #1 registration will close on Friday 12:00pm PST (24 hours before the event). You will not be able to register for the event by this time. There are only 4 slots available for the event.

Still looking to fill eLLD event #2 with a some other LLDers.

Event #3 registration will be posted before the first event so be mindful
Event #1 and #2 eHLD and eLLD
Account: d3sden0va
Character Names: to be determined
Server: US
My fargin work schedule changed so I'm can't participate in the lld tourney. However thanks again for putting it together and I am look forward to the next one.
CoalMN, signing into eHLD #1 as SpiraMN
Server: US
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Hahaha I almost came in first! :) oh wait...

Every match, I was up against the same two people ethicalscion/google: signal fire roa and bondisk - cold snap degen aka the new vortex, then the last match was a 1v1 against bondisk hahaha

6.5k-7k life, 50/40 dodge, 80 allres (+way overcapped), stun immune, curse immune, ailment immune, and still had no chance.

Still had fun with everyone though! But we got some work to do here boys :)

I'll try to upload the buttfuckery in the next couple days.

Anyone else record any of the matches?
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