[3.6] Low Life Arc Mines | Uber Elder

Katyperri wrote:
What’s the benefit of going LL over MoM? I’m slowly progressing through my atlas and haven’t attempted t12 maps yet, but before I attempt to switch I would like to know why? I got lucky with a six link on shavronns and picked up the presence of chayula but that’s it so far towards your build other than what I have already.

Damage: Low Life gets 30% more damage from Pain Attunement. MoM can make up some of the difference with Choir of the Storm, but Low Life will still have a sizeable edge.
Defences: Similar EHP, although MoM can dip below full when spending mana. Low Life gets easy access to chaos resistance from Presence of Chayula. MoM can get additional mitigation from a unique chest such as Loreweave or Lightning Coil. Low Life doesn't need a life flask and can run an extra defensive flask, but won't be able to use an instant life flask to recover health in a pinch.
Cost: Both want Shimmerons and a unique chest for endgame. Low Life has the additional cost of a Clarity Watcher's eye. Presence is also slightly more expensive than Choir at the moment.
Party Play: Low Life makes better use of the extra energy shield from a support and carries better with higher damage. Purities have no effect if using Loreweave. (I know a lot of people play solo but I have been really enjoying party play as of late).

In conclusion, both are good. In 3.2, I felt that squeezing out every drop of damage was key to making Arc feel good, but with the 3.3 buffs there is more room for experimenting with other setups (someone in this thread was trying out a Prism Guardian shield for example).
vemman wrote:
Managed to get my first Uber Elder kill with this build, really shows the strength of this build considering that i did it on a 5-link, no additional mine helm (no arc enchant aswell) and no presence of chayula (really shows how strong arc are right now). This is my current gear and im saving up for a presence of chayula atm:

Great job! Really neat to see you guys killing Uber Elder with only 5-links.
shomborti wrote:
So how much ES should u have before taking on uber elder?

The Shaper's slam and Elder's circle attack one-shot us at any ES level.

The Shaper's beam and Elder's tentacles won't kill us even at low ES, but higher ES will let us stand in the beam for longer or take repeated hits from the tentacles.

That leaves the Shaper's balls. It's around 7k ES to live a ball. They are telegraphed and can be dodged if you can't tank one, however.

I had 7.2k ES with a little bit of unreserved life, but I only died to the one-shots and didn't get too low otherwise. 6k ES should be fine, with around 7k ES if you want to be able to tank a Shaper ball.

shomborti wrote:
Do you have some time to check my char UberElderBuild to give me some advice on where ti improve?

Very nice gear. Get a few more levels for the Unnatural Calm and Foresight nodes and you should be good to go.

shomborti wrote:
Im having some problems with the traps itself, seems like i can only Place one trap at a time cuz of the high mana cost. Always some delay between the trap placements and I can never have 2 or more traps before they detonate. I mean its already good but would like to have atleasat constant 2-3 traps while mapping.

The level 18 Clarity is reserving a large chunk of mana. You only need a level 1 Clarity to gain the extra ES from Watcher's Eye. Then you will have much more unreserved mana.
phx wrote:
How do you guys feel about using Lavianga's spirit on our mana amount? My character have like ~600 unreserved, and if I start spamming mines, laviangas mana regen easily overflows this mana usage and it stops working when reaches maximum mana.
shomborti wrote:
And I also have the same problem as the player above with laviangas mana flask =/

When spamming, don't hit the Lavianga's until you are almost out of mana. That will maximize the number of mines you can place before you need to drink it again. The fact that Lavianga's stops working when at full mana is why it is important to get a low roll Lavianga's with no quality. Slower mana refill equates to more time before we have to use it again.

We only need to use Lavianga's when Vaal Clarity isn't up, so try to have Vaal Clarity ready if there's a boss ahead. We do get a use or two of Vaal Clarity during the Uber Elder fight now, but I still like double Lavianga's because we do need to use them fairly frequently when Vaal Clarity isn't up.

There is a second option if you dislike the frequent use of Lavianga's. Get a belt with a high "Increased Mana Flask Recovery Rate" roll (and some ES, I was just testing) and a 20q Eternal mana flask with the "Catalysed" prefix. With the Alchemist wheel and possibly a little extra mana recovery rate from a ring or higher level Clarity, we can reach an equilibrium where the mana flask will just barely keep up with our mine spam rate, allowing mine spam for the full duration of the mana flask.
Thank you for your advice =)
Did my first Uber Elder kill today, sadly I wasted all portals and died in the end because i had no idea about the mechanics, was my first time ever ^^

oh well, he died, and didnt drop a watchers eye or starforge i didnt get to pick, so i wont complain :D

Guess Ill join the kill squad :D

My gear:

Had a broke bitch watchers eye w/the %mana as extra ES and temp chains w/haste as well. Build is strong as hell my dude
I will make the list aswell!
Just got my first ever Uber Elder kill, on my very first try aswell. This build has no limits:

And the loot:

Those items payed for the entire feast and then some!

Thanks again for the build, it's awesome. I made some minor adjustments to the talent tree, picking up some mana regen. It does help so much!
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Had 20 ex laying around so i decided to try the build since i never played miner nor low life (can't squeeze in the watcher's eye though sincd is 4.5ex atm).
How do you levek this? Do i slap 2 poet's and switch to LL at 70?
I had never played a mine build prior to this, I just went with lifesprig->Axiom the whole way til when I could equip Shimmerons at 65. The damage is more than enough for all of the content, I stayed life based up until lvl69 when I could put on the ES gear I bought for myself.

I had never played a mine build prior to this either, I just went with lifesprig->Axiom the whole way til when I could equip Shimmerons at 65. The damage is more than enough for all of the leveling content. I stayed life based up until lvl69 when I could put on the ES gear I bought for myself then swapped to that.

Just follow the trees OP provided and you should be Gucci. Once you can throw your ES stuff on you're basically smurfing lol. I did my Ulab at 70 because I was feeling spicy and pretty much jumped into shaped graveyards to start grinding exp, the whole process was heaps of fun

GL friendo

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