[3.4] Guffin's McFlurry Flurry | All Bosses Down | Fast and Safe Mapping | Skillchoices

Deathless Uber Elder Run (~1:40, could be way faster)
T16 Haunted Mansion Clear (33% Pack size, 4 Sextants, Beyond)
T16 HC Version Survivability Showcase (200% extra Ele Damge, Crit Chance and Multi)
Uber Elder Kill on a 60c Budget
Deathless Shaper Run
Full Health Shaper Kill

I'm lovin' it, and I know you will too :D
This is a Cold Conversion Claw Build using Blade Flurry to shred Bosses and a variety of possible Skills for trash clear.
As Slayer/Raider, given time Investment, you can farm any Content with many Customization Possibilities (HC, Skillchoice, etc.) at a great Pace!

If you want to skip the explanations, there are PoB links at the Bottom of this Post.
Be sure to check the second Post, which contains the FAQ, Build Variations and some Tips for Deep Delves.

- One of the fastest Melee Map Clears
- One of the highest Single Target DPS in the game with endless scaling
- Prime Bossing Build
- All of the above while being super safe (HC viable with adjustments)
- A Variety of Clearskills possible without recolouring
- Cheap to get started, not Uber Lab dependant -> Good League Starter
- Runs all Mapmods except "Cannot Leech" (and "Ele Reflect" on T16s or with -max)

- Not as budget friendly as Summoners/Totems/Mines to get into the Bossing Endgame
- Requires a faster Playstyle than Stuff like RF Juggs (more Buttons pressed)
- No Phys Mitigation-/CI-/Maxblock-/etc. Tank. You need to dodge sometimes during Bosses
- "Melee" Skills will never clear as fast as QOTF TS/KB Builds or Autobombers
- Scions are the hardest Class to level (but levelling is still always easy)

- No upper limits since this is ele Conversion Blade Flurry
- Personally I reached over 8 Million Shaper DPS with BF, and 1M with Reave on a pseudo 6l

- Evasion and Dodge based (66% Attack- and 40% Spell Dodge while mapping)
- 200% Life in SC excluding Belly, 232% in HC at the sacrifice of DPS (which we have enough of)
- Fortify, Kaom's Heart, Endurance Charges, Vaal Grace possible for HC
- Overleech Carries hard
- 3 Utility Flasks (4 in HC) + Taste of Hate for Phys mitigation
- Maim, Chill, Freeze and Shatter reliably
- Extremely Strong Life Gain on Hit from Claws
- Never in true Melee Range

These are assuming an Endgame Character at Level 96. Levelling Paths are further down.


In any Variation of the Build, we go Slayer/Raider and take the Ranger Start.

Slayer is a super popular Scion choice for one basic reasons:
You get Overleech. Overleech is great. It basically means your life leech doesn't stop when you are at full life, it keeps running in the background. As opposed to any "normal" build with leech, you are always at Max Leech Rate while playing. While they have to attack to build up Leech Rate every time they lose life, yours is always running. It keeps you topped off from many small hits without a dent in your HP Bar, and even 5k Hits get healed back up in a second. This is an invaluable defense mechanism, that allows us to stand even in Uber Elder degen grounds at full Life.
The free 10% Culling strike is also super noticeable for Boss Fights and Mapping.
20% increased AoE after we killed something is great for mapping with Reave and some other Skills.

Raider is used to bolster our DPS and Speed in various ways:
Whenever we are fighting Bosses we generate Frenzy Charges by hitting them, granting us 4% more Damage and Attack Speed per Charge.
While we have full Frenzy Charges, we have Onslaught (even if it's not displayed in the buff bar). This gives us 20% Attack Speed and is up 100% of the time while mapping and on any Bossfight that lasts more than a few seconds.
These both together make our movement skills extremely fast as well as giving us a rather insane boost to Damage.
The 4% Dodge Chance is a nice Freebie, and builds well into our Defenses.

Path of the Ranger enables us to start from a second Point on the Skilltree, saving us a lot of Skillpoints compared to the Levelling Trees.


SC Tree (200% inc Life):
Image Version

PoE Planner
PoE Website

HC Tree (232% inc Life):
Image Version

PoE Planner
PoE Website

The Trees above are with 2 Might of the Meeks Jewels and 1 Unnatural Instincts Jewel.
These work great in conjunction, as the Boni gained from Unnatural Instincts get amplified by the Meeks.
The Meeks give us additional 23% Max Life, 8% Allres, 25 Flat Life (or 10 INT) and another 10 Flat Life.
Unnatural Instincts grants 26% Attack Speed, 82% Crit Multi, 8% max Life and 10 INT (Values already amplified by the Meeks).

These Jewels can cost a lot tho, and until we get them here are our Alternatives:
Non/2 Meek Trees

No Meek Tree (185% inc Life):
Image Version

PoE Planner
PoE Website

2 Meek Tree (192% inc Life):
Image Version

PoE Planner
PoE Website

As a general Rule we pick up Life, Attack Speed, Crit Chance and Crit Multi, Ele Penetration and some minor Accuracy.
Since we are Ele Conversion, we need Winter Spirit for our first 40% Conversion to Cold. As we convert from Physical to Elemental, we benefit from any Physical as well as Elemental Nodes/Increases, which is what makes Ele Conversion Builds so strong. Elemental Penetration Nodes also act as a kind of More Multiplier against high Resistance Targets.

Acrobatics, Phase Acrobatics and Vaal Pact are all huge boni to our survivability, and absolutely non negotiable.

If you follow the SC tree, you will be missing exactly 40 INT to level the important Gems to 20. This is fixed on Amulets/Rings, or maybe by taking a 30 INT node.

As with most Builds, these are just guidelines. The only non negotiable aspects are Winter Spirit and the 3 Keystones.
If you find you need more Life, or maybe you have some gg Jewels: grab Life and Jewel Sockets :) If PoB tells you Accuracy is worth more for you than XYZ, go for it!

Bandits and Pantheon

We help Alira. 20% Crit Multiplier is a nice DPS Boost since we are a crit based Build, and 15% to all elemental Resistances makes gearing a lot easier. The Mana Regen is noticeable while Levelling.

Is more impactful for us than most other builds.
Make sure to upgrade the relevant ones quickly.


Major - Arakaali LvL 2
"50% increased Recovery of Life and Energy Shield if you've stopped taking Damage Over Time Recently" is triggered by Cast When Damage taken linked to Immortal Call, which stops us taking damage from Blood Rage for a split Second. This is huge Boost to survivability as it makes our Leech incredibly fast, healing 5k damage hits in a Second.

Minor - Whatever
Take whatever suits you best for Defenses. Yugul is worth it for fights with a lot of Cold Damage like Uber Elder.


Major - Lunaris LvL 3 or Solaris LvL 3
Lunaris is great for Avoiding Projectiles, like Porcupine explosions, and some Dodge Chance. Also gives you Chain Safety if you are mapping with a Golem.
Solaris Take no Extra Damage from Critical Strikes if you have taken a Critical Strike Recently is huge. While mapping you receive quite some hits, and chances are you have like 80% uptime on Crit immunity like this.

Minor - Whatever
Depends on your Situation/Map. Shakari's Poison Immunity for Poison/Caustic Ground maps, Grukthul is good defensively, Abberath for burning ground maps.

Ele Reflect Maps
Solaris LvL 3 + Yugul LvL 2, no debate.
Depending on which stage of the build you are in, you have 90% to 80% Elemental Damage(of which in the end all is cold) which makes ele reflect rippy.
Yugul grants 25% reduced reflected ele damage taken and 5% reduced cold damage taken if you have been hit recently. Solaris on the other hand reduces elemental damage taken by 8% if you have not been hit recently.

Check the Mapping Tips further down to see how to deal with ele Reflect.

This Build has the comfort of running arguably the strongest singletarget Skill in the game, further enhanced by the insane support lineup thanks to ele conversion, alongside a clearskill in a pseudo 5 or 6 link.
At the same time we keep the benefits of Dual Wielding and Stat Sticks (check the FAQ for an Explanation).
For that, we use a Claw and socket our Blade Flurry into the Chest, while the Clearskill is in a Shaped Helmet.
For Mapping, no gem- or weaponswaps are needed.

The Gear explanations include Trade Search Links for every single Piece of Gear, be sure to check them out and adapt them to your needs :)
Be sure to follow the Stat Priority when looking for Rares, as Rings and Amulets are incredibly important for us!

Gem Links

The links are sorted in descending order of importance. So the last gem in a chain should be the last one you slot in when you upgrade your amount of links.
The colour of the Text implies the colour of the Gem.
Do NOT use Damage on full Life until you have the Slayer Ascendancy, as you will not be always on full Life until then.

Clearskill + Multistrike + Elemental Damage with Attacks + Damage on Full Life
You can choose between (Vaal) Reave, Frost Blades, Lightning Strike and Wild Strike here. All are Green Gems and can be swapped out at wish, and all work with the same supports.
I recommend Reave for the fastest Clearspeed and highest Damage. While Reave will only attack with our Claw and gain boni from our Statstick, all other Skills will use both Melee Weapons. Because of Statsticks having horrible DPS by design, you need a weaponswap into 2 Touch of Anguishes for these skills. The free + 1 Chain is very noticeable for Clear.
Lightning Strike owns open Maps like Dunes or Racecourse, while Frost Blades can do these as well but excels in Close/Narrow maps with corners etc. like Toxic Sewers or Haunted Mansion.
Reave can do all of that at once. Just remember to cast Vaal Reave from time to time to get to 8 Stacks for more AoE.

Blade Flurry + Concentrated Effect + Elemental Damage with Attacks + Damage on Full Life + Elemental Focus + Melee Physical Damage
Since we convert from Physical to Elemental Damage, we can make full use of Melee Phys, EDwA and Ele Focus. As we are always on Full Life thanks to our Overleech, DoFL is a no brainer. Blade Flurry being an Area Skill enables us using Conc Effect, and the lack of AoE doesn't hurt us since we clear with another skill.
BF can only attack with Daggers, Claws or One Handed Swords. That means we can have a Statstick with tons of added Damage in our other Weapon Slot, as long as its not one of the Types of Weapons BF can use.

Herald of Ice + Curse on Hit + Assasins Mark
This is our Curse Setup. While Mapping, your Herald of Ice explosions will Curse enemies and killing them generates you Power Charges and Mana. This is generally the best for Mapping Speed. If you want more passive tankyness you can choose Warlord's Mark instead of Assassin's Mark, generating Endurance Charges instead which will provide security against Physical Damage.

Movement Skill + Faster Attacks + Blood Magic OR Fortify
For Movement, you can either use Whirling Blades or Leap Slam. I prefer WB, but LS is generally better for mapping cause it enables you to traverse difficult terrain faster. If you decide to use LS, make sure you put your Statstick in your left Weapon Slot since it won't work otherwise.
Fortify is an extra Defense Layer over Blood Magic, but it feels bad in No Regen Maps and whenever you have to backtrack.

Frostbomb (Lvl 1) + Inc Duration + Vaal Haste
Cast When Damage Taken (Lvl 1) + Immortal Call (Lvl 3) + Blood Rage (Lvl 7) OR Vaal Skill
Frostbomb and Vaal Haste are huge boosts to our DPS on Bosses or Abysses. Don't level Forstbomb, as that provides no advantages. VH also can be comfortably used to boost mapping Speed for 7 Seconds.
The CWDT setup triggers our Arakaali Buff and keeps up Blood Rage passively. Check the Pantheon part for more information.
Generally both these setups are used while doing Endgame Bosses, where one replaces the HoI/CoH Setup.
While Mapping, you can only have one of these and I recommend the Frostbomb/VH one in Softcore.
For the CWDT setup, the gem levels are important as CWDT won't trigger the gems otherwise.

Hatred, Blood Rage, Ancestral Protector (~Lvl 12), (Ice Golem)
These go anywhere you have Space and don't need any links.
Hatred is an incredibly huge DPS boost, even more so with the Watcher's Eye Jewel I recommend for Endgame.
Blood Rage grants us a lot of Attack Speed and generates Frenzy Charges while killing. The Health Degen is a non matter, as our Overleech keeps us at Full Life. This Skill should be kept up at all times.
Ancestral Protector offer a LOT of additional DPS and can be comfortably used while mapping (Breaches, Abysses) and on any Bosses. Don't level it too high as we don't have the Strength for it.
Ice Golem is conditional and I don't recommend socketing it in while mapping, it will die 99% of the time anyways and you don't need it for clearing. On Endgame Bosses I take it tho.

Quality and Levels can be good DPS upgrades. It is worth noting however that, unlike Spell Builds, we don't benefit from a Level 21 gem hugely. This makes investing into them usually a thing left for the very Endgame.
20 Quality on all your Gems that Support BF and your Clearskill is essentially an easy low budget upgrade for late maps though! Adding quality to Blood Rage is also worth it.
You can see what the increased Quality does in the Wiki Pages I linked.

Stat Priority

This is a rough Stat priority for Rares (which are very important for us) from most- to least important in each Category:

- Life
- Resistances until 75%
- Evasion>Armour>>>ES

- Flat Phys added to Attacks
- %increased Elemental Damage with Attacks
- Accuracy (also on Abyss Jewels)
- Global Crit Multi, Attack Speed
- Flat Ele Damage (also on Abyss Jewels)
- Exactly 40 INT to level Gems

Just keep in mind to always compare Item options in PoB before making a Purchase, to get 100% accurate results on what is an Upgrade, and how big that one is.

League Start Gear

Gear Overview

Example Rares:

These are all really mediocre/subpar.

Recommended/required Items:

Upgrades for red maps/late yellows:

These are my recommended Items for a character that just reached Maps at a League Start.
Remember tho, that as a League goes on some Items will become more cheaply available and you maybe could pick up "Endgame Gear" way earlier.
Check the Trade Links to see prices!

Wasp Nest OR Touch of Anguish as your main weapon.
Both are cheap starter Uniques with solid phys DPS. Wasp Nest offers a bit of everything and will feel extremely smooth. ToA is purely crit focused and heavily lacks in Attack Speed. They offer almost the same damage tho, so price might be the deciding Factor.
That said, I recommend a Wasp Nest.
For ToA look for high crit and physical rolls, for the Wasp Nest you want reasonably high/midtier Rolls on everything ideally.
Wasp Nest Link, ToA Link

Moonbender's Wing is an amazing offhand Statstick until you can get a Watcher's Eye Cold Conversion Jewel and a proper shaped Statstick. It is dirt cheap and together with Winter's Spirit brings us up to 90% Ele Conversion.
The rolls on this item don't matter, just get the cheapest one.
Trade Link

A pseudo 5l for our Clearskill is required to make Reave feel good.
This will be achieved by buying a rare Shaped Helmet with one of the "supported by" Suffixes: Supported by Innervate or Supported by Hypothermia
Even with Life/Res/Accuracy on these, they usually go for very cheap.
Supported by Inc AoE is recommended, but not required.
1 Support Link, 1+Inc AoE Link

Tombfist with one Abyssal Socket. These offer both a lot of Life and offensive Value and are not beatable.
You want to put a Murderous Eye Jewel in the socket, as you will Intimidate enemies all the time. This is effectively a 10% more Multiplier for your Damage, because we don't have any other sources of increased Damage taken on the enemy.
You are looking for either a 10% Attack Speed/5% Max life or 9%/6% roll. A perfect 10%/6% costs a premium that is not worth paying so early on.
Trade Link

Tabula is the obvious choice as an easy 6l for Blade Flurry.
A rare 5 or corrupted 6 link Chest with Life and Resists might be cheaper/better occasionally tho.
A 5l Blade Flurry is enough for early maps.
Tabula Link, 5l Rare Link, 6l Rare Link

Atziri's Promise, a Diamond Flask, and any 3 of these 4: Stibnite, Quartz, Basalt, Jade
Both Atziris Promise and a Diamond Flasks are big DPS increases, and Atziri's Promise adds survivability against Chaos Damage as well.
The other 4 Flasks are all great for Defensives, and I personally recommend a Stibnite, Quartz and Basalt.
Keep all of these up at all times, whenever you are about to engage a pack or Boss.
You need to get Bleed Immunity, Freeze Removal and Curse Immunity on 3 of these. Don't forget to quality them for more Duration and roll your Curse Immunity one with %increased Duration.
All of these Flasks will be super cheap to get, you probably will have all except the Atziris Promise form levelling anyways.
Atziri's Promise Link

The Rest of your Gear should be cheap Rares, which are very important for us.
If you need help finding these beginner Items, here are Search Links:
Rings, Amulet, Belt, Boots, Abyss Jewels, Normal Jewels
If the results are too expensive, simply adjust the Values to be 1 or 2 Numbers lower.

As you progress through maps and farm currency, I recommend upgrading to these items:

Belly of the Beast in a 5 Link. Belly offers a shit ton of Life and much needed Resistances.
This is the BiS Chest for this build, and I can't think of any I'd rather take except a mirror worthy Elder Chest on Standard.
Try to aim for 35%+ max Life.
Trade Link

Taste of Hate will be a pricey upgrade, but it offers a lot of damage and great physical Mitigation. By taking a portion of all physical Damage as elemental Damage, we reduce the incoming Amount through our Cold Resistance.
It also helps with Ele Reflect Maps, as explained further down.
Trade Link

Remember to upgrade your Rares as you go along. Increase the criteria of the searches slightly, or maybe add a second offensive property (e.g. Phys AND %inc Ele Damage).

Endgame Gear

Gear Overview

Ignore the Gems you see here, just follow the ones shown in the Gemlink Section 100%.

Belly of the Beast upgraded to a 6 Link. Easy 50% More DPS like that. Try to aim for 35%+ Life and 15% Allres.
Trade Link

A rare Chest with a lot of Flat Life and 15+ %Max Life.
These have been possible with Elder Chests before, but at insane prices.
The Delve League made them more available, and they can be equal to Belly, but will still cost a lot.
Ideally you would get Flat Crit added to Attacks on it, but at that point it goes into 100EX Territory.
Trade Link

Watcher's Eye with at least 35% Physical Converted to Cold. This is essential, as it lets us keep our Ele Conversion without Moonbender's Wing. This frees up our Offhand for a Shaped Statstick for a huge damage boost.
Trade Link

Shaped Statsticks are one of the biggest DPS increases you can get. Since we are converting from Physical to Elemental we make use of these in all ways: we get the full value of "added as extra" mods, as well as properly scale the added elemental Damage via ele Pen and EdWA Support.
Try to aim for 60%+ Added as Extra Elemental at least. These can ONLY be Axes or Sceptres.
Sceptres Link, Axes Link

Tombfist with 2 Abyssal Sockets now. Just socket a second good Abyss Jewel with Life and Damage in here, preferably a Searching Eye Jewel to get the Maim for added security.
Trade Link

A Stygian Vise with WED, Life, Resists and a good Jewel.
Stygian Vise Link

Rare Claw with as high of Physical DPS, Attack Speed and Crit as you can get.
It's worth noting that I did my first Uber Elder Kill with a 330pdps claw with 7.5% Crit. So nothing crazy is required.
Only take Claws with LGoH, the Leech implicits add nothing and LGoH is crazy strong.
Trade Link

Upgrade your Rares as you go along. Aim for higher Life, higher flat Physical Damage, higher WED, higher Crit Multi, higher Accuracy etc.
Be sure to follow the Stat Priority and adapt the Trade Searches to your Needs.
Rings, Amulet, Abyss Jewels, Normal Jewels
Low Budget Links:
Rings, Amulet, Abyss Jewels, Normal Jewels

Enchantments are some expensive lategame upgrades you can make.
For the Helmet 150% inc Ice Golem Effect is best on paper, but he dies often. So I recommend to settle either for 40% BF Damage or 12% Bloodrage Attack Speed, which are both very close to each other.
On your Boots you want 10% Ele Pen if you haven't killed recently for bosses and Attack Speed if you have killed recently for Mapping.

Corruptions are similar late game upgrades. Incursion introduced a ton of new and useful ones, which you can look at here. Generally +1 Frenzies on Stuff, flat Crit Chance, etc. are all super useful.
I won't go more in-depth on this, as proper Corruptions are a thing for very advanced Characters due to the huge risk/reward included. At that point, you should be able to compare the Options in PoB yourself.


Rare Shaped Helmet with 20 Innervate+Inc AoE OR a Tempest's Binding
TB offers more Damage and Res, the rare Helmet more Life and way more Area. Choose depending on your preferences or the Price/Availability. TB is not available in every League, Harbinger Orbs are required.
Rare Link, TB Link

The Perfect Helmet would be 20 Innervate/Hypothermia + 20 Inc AoE + 30% more Elemental Damage (Essence of Horror) as well as some Life and Accuracy. That goes into the 100EX Territory tho.
My old Helmets, one with only Innervate and one with only Hypothermia, both carried my Reave through the whole Atlas, including T16s.

Rare Boots OR Darkray's
Darkrays will give you the most Speed and Damage while mapping, at the loss of life. The 12% Dodge Chance we get at full Frenzies helps with Survivability tho.
1 Frenzy isn't that huge tho, so any other Boots can be taken, and Rares will offer Life and Res that is always needed.
Rare Link, Darkray Link

While farming Maps, going for a proper 6link for your Reave and socketing BF into the Helmet is an Option as well. BF damage will still be enough for any Bosses, but Reave might just cover a bit more Area with a 21 Inc Area.
(Vaal)Reave + Inc Crit Strikes + Inc Aoe + Multistrike + EdWA + DoFL

Bossing (Shaper, Uber Elder etc.)

Our Herald of Ice Curse on Hit setup and the Clearskill get removed to make space for more DPS and the Abyssal Sockets.
We run the CWDT Setup alongside the Frostbomb + Vaal Haste Setup explained in the Gem Links Section.

Herald of Purity, Ice Golem, Vaal AW
Just socket them somewhere, they don't need to be linked to anything.
Herald of Purity is just way more Damage than Herald of Ice, and on Bosses we can't make use of the Curse on Hit that is possible with HoI.
Ice Golem adds a significant amount of DPS.
Vaal AW is overall better than Protector for Bosses. Just remember to use the Vaal Version from time to time.

Lightpoacher: since we don't use a Clearskill for the Endgame Bosses, it makes sense to ditch our Pseudo Link Helmet. A 2 Socket Lightpoacher offers 15% Allres, upwards of 80 Life and a Shitton of Damage with the right Jewels.
Trade Link, Enchanted Trade Link

Bubonic Trail: As we don't need any more Speed, the Darkray's get swapped out for more Life and Safety from these. A 2 socket version obviously offers more Damage and Life, but comes at a hefty price point.
1 Socket Link, 2 Socket Link

Wise Oak and Lion's Roar are big More Multipliers to our Damage. For the Wise Oak make sure that with all Flasks up, your uncapped Cold Resistance is the highest. Should be no problem tho, since Taste of Heat gives us a lot.
Pefect Oak Link, Perfect Roar Link

Ralakesh's: can help you reach completely full Charges before a boss fight. Equip them, wait for full Charges, equip your other Boots and move to the Boss.

Jaws of Agony: in a weaponswap can be used to generate Power Charges inbetween Phases of Fights. use these LvL 1 Links:
Ice Trap + Multiple Traps + Cluster Trap

Survivability (HC) Choices

Kaom's Heart boosted my HP up to 8k with the HC Tree.
The lack of Sockets doesnt hurt since we clear with Reave in a Pseudo 5/preferably 6l. That is enough to clear even T16s with "difficult" mods for our DPS, as shown in the HC Video at the top.
BF can be either in an Elder Helmet swap (Conc Effect and Horror Essence) or Elder Gloves (Hysteria, Crit Multi, Faster Attacks).
Trade Link

A well rolled Basalt Flask could replace your Atziri's Promise if all you do is farm shaped T10-T12s, as the added damage rarely matters there. Just keep in mind that Atziri's actually makes a very noticeable difference against Chaos Damage, which we don't encounter that often tho.

A rare elder Belt with %inc Life Recovery Rate is insane, since it boosts your survivability through Leech by tons. They come at a hefty pricepoint tho, if you want other good rolls like Life, Res and WED. And you do.
Trade Link

A rare elder Amulet with % of max Life to max Life Leech Rate is a similar boost to our Leech, albeit less impactful than the Belt. These Amulets usually are pretty rare and hard to come by, especially with decent Stats.
Trade Link

I recommend taking the CWDT + IC setup and Arakaali at all times for more safety while Mapping. Ditch the Ancestral Protector.
Vaal Grace is an Option instead of Vaal Haste for even more Survivability.
CoH + Warlords- instead of Assassins Mark is also a Choice. It will add additional tankyness in a passive way. You could also just run an Enduring Cry, which needs to be maintained tho.

I recommend Levelling with Sunder, which you can buy from Nessa after The Siren's Cadence, until Maps.
I recommend fully swapping to the main Build/Setup at around Level 70 and after having done Merc Lab.

Ascendancy and Skilltrees

Ascendancy Progression:
Slayer into Raider into Ranger Start
Normal: +20 Dex/Strength and Passive Point
Cruel: Take Slayer and +40 Dex
Merciless: Take Raider
Uber: Take the Ranger Start

Uber Lab Tips

General Recommendations:
If it is your very first time doing this Lab, check out this detailed Guide.
Carry 2 Life Flasks with you, at least one being instant. If you happen to have it, Blood of the Karui is an excellent Flask for this. Other Flasks should be a Diamond, an Atziri's and a Basalt.
With our Overleech, we will be generally safe during Trap Sequences if there is something to kill before. Run the CWDT+IC Setup from the gemlinks section along with an upgraded Arakaali Pantheon (check the Pantheon section) for even more Safety.
Along that, go for Ryslatha to get passive Refills for your Life Flasks.

These are very general trees, since I don't know your particular levelling Situation. Do you have levelling Uniques? Do you have good Rares? Are you using Claws from early on or something else? Do you play SC or HC? Do you need some Stats for your Skills?
Try to adapt it to your needs: if you need more Life, go for the Scion Life wheel (the biggest Life Cluster in the game) earlier. If you have some good levelling Claws, maybe pick the Claw nodes earlier. Etc.

Level 30/After Normal Lab Tree:
PoE Planner
PoE Website

Level 52/After Cruel Lab Tree:
PoE Planner
PoE Website

Level 68/After Merc Lab Tree:
PoE Planner
PoE Website

Level 75/After Uber Lab Tree:
PoE Planner
PoE Website

Only take Vaal Pact once you are High Level and have some amount of Leech.
Take Winter's Spirit after you have one Cluster of Elemental Penetration.
Make sure to get Acro early on.
Use Bloodrage during Levelling.

If you struggle with INT, keep in mind Aspect of the Lynx, Coordination, Trickery and the 2 travel Nodes towards the Jewel Socket are nice sources for it. Coupled with Int on one Ring or Ammy (or both with very low Rolls), you are set.
You can take a +30 INT Node until you manage to fix it with gear.

After that, progress towards the Endgame Tree however you see fit. Generally the Claw Nodes are big tho :P

Levelling Gear and Gems

RaizQT made an awesome Guide about levelling with Elemental Sunder, which suits our purposes extremely well: Check it out!
I really recommend watching through it, as most people can learn a ton from it and this is the most efficient way to level for us.

That said, here is a guide for Sunder levelling:

Below are some Uniques that are useful while levelling. You probably won't have access to them if the Char is a League Starter, they are mostly for second Characters.
None of these are needed, they just speed up the process.

Tabula, Goldrim, Wanderlust, Lochtonial, Ondar's, Haemophilia

2x Screaming Eagle, Offhand Princess, MH Brightbeak, OH Tempestuous Steel, MH Flesheater

Heup, Blackheart, Meginord's, Deceiver, Carnage Heart, Praxis, Thief's Torment

All sorted in Ascending order of Lvl Requirement. Replace Brightbeak with Flesheater if DMG becomes a problem.
Keep in mind to not use too many at once, as some of them lack life. Keep some Rares around to get some flat life.

General Mapping and Bossing Playstyle

We zoom around the map at lightning speed thanks to our high attackspeed with Whirling Blades or Leap Slam.
Activate Bloodrage at the start of the Map and recast it if necessary.

Use Bladeflurry for big rares/uniques and map Bosses.
Remember to channel BF to 6 stacks by holding down the Button, and then "releasing" your Flurry (by letting go of the Button), and start over after that. This is required for maximum DPS and makes a huge Difference.

Make sure to use the Attack in Place Feature on your Clearskill and Leapslam (not WB).
If you click out of your reach with a Skill the character will walk a distance before he is "in range" to use the skill, which makes you loose control and can lead to deaths. This new feature will make you always "attack in place", so that you actually perform an action when you want.

You can put Ice Golem on Left Click. It will work just like the normal Left Click (walking around, picking things up) until you hold Shift+LClick to cast the Golem.

Don't forget to place your Ancestral Protector and Frostbomb on Bosses! The Frostbomb under the Boss, the Protector away so that he doesn't die.
You can use AP while clearing a Breach or Abyssal Crack as well, as your travelling slows down a lot.

Map Mods

Ele Reflect:
You can run it without problems, even though the vast majority of your Damage is Elemental.

For these maps you need to:
Pick Yugul + Solaris (Check the Pantheon Section further up).
Make sure your left Ring has no important resists or Stats (that loosing would brick your gear) on it. You Equip Sibyl's Lament here.

All together, you have 80 to 83% reflect Reduction, if you run the Endgame Setup of 75%+ Cold Conversion.
40% from Sibyl's Lament + 25% from Yugul + 10% from Primeval Force + 8% from Solaris if you haven't been hit recently OR 5% from Yugul if you have been hit recently.

Add on top the fact that we have 81% max cold Res due to Taste of Hate, as well as our Overleech, and we will be topped of most of the time.

This turns instantly rippy if the map has -Max Resists as well as Ele Reflect though, since the reflected damage will hit you way harder. Also, I don't recommend running T16s with ele Reflect.

Chance to avoid Elemental Ailments:
Is totally doable, but you loose a bit of safety cause you will rarely chill/freeze/shatter enemies. Also makes your Curse on Hit work less often.
The main turn off is, that you won't hear those juiiiiicy Shattering sounds tho :D

Less Recovery Rate of Life/Energy Shield:
Is a direct nerf to your Leech. It's not a huge downside most of the time, but I don't recommend running T16 guardian maps with that mod, as your survivability against the Boss will suffer.

Uber Elder

These 2 are your Friends.
You take the same gear as for all other Endgame Bosses, but swap out Bubonic Trail for Kaoms and instead of Herald of Ash you take Purity.

Kaoms Roots prevent you from being slowed during Elders Cone, which makes dodging things a breeze. It also prevents you from getting stunned by Shaper's Balls, so you don't tank two. Add on top of that the huge HP Boost, and these are a must have.
Try to get some with either "1 to X Lightning Damage if you haven't killed recently" or "10% Ele Pen if you haven't killed recently". The Pen offers more DPS, but not by a lot.
Trade Link

Purity of Ice helps against the many sources of Cold Damage in this fight and boosts your survivability a lot.

Using Kaoms makes you lose Gem Sockets. To keep your CWDT setup for the insane Survivability from Arakaali, you need to replace your Ancestral Protector + Inc Duration with CWDT + IC.
Depending on your Sockets, you might need to socket your Frostbomb with CWDT. If that's the case, make sure your Frostbomb is Level 11, so that you can still selfcast it.

All in all this is a big DPS loss, but you will still have enough. Uber Elder isn't a huge DPS check, it moreso checks mechanic knowledge and survivability.

Uber Atziri

Keep your normal mapping Flasks. Getting Cursed/Bleeded sucks here.
Also the Mobs are 100% Magic packs and probably the tankiest in the game, so I recommend going with your Bossing Setup for the whole run (ditching the pseudo 5/6l for Reave) and clearing with Blade Flurry where you swap in Inc AoE for trash.

For Atziri, keep your Flask Charges for the split Phases and focus down the Spear one.
With the correct timing you can precharge like 3 stacks of BF for a quicker kill on these.

Uber Lab Farming

While this is not a dedicated Uber Lab Farmer, and others can do it faster, it's still possible to reach great speeds with the same great survivability we enjoy everywhere while instantly phasing Izaro.
Note that you can NOT League Start as a Lab Farmer with this Build. You can however farm your own enchants lategame.

For maximum Speed, use Leapslam with a Brightbeak along a 3 Green Prismatic Eclipse in a weapon Swap. Skip all mobs and only use your main Weapons for Argus/Izaro.
For Flasks I recommend 2 Blood of the Karui along an Atziri's, a Diamond and a Basalt or Taste of Hate.

Insanity Gloves like these can be used to make our Leapslam even faster.

Our Overleech keeps us safe on Trap Sequences. To further enhance it you can use the CWDT+IC Setup along Arakaali level 2 explained in the Pantheon section.
Ryslatha should be taken for Life Flask refills.

If you want to farm for a long Time, respeccing from Raider to Pathfinder for more Flask Sustain is a possibility.

As a very inexperienced Lab Farmer (never really done it) I managed to get 3 1/2 to 4 Minute 3 Key + 2 Darkshrine Runs on a good day:

All these PoBs were made with my personal Character and Gear from Bestiary (Claw) + Incursion (Rest).
SC Mapping
SC Bossing

HC Mapping
HC Bossing

If you don't know what PoB is, I strongly recommend picking this insanely powerful tool up here and checking out this video guide or its written form.
Ascendant Cold Conversion BF/Reave:

Ascendant Hopeshredder RoA:
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Besides the wide variety of Clearskills you can choose from, there are also some other possibilities to make a Ele Conversion, Crit Based Slayer/Raider work! I will outline some of them here.
Everything that's not mentioned will be the same as in the "main" Guide.

Molten Strike

Molten Strike is the most busted Melee Skill together with Blade Flurry. This Build Variation has some downsides compared to the "main" Build, but will excel in high Level Delves.
Molten Strike with ancestral Call will cover the whole Tunnel, and the rapidly hitting hundreds of Projectiles give us awesome Life Sustain through Life Gain on Hit from our Claw.

Here are the Pros and Cons compared to the "Main Build":

- Easier and cheaper to gear for (No Stat Stick or Accuracy needed)
- Excels in high Level Delves

- Lower Clear Damage, as Reave doesn't get as much converted to Ele Damage
- Not as good mechanically for Bosses (only slightly)


These are assuming an Endgame Character at Level 95.

SC Tree (192% inc Life):
Image Version

PoE Planner
PoE Website

HC Tree (220% inc Life):
Image Version

PoE Planner
PoE Website

As you can see, these are absolutely minor Changes compared to the "main" Tree.
We drop Twin Terrors, as we are not Dual Wielding anymore, and path on the lower Side to grab Point Blank for a huge more Multiplier.
Along the Might of the Meeks from the Main Build, 2 Wildfire Jewels are required for maximum Molten Strike DPS. These add 2 Projectiles per Jewel, which is a huge and required Multiplier for our Damage for 1c each.

I tested out using the Slayer Start, but the pathing results in less DPS with the same Life.


The Gear stays exactly the same, except for these minor Changes:

Lycosidae for your Offhand, since Molten Strike isn't stat-stickable.
This eliminates the need for any Accuracy on Gear, making Rings and Amulets slightly cheaper. Also, Lycosidae will be significantly cheaper than a good Stat Stick.
Trade Link

The Jewellry Stat Priority changes, as Accuracy is a wasted Stat now. Also, since we are not Dual Wielding anymore, any modifiers for "Dual Wielding" become worthless.
Rings, Amulet, Abyss Jewels, Normal Jewels
If the results are too pricy for you, simply lower the "Weighted Sum" or "Count" in the Search form :)

A Watcher's Eye with flat added Crit Chance while affected by Hatred.
This is our best Choice, as Molten Strike already has built in 60% Conversion and we can reach 100% from the Tree without a Conversion Watchers Eye.
Trade Link

A Dying Sun will replace the Lion's Roar when we face tough Targets (or Delves).
The 2 added Projectiles are a huge DPS boost, and the added max fire Res doesn't hurt either.
Trade Link

A Helmet with "3 added Molten Strike Projectiles" is a rather huge, but not required, upgrade for Bosses.
You have the Choice between several different Helmets here, but I recommend Lightpoacher like usual for the Res, Life and very nice Damage. A good rare Helmet or Starkonja's are choices as well tho.
Lightpoacher Link, Starkonja's Link, Rare Link


Gems are, as always, sorted in the descending Order of DPS they provide.
The Colours indicate the Gem Colour.
The only thing that changes from the "main" Build is your 6 Link:

Molten Strike + Concentrated Effect + Elemental Damage with Attacks + Damage on full Life + Elemental Focus OR Multistrike + Ancestral Call

The same generic scaling as for Blade Flurry, but you have the choice between Ele Focus and Multistrike. While Ele Focus results in higer DPS, Multistrike is not far behind and might feel a lot better to use.
I recommend trying both Options out and deciding on your own.

Ancestral Call might seem like a weird Choice if you're new to Molten Strike. The resoning behind it is, that it doubles the amount of Projectiles (our main Source of Damage) we fire. This even works on Bosses, but you have to use the "Attack in Place" feature for Molten Strike and stand a bit away from the Boss.


The playstyle stays vastly the same as with the "main" Build.
Instead of using Blade Flurry for Bosses or tough Rares, you simply use Molten Strike (with the "Attack in Place" feature turned on).

Make sure to stand close to the Boss, but around a distance so that your Ancestral Call still doubles your Projectiles.


I will only include one PoB (the SC Bossing one) for my Build Variations as everything else is covered by the main Guide already.
SC Bossing PoB

If you don't know what PoB is, I strongly recommend picking this insanely powerful tool up here and checking out this video guide or its written form.

PoB doesn't calculate Molten Strikes DPS correctly, as multiple Projectiles and their Chance to hit the target don't get accounted for.
I'm gonna quote the amazing WaffleT on how to calculate an approximation of your Molten Strike DPS:

Completed 21 ChallengesWaffleT wrote:

I used https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1903956/page/1 as my basis
which calculates that the chance for each ball to hit on a normal sized target is 0.47. This is still an estimation and probably flawed but its the best I've been able to find

Its worth noting that path of building doesn't apply multistrike to the balls which is why we need to take the balls average damage and multiply it by our molten strike attack speed instead of using their DPS number

Molten balls average damage(not dps) x Molten strike (Strike not balls)attack speed x 0.47 x Number of Balls + Molten strike hit dps = Estimated DPS

So as an example for me personally with 2 Wildfire Jewels, a Dying Sun, Ancestral Call and NO Helm Enchant:
Ball average Damage 115.495,5 x
Attack Rate 6,91 x
Chance to Hit 0.47 x
Number of Projectiles 18 +
Molten hit DPS 609.941,7
= 7.361.647 Shaper DPS

Note that this is under 100% ideal Circumstances, which are hard to hit. Perfect Range for Ancestral Call and the Melee part to work and maximum Point Blank applied to every Projectile (which isn't realistic).

Spectral Throw

Spectral Throw is still an "A Tier" Skillchoice and while it isn't as "good" as the BF/Reave Combo, it certainly is an extremely viable Skill to do all Endgame Content with minor Changes as well. If you enjoy the playstyle, give it a shot :)

Here are the Pros and Cons compared to the "Main Build":

- Easier and cheaper to gear for (No Stat Stick or Accuracy needed)
- Slightly more relaxed/slower Playstyle. Doesn't require as much "managing" and Buttons
- Lower INT requirement, more Gem Sockets available

- Lower Boss DPS
- Slower Clearspeed (slightly)
- Less safe Mapping (slightly)
- Not as good mechanically for Bosses (not by a lot tho)
- Requires a Gemswap for hard Bosses


These are assuming an Endgame Character at Level 97.

SC Tree (192% inc Life):
Image Version

PoE Planner
PoE Website

HC Tree (228% inc Life):
Image Version

PoE Planner
PoE Website

As you can see, these are absolutely minor Changes compared to the "main" Tree.
We drop Twin Terrors, as we are not Dual Wielding anymore, and path on the lower Side to grab Fangs of Frost and Point Blank


The Gear stays exactly the same, except for these minor Changes:

Lycosidae for your Offhand, since ST isn't stat-stickable.
This eliminates the need for any Accuracy on Gear, making Rings and Amulets slightly cheaper. Also, Lycosidae will be significantly cheaper than a good Stat Stick.
Trade Link

The Jewellry Stat Priority changes, as Accuracy is a wasted Stat now. Also, since we are not Dual Wielding or using BF anymore, any modifiers for "Dual Wielding" or "Area Damage" become worthless.
Rings, Amulet, Abyss Jewels, Normal Jewels
If the results are too pricy for you, simply lower the "Weighted Sum" or "Count" in the Search form :)

A Helmet with 30% Reduced ST Decelleration is required for maximum DPS, and makes a rather huge difference. The Helmet slot got freed up since we don't use a seperate Clearskill anymore.
You have the Choice between several different Helmets here, but I recommend Lightpoacher like usual for the Res, Life and very nice Damage. A good rare Helmet or Starkonja's are choices as well tho.
Lightpoacher Link, Starkonja's Link, Rare Link


Gems are, as always, sorted in the descending Order of DPS they provide.
The Colours indicate the Gem Colour.
The only thing that changes from the "main" Build is your 6 Link:

Vaal ST + Elemental Damage with Attacks + Damage on full Life + Hypothermia + Added Cold + Slower Proj/GMP

You always use GMP for mapping, and Slower Proj for hard Bosses. All Map Bosses up to T15 will be easily disposed by a Vaal ST + GMP ST tho.

As your Helmet Slot isn't occupied by a Clearskill anymore, you can take some other Stuff along while mapping. This could be an Ice Golem, or a CWDT Setup (which I previously didn't recommend for SC mapping). That means you would run with the Arakaali Pantheon at all times.


The playstyle stays vastly the same as with the "main" Build.
Instead of having to manage Reave Stacks and casting Vaal Reave from time to time, and using BF to clear tough rares or map Bosses, you only use (Vaal) ST.

Clear Trash with ST and pop one of your three(!) Charges of Vaal ST for Stuff like Strongboxes, Abyss Rares or Map Bosses.

For Guardians and Shaper/Uber Elder/etc. you swap out GMP for Slower Proj.

Make sure to stand close to the Boss, but preferably around a distance so that your ST hits the Boss at the Apex of it's Arc. He will receive more Hits at once like that.

If neither the Main-Guide, nor any of these Variations here are to your liking:
I implore you to check out "Monhsaroh's Immortal Flicker/Molten Strike Champion-Jugg".
It is another Build that farms all the Content in the Game very comfortably, and Mohnsaroh is also very helpful and quick to reply in his (very well structured) Thread :)

Here are some generic Tips once you get to really deep Levels:

Consider the HC Setup. The added Survivability is essential.
Consider using the Molten Strike Variant for very deep Levels. Molten Strike with Ancestral Call covers the whole Corridor, and the Life Gain on Hit from our Claw coupled with the hundreds of Projectiles offers an insane Amount of Sustain.
Switching to this Version only requires minimal Tree and Gear Changes, so give it a shot if you are into pushing the Delve Ladder :)
Otherwise use Blade Flurry for everything. In deeper Levels the Damage will matter more, and you don't need Reave for the crazy speed Clear like during mapping. Especially since the corridors are so narrow BF will cover a lot of area anyways.
The crazy Damage of BF will carry you once your Damage falls off in deep Levels.
Consider a Blasphemy Setup. You can drop your Herald of Ice for a Blasphemy Temp Chains or Enfeeble for added Security.
Get Crit Mitigation through Belt of the Deceiver or a Chest Corruption for 500+ Depths.
Set up an Ichimonji Weaponswap with Vigilante Strike and a "Vigil" Jewel on your Tree for 36+ Second Fortify or use another Source of Fortify.
Get more Freeze Chance. Freeze is insane in Delves, and there are a couple ways to get it more reliably: Pathing on the lower Arm of the Primeval Force Cluster, Grabbing Fingers of Frost, using a Taming Ring, using a Doryanis Invitation. Not all of these are equally viable, but all worth considering.
Frost Wall can be an invaluable Survival Mechanism, if you happen to get overwhelmed. Linking this in a CWDT Setup is great.
Conversion Trap can be similarily used to thin down Packs. That way you have to deal with less Mobs at a time. Maybe link it to Increased Duration if you can.

Not much changed for this Build, but it did not get nerfed in the slightest and received some Minor Buffs.
Blood Rage can now be cast instantly, without interruption of Movement. This is a QoL Change, that shoves off 3 seconds or so off every map run and might help on Bosses too.
(Vaal) Ancestral Warchief was introduced. AW was already close to Protector in terms of DPS gain, but the Vaal Version now grants even more "more" Melee Damage. This puts it over Protector for Bosses, as long as you remember to use it from time to time. That said, Protector is still preferable for mapping.
Herald of Purity is the new Minion and Phys focused Herald. It is stronger than Herald of Ash for Bosses, simply because if its flat added Physical Damage to Attacks. Until you have it at Level 20, Ash is better tho.

What about Hrimsorrow/Shroud of the Lightless/Loreweave/Abyssus/Bloodseeker?
I don't recommend using them for the following Reasons:
Hrimsorrow and other Conversion Items
Hrimsorrow might offer a lot of Conversion, but lacks heavily in Life and Damage overall.

100% Conversion is not the be-all end-all. The Damage and Life Tombfist offers through 10% Attack Speed, 6% Max Life and 2 Strong Abyss Jewels (80+ Flat Life and tons of Flat Damage) is unbeatable for us.
Also, the Intimidate we get from socketing a Murderous Eye into them is a flat 10% more damage.

Hrimsorrow just gives us less DPS and way less Life than a Tombfist with even mediocre Jewels.

While more Conversion is always good, the Items to get that Conversion aren't:

Conversion Vinktar offers far worse DPS than any of the Bossing Flasks we can use.

Stormchargers don't only make your Life Drop tremendously, they also can't compete with the Damage from Bubonic Trail.

Temple Conversion Gloves would make you lose Intimidate from Tombfist (10% more Damage), 6% max Life and the DPS from Abyss Jewels. While these are the most reasonable items out of any of the ones mentioned here, only mirror worthy perfectly divined 6T1 Spiked Gloves with Conversion would beat Tombfist.

Shroud of the Lightless

Shroud looks tempting because it offers free Elemental Penetration as a sixth Link.

That said, our worst and last link (Melee Phys) still offers a LOT more DPS than the Ele Pen would. And if you don't heavily stack Abyss Jewels, the Life is also worse.
And even then, the DPS from a proper 6link is still way more.


Loreweave seems like a very good choice in the eyes of many. It seemingly adds a ton of survivability via 80% max Res and a lot of damage via flat Phys, Crit Chance, and WED.

That said: Physical Damage is the most commonly encountered and most dangerous Damage in the Game due to not being able to outplay/avoid it.
All dangerous Elemental One Shots (Volatiles, Bearers, Atziri Falmeblast, Shaper Balls, etc.) can be completely avoided, while the hundreds of thousands physical Attacks with big Crits etc. while mapping/delving cannot. And on this Build, we don't have significant Phys Mitigation so we have to stack as much Health (e.g. through Belly of the Beast) to counter that.

Loreweave not adding even remotely as much Health as Belly is a significant Survivability loss in all Situations, also because the strength of our Leech scales off of our max Health, which would be low with a Loreweave.

While Loreweave might seem attractive because of the bigger Damage, all in all Belly offers more Survivability while also adding 15% Allres. This makes gearing easier and lets me drop any Res on my Rings for example, so I can get more damage.
Also, Loreweave fucks up our Defenses against Uber Elder from Purity of Ice and Taste of Hate (also while mapping with ToH), since it actually gives us way less max Cold Res than we normally would have.

Check this chart:
75 vs 80 max Res

As you can see, a Character with 5000 Life and 75% Res would die from a 20000 Elemental hit, while the 80% Maxres Loreweave Wearer would survive with 1000 HP to spare. The difference in reduction gets more noticeable the larger the incoming Damage is.
In "real Life" PoE you will never receive 20k Ele Hits tho, if you don't decide to stand in Volatiles. So the Loreweave upside isn't as noticeable as the Chart might make you think.
Also, with my recommended SC tree, a 5000HP Loreweave Character would sit at 5500 with the Belly and survive the 20k Hit regardless.
Added on top of that is the fact, that there are more sources of Physical than Elemental Damage in the game, against which Loreweave offers nothing but Belly offers a shit ton more Life.

Belly has Loreweave beat HARD in terms of Survivability, and the DMG upside of Loreweave isn't that big. Don't use it.


Abyssus is a popular Item that many Build Guides use to artificially increase your DPS numbers.
I say artificially because you don't do any DPS when you're dead. And with Abyssus you will be dead. A lot.
Yes, it is the biggest DPS upgrade you can find on any piece of gear. But it is well balanced, and doesnt offer any Defenses. You actually take increased physical damage.
While this Build is very survivable, and in HC even could be called tanky, it doesn't have the Physical Mitigation a Jugg has. You will avoid almost all damage, and heal back up from small or big hits instantly, but that doesn't help if you get one Shot. Without Abyssus you won't get one Shot. With it you still avoid 99% of attacks, but if that one juicy rare with crit multi hits you, you're instantly dead.

I don't recommend this item, even with only a 40% increased Damage taken roll. Don't use it.


Bloodseeker is a trash Claw for DPS, and no amount of Points can weigh that up. The low attack Speed makes map clears incredibly slow too.

The instant Leech directly counters Slayer Overleech and doesnt work with it. Also, I consider Overleech to be the superior defensive mechanism. Especially on Boss Fights, you are safe even when there isn't Stuff to attack. This is especially relevant on Uber Elder.

What's better Claws or Foils?
For us, it's Claws.
Check this for an explanation

You can path for Foils pretty efficiently and get the same-ish damage, but Claws pull ahead thanks to the following:
- Free Life and Mana Leech from Claw Nodes
- Free Life gain on Hit from Claw Implicits (super strong actually)
- Free %inc Life Leech per Second from Claw Nodes
- better Crit Chance on the Weapons

Claws get a ton of QoL and Defensive advantages on top of having the same damage as Foils.
If you take into Account that with Foils you have to actually grab a Mana Leech node to sustain, you achieve less damage with them.
Even with the offensively stronger Implicits on Foils, they simply don't compare to Claws in the end (for us).

If you happen to ID a 500pDPS Foil tho, go ahead and use it :D

What's better in the Helmet? Innervate or Hypothermia?
Tough Question actually!

Hypo is a More Multiplier, thus offers more Damage by default, but only against Enemies that are already chilled. This means that on the first hit it's worthless, and on the second hit it does a lot of Damage (cause the first one chilled enemies).
Innervate on the other Hand has upfront Damage, but less overall.

So a pack that would get one shot with Innervate, might take 2 Swings wih Hypo. But a pack that would get 2 Shot with Hypo might take 3 with Innervate.

That said, the fact that Hypo only offers Damage on the 2nd Hit gets offset by our insane Attack Speed and Multistrike, which means that we always do 3 Swings anyways with 1 Button Press. That said, if you are surrounded by mobs you swing once in every Direction (sometimes). So in that case Innervate would maybe one Shot everything, while Hypo might need 2.

Innervate also grants Shock Chance, which is insignificant against Bosses, but actually applies a big Shock against Trash. That acts as a more Multiplier on its own. And as an added Bonus, the "Innervate" Buff you get boosts your BF Damage a bit.

Hypo offers Freeze Chance as a Bonus.

All in all they are pretty equal, but I prefer Innervate.
If you have 2 Helmets with similar Mods, but one has Hypo and the other Innervate, I would go for the cheaper one.

What advantages does this Build have over physical-Foil based Reave/BF Ascendants?
More DPS and more Survivability due to Acro, Claw LGoH and Freeze/Shatter. Here is the Char of a popular phys Foil Guide-Creator: 6.7kk Shaper DPS vs the same Char with my Tree and the Foil as a Claw: 7.7kk Shaper DPS

Is this Build SSF Viable?
You need a Moonbender's Wing and a Thunderfist or a Shaped pseudo 5l Helmet to truly follow this guide. Moonbender's is low level and the only Unique Tomahawk, so it can be chanced easily. Thunderfist's can be Chanced from Murder Mitts or dropped, they are not that rare. A Shaped Helmet might be easier to aquire tho.
Seeing that people still play Unique dependant builds in SSF (Summoners, QOTF Wanders etc.), this one should work out as well. You have the benefit of not needing Uber Lab and working with just Reave until you get a pseudo 5 Link.
That said, rare Itemization in terms of Rings/Amulet/Belt is important for this Build. So if you are not fond of crafting, you might be in for a tough time in SSF.

Why not use Vaal Double Strike?
Explanation here:
Double Strike Thoughts

You need Chance to Bleed as a gem to make it work as a Main Link.
Vaal Double Strike - Chance to Bleed - EDwA - DoFL - Ruthless - Ele Focus.
The Double Strike Part itself is at 3.7kk Shaper DPS compared to my 5.3kk with BF.
Each Vaal Double Strike Clone is 950k DPS tho, so with 2 Clones up you slightly beat the normal BF DPS and with 4 Clones up you come out ahead.

It's cool when you can burst down a Boss with all 4 Clones, like random map Bosses or Guardians. On Shaper/Atziri/Uber Elder it is worse than BF due to immunity/transition phases. You blow your clones P1 and then you are a wet noodle, comparatively. Souls take ages to build up on Bosses and you won't get many uses out of VDS. You can maybe start with 4 Clones on a fight (map bosses, shaper, uber atziri), but you usually won't reach them during the fight.

Also keep in mind that Double Strike is a true Namelock Melee Skill with (almost) no Range. Feels way worse than BF with its big-ish AoE and autoaiming on fights. Also, BF hits everything in it's path which makes stuff like Portals on Uber Elder super easy and can actually be decently used to kill extremely tough packs while mapping.

What about Elementalist/XYZ instead of Slayer?
It's strictly worse. We lose the main Component of our Survivability, and the Damage might be the same.

We will be looking at Elementalist instead of Slayer for this Example:

By dropping Slayer we lose one of the most OP defensive Mechanics in the Game. Period.

I have 5.400.000 Shaper DPS with my Incursion Gear as Slayer/Raider. So it would take me 10 Seconds to kill a 54.000.000 Health Enemy.
With Culling Strike, thats down to 9 seconds because he gets culled once he reaches 10%. This 9 second killtime on a 54kk Health enemy means, that my effective DPS is 54kk/9 = 6.000.000.
Without Slayer (20% inc Damage while leeching), I'm sitting at 5.268.000 Shaper DPS. Now I take Elementalsit and sit at 5.846.000 Shaper DPS. Add in a Lightning Golem since we can take 2 (wont be up always tho, probably rarely) and I sit at 6.000.000 DPS.
And that even only IF the Lightning Golem survives.

How does Damage on full Life work, if Blood Rage is running and the Health Number is always below Full?
It's only visual. As long as your Life Recovery through Regen and/or Leech is bigger than any Degen, you count as on full Life even if the Globe says "(Health-5)/Health".
The Damage Multiplier applies.

How do "Stat Sticks" work and don't you lose DPS by not using 2 Claws?
No, we don't lose DPS or Attack Speed.

A "Stat Stick" is a Weapon that you don't attack with, but only wield to gain it's global Benfits (meaning they always apply).

Skills like Reave or Blade Flurry are limited to certain Weapontypes, and for example can't be used with Axes and Maces/Sceptres.
This means, that when wielding a Weapon that can be used, and one that can't, your Skill only attacks with the usable Weapon.
By using this Method, you were always able to gain Benefits from the unusable Weapon in your Offhand as long as they apply globally and not to the weapon itself. Old Examples for this are Moonbenders Wing with 50% global Phys to Ele Conversion, Deaths Hand, Rigwalds Savagery, The Dark Seer, etc.

"War for the Atlas" introduced Shaper and Elder Items. One handed Shaped Sceptres, Claws, Swords and Axes (and other weapon types) can roll "Gain X% of physical Damage as extra X Damage" mods, which apply globally and not locally onto the weapon itself.
This turned out extremely overpowered, as a Physical Stacking Build such as this gets insane Benefits (at its maximum one Mod can be equal to a Hatred Aura) from these Statsticks.

Ironically, not using our second Weapon for attacking still allows us to benefit from Dual Wielding Boni (10% more Attack Speed, 20% more Attack Phys Damage, 15% additional Block Chance) at no loss.

A Skill such as Frostblades/Molten Strike/Spectral Throw, which uses all Weapon Types, can not make this work.
Wielding a "Stat Stick" would be a significant DPS loss for a Frostblader, due to Statsticks having horrible DPS by design.
You'd either have to use 2 equal weapons (which is incredibly costly), or one weapon and a Shield.

Why "McFlurry" Flurry?
McFlurry is a type of Ice Cream, and this is a cold conversion Blade Flurry build :P

From newest added to oldest:

- Removed rare Boots from the HC Segment as that's redundant at this point
- Reworded Survivability/HC segment
- Added Scions bad levelling experience as a "Con"
- Added Blood Rage + Full Health FAQ Segment
- Added Statstick/Ele Conversion FAQ Segment
- Removed/Reworked some outdated wording
- Added a Disclaimer to only take LGoH Claws
- Expanded on Uber Lab Farming with Insanity Gloves, PF Respec and personal Results
- Added Info on proper BF usage to the Gameplay Tips Section
- Added a rare Elder Amulet (max Life Leech Rate) to the HC Choices
- Updated PoB Links
- Updated Videos for 3.4
- Added a bit onto the Loreweave Discussion
- Some reformatting in the FAQ
- Added Ichimonji Setup and Crit Mitigation to the Delve Tips
- More emphasis on the second Post in the Introduction
- Updated Ring and Amuler Endgame Tradelinks with higher WED weighting
- Swapped "Build Variations" (now first) and "Delve Tips" in the 2nd Post
- Revamped the League Start Gear Segment
- Added a rare Chest Endgame Option
- Reworked the Belt Trade links for Delve mods
- Expanded a bit on the Delve Notes
- Updated Trees to Unnatural Instincts, and included a 2 Meek Tree.
- Reformatted the FAQ a bit, added some Linked Items, one SSF addition regarding Rares
- Added Bloodseeker, XYZ instead of Slayer Discussion and Innervate vs Hypo to the FAQ
- Reworked Specral Throw Trade Links to weighted Sums
- Added a Molten Strike Variant to the Build Variations
- Added Tips for very deep Delves
- Reworked levelling Trees (now includes mana Leech node. Only said to take it if you need it prior)
- Reworked many rare Tradelinks to be Weighted Sum Searches
- Updated everything for 3.4
- New "Rare Jewel" Trees
- Added a 60c Budget Uber Elder Kill Video
- Finally added Ralakesh's Impatience to the Endgame Bossing Gear
- Some minor Text and format Changes
- Added an Explanation for Path of the Ranger/Skipping Points on the Tree as Scion
- Revamped the Gear Overviews for Endgame Gear
- Added Trade Links for endgame Mapping Items (completely forgot about those)
- Added a Spectral Throw Variation of the Build to the second Post
- Added Conversion Item Info (they all suck) to the FAQ, minor Tree Changes (1 Node)
- Updated Rings/Amulet Trade Links to include crafted accuracy
- Updated some HP numbers, Defensives, added 2 Trade Links for endgame Bossing
- Expanded on Endgame Mapping Gear with Rares
- Reordered Trees: Might of the Meek now shows first and is recommended
- minor Changes to Text in mapping/Uber Elder Tips
- Added Trade Links for every single Piece of Gear (rares included)
- Optimized Gem Links a bit to better fit Sockets
- Moved the "not recommended Items" to the FAQ to make Space, and expanded a bit on it
- Added comparison PoBs for Phys Foil vs Ele Conversion Claws to the FAQ
- Now explicitly recommend Wasp Nest over ToA, feels way smoother as a starter
- Added some Gemchoices for excessive Map farming
- Shortened some of the BB Codes for more Space in the Post
- Added new Might of the Meek Trees and PoBs (more Life, same DPS)
- Updated Trade Links for Incursion
- Added another Sunder Levelling Guide and levelling Uniques recommendations
- Updated some Progression Gear recommendations
- Updated all Gemlinks and Skilltrees for 3.3
- Added a blurb about generic Corruptions
- Added a Video showcasing the HC Versions Tankyness
- Added HC Gear/Gemchoices
- Moved the FAQ into the 2nd Post (1st one was at 49/50k letters again)
- Added some Notes concerning SSF
- Reuploaded all Images (old hoster died)
- Added Tips for first-time and farming Uber Lab
- Added Claws vs Foils notes to the Gear Section (E: now in the FAQ)
- Added Info about Enchants and Gemlevels
- Added some example Rares for progression Gear (hopefully the last gear I have to buy for linking)
- Shortened every URL for more Space (was at 47/50k letters prior)
- New levelling Trees
- Added RaizQTs Sunder ele Conversion levelling Guide
- Added a new Video with a more crazy map clear example
- Added a Shaper full-Health-Kill.gif
- Added some Loreweave Thoughts
- Added more Trade Links for rare Items
- Some formatting changes, fixed some Typos

From earliest ETA to latest:

- include Vitality Void Info
- include Hale Negator
- Add Foil Variations
- Add VDS, Cons Path, other Stuff
- Update Build Variations PoB (and Images?)
- Add Depp Delve Pushng PoB

Lastly, thanks for taking interest in my Guide :)
I know this is not an innovative Build, but it is certainly a strong one that newer and experienced players alike can play as their sole character to do all content in the game.
I'm always down to hear constructive Criticism and answer questions.

Hope you have a nice day everyone :)

Ascendant Cold Conversion BF/Reave:

Ascendant Hopeshredder RoA:
Last edited by Guffinn on Nov 17, 2018, 9:08:49 PM
Dope build, dope guide +1

nice looking guide :) gonna try this with my leftover bestiary currency (and im aware i wont get the best stuff at this stage of the league).

in case i like it, would you say this build could work as starter into the new league? im sorry for this kind of bad question, but im really inexperienced when it comes to bf builds. thanks in advance!
Completed 17 Challengesviatrix_1115 wrote:

nice looking guide :) gonna try this with my leftover bestiary currency (and im aware i wont get the best stuff at this stage of the league).

in case i like it, would you say this build could work as starter into the new league? im sorry for this kind of bad question, but im really inexperienced when it comes to bf builds. thanks in advance!

Ty for the nice words mate :)

That's not a bad question at all.
It works as a league starter for sure, I myself started with it in Bestiary! With the 1Alch to 3c Uniques shown in the "Progression Gear" segment, I pushed into red maps easily. Just gotta upgrade rares as you go.
Blade Flurry is insane even on a Budget, and for clear any skill is able to 1 Shot Stuff on a (pseudo) 5link these days.
The cherry on top is, that our Uber Lab is pretty unimpactful. All you get from it are a bunch of Skillpoints, which is nice but not build enabling. So if you struggle finding trials, it's no problem.

Hope I could help,
Ascendant Cold Conversion BF/Reave:

Ascendant Hopeshredder RoA:
Last edited by Guffinn on May 15, 2018, 11:01:42 AM
Shout out for the awesome, well written, colourful guide.
Been playing around in Flashback HC with this while waiting for Incursion. Having fun and will probably make it one of my dual league starters (usually run two characters and keep them around the same level)

Keep up the good work!
Completed 17 ChallengesSavage16 wrote:
Shout out for the awesome, well written, colourful guide.
Been playing around in Flashback HC with this while waiting for Incursion. Having fun and will probably make it one of my dual league starters (usually run two characters and keep them around the same level)

Keep up the good work!

Tyty, I try :D

Actually curious how it works out in HC. With 205% inc Life and Kaom's I can get 7.5k Life. Coupled with Slayer Overleech, full Acro and Defensive Flasks it seems incredibly safe. But as I don't play HC myself I have no way to tell.

Feel free to keep me updated how it goes for you :)
Ascendant Cold Conversion BF/Reave:

Ascendant Hopeshredder RoA:

Tyty, I try :D

Actually curious how it works out in HC. With 205% inc Life and Kaom's I can get 7.5k Life. Coupled with Slayer Overleech, full Acro and Defensive Flasks it seems incredibly safe. But as I don't play HC myself I have no way to tell.

Feel free to keep me updated how it goes for you :)

My goal is to get through Act 10 before Flashback ends, but I am by no means a fast leveler so I do not know if I will make it or not :)

Seems to do ok so far, though Flashback can throw some nasty combination of mods at you and I have died twice now. Once at 27 and again at 35. I am not normally a HC player and have only been doing so for something to do until Incursion starts so I probably do not play as cautiously or build as defensively as I should. That being said I feel if I did slow down a bit this build would be perfectly safe to do so!
Trying this build for some quick SSFHC fun on the Flashback event. Most difficult part so far is getting comfortable with the Sunder levelling part. I see a lot of people using it to great success, but for me it's kinda... clunky? Dunno if you need to pass a certain attack speed treshold for it to get smooth. As for the uniques, it's just a matter of pure mindless grind. :p
Completed 8 Challengesleafyr0kr wrote:
Trying this build for some quick SSFHC fun on the Flashback event. Most difficult part so far is getting comfortable with the Sunder levelling part. I see a lot of people using it to great success, but for me it's kinda... clunky? Dunno if you need to pass a certain attack speed treshold for it to get smooth. As for the uniques, it's just a matter of pure mindless grind. :p

I've been using Frost Blades for clearing and Dual Strike for ST. Feels pretty good so far though I am not very high level.

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