Bestiary as a Core Game Mechanic

Very sad.
"I just wanna kill stuff mindlessly" from the get go.

kadin wrote:
Just wanted to say good call guys. I appreciate the risk you took
well, now they won't take risks. next 3 leagues at very least = appeasement central with leagues akin to breach that favor a certain playstyle.
Only thing I'll miss from it is encountering the beasts in maps. I loved the added danger.

I don't think the league was bad, exactly, but just wasn't my cup of tea. Never really engaged in it.

Overall, from the sounds of how high the maintenance cost of it would be in terms of resource allocation, I think this is probably a solid decision.
Jul 27, 2011 - Sept 30, 2018.
argenex wrote:

That's pretty much how I felt. Except I hated the nets. Playing a slayer with built-in culling made it a pita. Which meant that I had to rely upon necro nets primarily and they are honestly either overpriced or hard to maintain. One net to rule them all would be nice, like just 1 necro net. The other issue is that occasionally all beasts on the map, you couldn't highlight them anymore at random. So then you were really boned.

I hope they fix it up at some point and make it part of the game, cause those items they introduced were god sends for diverse builds.

Side note, as a semi new player (Started in harbinger) This has been the longest league I've ever played consecutively. And thats mostly due to finally getting over that hump to learn enough mechanics about the game to appreciate all the ascension reworks. I play a lot of witch, and this league, I could make a witch do almost anything I could imagine.
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Good, this was a pretty disappointing league.
Oh thank god.
Dys an sohm
Rohs an kyn
Sahl djahs afah
Mah morn narr
There was one thing I really really liked: flasks mods and ms boots recipes.

Would be cool if you could add those as vendor recipes.

Example: life flask + 4L rare item = life flask of staunching (and similar for other mods).

I know that there is a ms boots recipe, but quicksilver flasks don't drop that often while leveling. If the recipe would become a 30% ms (or maximum applicable on item) instead of +5% increments would be great.

Some monster-mods were fun, use them in new monsters/bosses please.

Also Einhar is a cool guy. I guess it's hard to use him in the future.

Just make him "marry" Catarina, and allow us to do some optional hidden quest so Einhar gives us the missions instead of her (we still get Catarina reputation, use her bench and recipes). Activate the net button only while we're in a net mission (without requiring nets).
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Oh wow, didn't expect this. Good stuff!
The only fun thing about this league was how hard some of the red monster were the first time you saw them, after 10 or 20 fights... Ok, they just have too much hp for no fun reason.

Leveling, the only stuff you might need was the potion of movement, don't remember the name, but that's it, everything else you should find it killing monster like every other ARPG, not get it free because you play pokémon!

Cool thing they remove it!

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