Bestiary as a Core Game Mechanic

I'm relieved it won't be added. It is unfortunate, though, that some probably worked very hard on Bestiary and will see their hard work pulled out of the game.

I would suggest that the rapid dropoff in player count probably wasn't just player reaction to Bestiary (even though Bestiary was a clear focus for a lot of commentary). I suspect that it was Bestiary + re-running Masters + re-running trials and labyrinth + running through the zones required to reach maps + Atlas completion + working through map sustain challenges that's making building new characters seem more taxing than before.

In short, you might want to think through how much more "new" stuff the game can pack into it in the form of mini-games / required elements that need to be repeated for each character / account before player retention starts to become a much larger issue.

You might want to consider how to give players more control over their own in-game experience so players don't as often feel trapped into "Do this un-fun thing in the hopes of doing something fun later", whether that "un-fun feeling" be attached to Bestiary, Labyrinth, Masters, the re-leveling process, or the various frictions associated with building and managing a pool of maps.
Now that prestige classes will finally leave lab in 4.0, will GGG get it right this time or will they find new ways to repeat old mistakes?
I really liked that the league felt different and fresh. In one hand I am sad that it will go away but in the other I can see that it simply wasn't baked enough to be a core mechanic.

I hope that whatever comes next does indeed learn from the all the good and bad things that came with bestiary.

P.S. And ya know... I totally wouldn't mind Einar in a unique map where we have to capture beasts to summon a portal to the final boss of the map n stuff like that >.> ... stupid beast
Keep the new npc - perhaps as a new master? Would be stupid not to at least keep him.
well looks like reeeeeddit won. PUSHING BUTTON TO HARD! PLEASE REMOVE! sad cause the league for crafting was great but i guess the need to mindlessly off screen shit as fast as possible is the better choice.
I will miss a lot horizon orbs and prophecies recipes. :/ Would be good if the new mods stays, as they are funny, and as someone already have said here, make einhar a master on maps, with his crafting bench to do theses recipes
Just wanted to say good call guys. I appreciate the risk you took to try and make this work but I appreciate even more that you could properly analyze the situation and make the right call. I love the idea of Beastiary and what it could potentially be, but it's not right in the current form.

Please continue to do what you do and test new ideas like you do, your work overall with this game is nothing short of stellar!
Xavqwyrus wrote:
this is disappointing, but unsurprising.

Very good call! Puh, thanks for that!
GamingNorth on Youtube!
Headhunter drop during Legion! After 4711 hours!
Shagsbeard wrote:
Consider adding some of the beast crafting recipes to either prophecies or master crafting, or at least allow for similar effects somehow.

This was my intention too: Please add the Beast Bosses as a Prophecy-Chain each maybe with an enchant Altar similar to Lab at the end to craft the Aspect on an item. The Aspects and the Pseudo-Sets are a good expansion for the core Game.

The rest is reasonable to not get to core game.

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