Abyssal GC Miner (7k7 eHP, cheap to start, easy to follow, all content, Uber Elder deathless)

Abyssal GC Miner
Just Another GC Miner

First of all i have to say i'm not a native English speaker so my English is absolutely garbage. If you found i did something wrong pls help me correct it and improve the build guide, thanks!


(idk why i couldn't post the gif here so i decided to put the gif link here)

Build overview:
No legacy gear
No mirrored items
Under level 97
Uniques obtainable in league
<15ex budget to 1 shot endgame
Survive after taking a Volatile Dead on t16

==> Hard Core Viable

A note about DPS: According to PoB on my build with 6 PC i have 172k damage/hit, 7PC is 187.5k damage/hit. We place 4 mines and 20% chance to place an additional mine from Ascendancy so it is 4.2 mines/place at avarage. Mine laying time is 0.26.

==> (172,000 x 4.2)/0.26 = 2,778,461 DPS

Consider GC can hit twice due to mechanic so it is 5.5M DPS at all.

Table of Contents

Build Summary
Pros & Cons
Class & Ascendancy Options
My Gear
Passive Tree & Progression
Gem Links
Helm Enchantments
Boots Enchantments

Leveling Tips

Build Summary

The Abyssal GC Miner is a joy to play and gives you the feeling of almost truly being a boss killer as seen in many other genres, weaving through enemies and taking them down with massive damage from GC mines. You can do any map mod, kill any boss in this game easily even with t15 Elder or The Shaper, Uber Atziri, but Uber Elder is a little bit harder so you need to watch some clips to learn the fight mechanics and practice a lot.

Offensively, we are using Physical spell damage convert to elemental by GC (60%) and The Long Winter jewel (20%). Due to the physical damage base so we can use Hatred (on Essence Worm) to increase the damage even more and still have a large mana pool! Shimmeron offer a huge bonus dps from the add lightning damage, + critical strike multiplier per Power charge with a downside is taking massive lightning damage over time per Power charge if you dealt a critical strike, hence we’re using a Mine to deal damage so we don’t take the DoT and get a lot of benefit from dual wielding Shimmeron. We generate Power charges by using Jaw of Agony Shield with Bear Trap and 1 more spell skill link with Cluster Trap Support plus using Storm Prison give us +1 to maximum Power charges (7 at boss fight but usually we get 6 when mapping). 7 Power charges and a Diamond flask = 95% crit chance for Glacial Cascade Mine.

Defensively, we are Evasion & ES based. We get Evasion from gear and Blind from Saboteur Ascendancy (Born in the Shadows) making them 50% less accurate. This blind node offer less damage than the Explosives Expert node but it gives quality of life and a lot of defensives thanks to the "10% reduced Damage taken from Blind Enemies". Since I can handle the Uber Elder so I think DPS is not our problem, we need to survive. On top of that we take the Mind over Matter node on the tree to increase the effective health point, combine with Lavianga's Spirit or Vaal Clarity to maintain our mana pool, I have 7k7 ehp with 4965 life, 1862 mana and 938 ES, all elemental resistances is 108 and -9 chaos resist without flasks up.

Defensive stats on Hideout:

As for playstyle, we simply roll our flasks and use Phase Run through enemies, placing a quick GC Mine then manually Detonate it, easily clearing mobs. For any heavy single target, simply drop your Detonate Mine totem and place our mines to take them down within a second!

For the normal Elder fight, you just need to generate Power charges then place a Detonate Mine Totem and take him down easily even with t15 Elder, you don’t even need to move.

The Passive Trees and Path of Building Pastebin:


Flashback gear:

New passive tree for Incursion: (level 95) poeurl.com/bY3B


+ Deathless Shaper run by my friend, he is doing the same setup as me
+ T15 Elder run (note that this video has bad quality due to my 7FPS crappy laptop)
+ Minotaur run:

+ Pit of The CHimera run (The Purifier kill):

Pros & Cons

+ Very high DPS.
+ High survival (7k7 ehp), can have up to 20% maximum life regen when you detonate mines.
+ Budget friendly to get started
+ Can run any map mod, alch and go, or Unid map for more Quantity!
+ We can take down any boss in this game, carry other players and help our friends!
+ 94%+ critical chance while Diamond flask up and 6 Power charges so feel satisfied when we shatter enemies.
+ Easy capture beasts, throw a net then burst damages, even a Minotaur will be destroyed in 3 seconds.
- Flame Dash (94% crit) or Death Walk (39% crit) (from Bubonic Trail) and glove enchantment can cause lightning damage over time taken when you dealt a critical strike, so take care.
(400 Lightning DoT per Power Charge from Shimmeron (x2), so withh 6 PC it is 400 x 2 x 6 = 4.800 Lightning damage per second, at 75% Lightning resistance = 1.200 life degen per second)
- Can’t compare clear speed to a KB Wander or a TS Ranger.
- When you wanna deal damage you have to place a Mine then manually press the Detonate Mine so its 2 actions require to perform a damage hit.
- Death Walk from Bubonic Trail cause beast's corpse explode.
- Sometimes you have to use the Necromancy net to capture a yellow beast because of your Mines sometime just accidentally 1 shot them.
- By using MoM so we usually have a trouble with mana pool, but a Lavianga's Spirit can help a lot.

Class & Ascendancy Options

For Class & Ascendancy, we are choosing the Shadow and Saboteur. The Saboteur is the best Mine build in 3.2 (life/MoM base), there is a Lowlife Miner variation build written by Windz with Saboteur and Ascendant. As stated before, it is Mines that brings the meat of the damage. It allows us to stack increase damage node on our tree, gear and gem links (629% total) (177% more)! It also gives us another total 4.2 mines per place (adds 3 mines with Minefield, 1 with the Shaped mod on helm and Saboteur Ascendancy give 20% chance to place an additional mine), if we stack the Mine laying speed on jewel, gear and tree, our mine playing speed can reach 0.26s or even more (almost 4 places/second).

For Ascendancy Progression, I would follow this order:
1. Bomb Specialist
2. Pyromaniac
3. Demolitions Specialist
4. Born in the Shadows

My Gear:


Passive Tree & Progression

We grab the following Keystones in the tree:
Mind over Matter - Mind over Matter is an excellent effective life buffer to add into our build, easily bringing us over 7k effective life!

Here is the complete endgame passive tree:

Defensively, we grab all the life & mana and energy shield & resistances notable nodes in the tree, along with the major defensive keystones of the build. Getting these mana nodes are very nice, not only for their effective HP, but the defensives stats we get from them.

Offensively, we get elemental, mine damage and spell critical chance, critical multiplier and jewel sockets.

If you're lacking Dexterity, feel free to take the Alarity node (+30 Dex)
For Bandits, we will be helping Alira, for the Critical Strike Multiplier, mana regeneration and Elemental Resistances.

I would follow this tree progression into the final tree:

38 points:

65 points:

92 points:


Some useful Pantheons for the build include:
+ Soul of the Brine King - for avoiding chain stuns, useful against phys hits from strong monsters and bosses, I personally use this for Minotaur and Chimera fight. I also use this one while mapping, it pretty good for stun avoidance when combined with CWDT + Immortal Call.
+ Soul of Lunaris - for more movement speed and dodge chance, projectile avoidance, especially useful on Hydra fight, Uber Elder fight and clearing.

Any of the minors can be used depending on the situation.
+ Soul of Tukohama: Useful for fighting Minotaur because we usually place a DM totem and stand in place to boost damage.
+ Soul of Yugul: Useful against Hydra and Uber Elder fight.
+ Soul of Abberath: Useful when fighting fire boss like Phoenix.

Gem Links

Here are the following gem links for the build. Support gem links are shown in order of importance.

6 Link – Body Armour

Glacial Cascade - Minefield – Concentrated Effect – Remote Mine - Hypothermia – Trap and Mine Damage

Drop Trap and Mine Damage if you use Shroud of the Lightless
Though about Trap and Mine Damage and Hypothermia: Trap and Mine Damage gives a little bit more DPS but Hypothermia offers the "20% increased effect of chill on enemies" at 20 Quality.
I also recommend getting a level 21 Glacial Cascade for more base damage, its give you 7,9% more damage compare to level 20 Glacial Cascade!

4 Link - Gloves

Detonate Mine – Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance Support – Spell Totem Support – Increase Duration Support

This is how you stack ridiculous amounts of mines (16+ mines/sec) and your totem will help you detonate your mines when fighting bosses, they will be destroyed within 2 seconds.

I also recommend getting a 20 Quality Detonate Mine gem for more cast speed, these are very cheap.

4 Link - Helmet

Phase Run – Arcane Surge – Increased Duration Support – Flame Golem.

Phase Run makes you faster, harder to detect, and grants Phasing, letting you pass through enemies. When combined with “Born in the Shadows” it makes you become a truly Shadow in this game.
Due to the Dex require on Phase Run, don’t use the high level gem, 1 level or quality just add 0.5% increased Movement Speed. We have to use the Arcane Surge gem level 1 due to the mana cost of Phase Run. With this setup if you want to summon your Flame Golem you need to place a mine then Detonate it and then the Golem will be summoned (because of the mod “socketed gems are support by level # Remote Mine”).

3 Link - Shimmeron

Cast when Damage Taken – Immortal Call – Enfeeble or Temporal Chain or Detonate Mine.

Take care about the level of CWDT and the others gem, curse setup is up to your choice.

3 Link – Shimmeron

Flame Dash – Faster Casting – Portal.

We have Phase Run for the increased movement speed, so Flame Dash helps us when moving across the terrain or dodging boss skills. If you don’t use Portal, you can use another skill on this socket.

2 Link - Boots

Clarity (lv 1) – Blood Magic (lv 20, 20 quality).

We are using Clear Mind so we cannot reserve mana for Clarity. I’m using the Watcher’s Eye with the “#% chance to recover 10% maximum mana when you use a skill while affected by Clarity” so I decided to use this setup. If you don’t use the Watcher’s Eye with same mod as me, don’t use this set up.

If you dont use the Watcher's Eye with Clarity aura you can use these sockets for another setup (4L setup if you use Inya's Boot)



We need a Shaped Helm with the mod “Place an additional mine” this mod on helm is global and it gives 31% more damage with Minefield support setup, 83% more damage without Minefield.

Helm Enchantments
For the Helmet Enchantment, you want to look for Glacial Cascade enchant, but the other skills are fine too:
#% increased Glacial Cascade damage.

#% of Glacial Cascade Physical Damage Converted to Cold Damage.
(This one helps us convert GC physical spell damage to cold damage so we could get the benefit from “Elemental Penetrates or Cold Penetrates”)
#% Increased Phase Run Duration
+#% to increased Flame Golem Elemental Resistances.


Shroud of the Lightless is a solid choice for this build. It has a Level 20 Elemental Penetration and the price is pretty cheap compared to a 6L good Shaped rare chest, it also gives an abyss jewel socket that we can use to increase life, Dex, and damage when scale with Bubonic Trail.

Another solid choice I think is a Shaped chest with the “+1 Level of Socketed Active Skill Gems” (+1 level to GC gives 7,9% more damage, this chest give the highest DPS), high life, resistances and some Evasion, Energy Shield or Armour is sweet, if you could afford a mod like “#% of physical damage taken as cold/light damage” it’s a huge bonus for your physical mitigation against physical bosses or hard mobs. Also we need some Dex for the Hypothermia gem so getting Dex on the chest is good too.
Example: http://poe.trade/search/inoterigikutok

Budget option could be a normal rare 6L chest, it could be 5L if you are a League starter


We need life, resistances or Dex on Gloves, armour can be a bonus too.

I wouldn’t really recommend any other unique gloves, but you could make use of these:
Tombfist for more damage by using Abyss jewels if you could get decent jewels that fit your life, mana and resistances or damage.
IMPORTANT: Try to find the gloves enchants: Of Graves When Your skill or your minion kill, Of Light When you take a Critical Strike, Reflection When Hit. If you use the others, when you dealt a critical strike you will take a massive amounts of lightning DoT from the Shimmeron.


Here are only 2 choices:

Inya's Epiphany

These boots help you easily generate Power Charge and give 5% increased damage per Power Charge too, chose this one if you use a Rare Shaped chest and it also a cheap option.

Bubonic Trail (2 Abyssal Sockets)

This one offer 2 Abyssal sockets for jewels and we can use the mod “10% increased damage for each type of Abyss jewel affecting you”, Abyss jewel is a great way to find Dex and life, mana, ES and balance our resists too. Only use this one if you are using Shroud of the Lightless and a rare Stygian Vise (because of 4 abyss jewel sockets). When i bought this boot it was 2ex, its became quite expensive later due to the price fixing or so.

Boots Enchantments

Best enchant is: 120% increased Critical Strike Chance if you haven't Crit Recently. It gives our build the most DPS boost.

Damage penetrates #% of Enemy Elemental Resistances if you haven’t Killed Recently. This enchant on boot is really hard to get, I ran 25 Uber Lab with twice enchanted but still couldn’t find this mod on the boots :feelsbadman: or maybe I just got a bad luck.


You want to get a rare belt mainly focusing on Life, Elemental Resistances. A Stygian Vise with the extra Abyssal Socket is best item in slot, try to find a good one with an open suffix and master craft Mine laying speed on it.

Belt Affix Priority:
+# to Maximum Life
+#% to Elemental Resistances
Open Suffix to craft the “#% Increased Mine Laying Speed” Its really important for the build.
Armour and Energy Shield can be a bonus on belt but its not necessary.


We will use the Yoke of Suffering. We get some stats, a lot of elemetal resistance (easily balance resistances for The Wise Oak). Now the best part is, it gives the mod “enemies take 5% increased damage for each type of ailment you have inflicted on them”, so you just need 1 mod “add fire damage to spell” on Abyss jewel and we have 15% more damage with this Amulet!

If you don’t use this amulet, you could use a rare amulet with the following affixes:

+# to Maximum Life/Mana
Gain #% of Physical damage as Extra Fire/Cold/Light damage
Damage Penetrates #% Elemental Resistances.
+#% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
Gain #% of Non-Chaos damage as Extra Chaos damage
+#% to Elemental Resistances


Essence Worm for free Hatred aura.

A rare Ring with high life/mana, resistances.
The Shaped mod “Curse enemies with level # Assassin’s mark on hit” could be useful but it doesn’t give a huge boost for our DPS. Diamond Ring and Opal Ring is BiS, in my opinion Opal Ring is quite expensive compared to Diamond ring consider they give the same DPS.


Dual Wield Shimmeron!


For our flasks, we will be using the following:

Lavianga's Spirit – This flask provides us the free mana cost for our spells, combined with Mind over Matter keystone; we keep our mana pool at highest as much as possible! Along with this, it is a Mana Flask base to recover a good amounts of mana when used!

Diamond Flask - This is a good flask that helps us to reach 94%+ crit chance for GC, it gives our build 21.5% more damage, I recommend using a “Heat” mod on this flask for the freeze and chill immunity.

Atziri’s Promise – This is a great offensive flask, greatly increasing your DPS and also chaos resistance.

Quicksilver Flask - Almost a necessity to get good movement speed. Make sure you at least get the Adrenaline suffix for more movement speed, on the Curse map mod I recommend the “Warding” mod on this flask. Drop Atziri’s Promise or The Wise Oak for this flask when mapping.

Life Flask (Divine or Eternal) - Finally, you will want a life flask rolled with instant recovery when on lowlife or instant recovery. And we need the “Staunching” mod on this flask for the bleeding removal.

The Wise Oak – This flask gives both offensive and defensive if you could balance your resistances, I prefer using this one rather than Atziri’s Promise because of the defense it offers.


As for jewels, these are the affix priorities for both regular and Abyss jewels, also a Watcher’s Eye.
+ For Watcher’s Eye, the “damage penetrates #% of Cold Resistance while affected by Hatred” give the most DPS boost for our build, you can also find another mod on Watcher’s Eye such as Clarity aura, because we only use 2 auras: Hatred and Clarity. If you can afford a Watcher with double Hatred or Hatred Penetrates and “gain #% of mana as maximum ES while affected by Clarity” is sweet, the rest of Clarity is fine too. If you on a budget you dont really need Watcher's Eye, if you can afford 1 then try to buy the single Hatred mod, it cheap tho.

+ We also need 1 Glacial Cascade Threshold jewel: The Long Winter and a good rolls Clear Mind jewel

+ For regular Jewels we want to look for the following Affixes:
#% Increased Global physical damage.
#% Increased Mine Laying Speed.
#% Increased Maximum Life/Mana
+#% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
+# Dex

+ For Abyss Jewels we want to look for the following Affixes:
Important: If you are using Bubonic Trail. You have to use 4 differences kind of Abyss jewels to get the benefit bonus from Bubonic Trail
Adds Fire damage to spells (it could be to spells or to spells while dual wield for the Yoke of Suffering bonus)
+# to Maximum Life/Mana
+ Resistances
#% Increased Critical Strike chance if you haven’t dealt a Critical Strike Chance Recently
Damage penetrates #% Elemental Resistances if you haven’t kill recently.
+ Dex

Leveling Tips:

+ For a Non-League Starter:

As long as you have some currency to buy simple leveling uniques, this build is a blast to level. I managed to power through the story in under 5 hours with no issue. Right after you get your first ascendancy, bosses are a joke!
Use those item to leveling until you reach lv 12, or you can leveling by using Freezing Pulse if you don’t have those items:

Tabula Rasa
Lochtonial Caress
Quill Rain
Karui Ward
Meginord's Girdle

Then buy 2 The Poet’s Pen (required level 12)
and use Barrage to go, just put what spell that you like to fill 6 sockets on the Pen.

I recommended something like Frostbolt, Freezing Pulse, Ice Nova (scale with Frostbolt), Vortex (scale damage with Frostbolt too, require lv 28), GC (level 28), Bladefall (lv 28),…
Use the main attack skill Barrage to trigger the spells socket on the Pen.
Barrage link:
Barrage – GMP – Faster Attack – Life gain on hit – Curse on hit – Poacher’s Mark (lv 24)

We use the Poacher’s Mark for the instant life and mana gain on hit with Barrage, so pick up the Mind over Matter node as soon as possible to increased your effective health point. Using Thief's Torment if you don’t have a 6L setup or its can give you even more instant life/mana gain on hit.

Important: If you aren’t doing Mine skill for leveling, don’t pick up mine node on the skill tree, take the spell node, jewels and defensive nodes instead.

At higher level 40, you could change Tabula for another 5L rare chest for more defensive stats, life, armour, evasion, ES, resists, drop Life gain on hit.

For your gem progression, I recommend the following:

Level 1:

Split Arrow - Pierce - Onslaught - Chance to Bleed

Level 4:

Caustic Arrow – Split Arrow - Pierce - Onslaught - Chance to Bleed - Mirage Archer
I found Caustic Arrow pretty decent on Single Target to begin with until we get Barrage.

Level 10:

Blink Arrow > change to Flame Dash later when you use the Poet’s Pen

Level 12:
Poet’s Pen 1 & 2:

Frostbolt – Ice Nova – Freezing Pulse.

Storm Call – Spark – Firestorm
(actually any spell that you like, you can use Bodyswap for fun)


Barrage – Lesser Multiple Projectiles – Faster Attack (lv18) - Added Cold – Added Light – Life Gain On Hit

Note that the more link you have, the more mana cost of the skill require, so if you have issue with mana just drop Added Cold/Light
Level 16:

Herald of Ice & Herald of Thunder

Blood Rage

Level 28: Change your skill on your second Poet’s Pen:

Glacial Cascade – Bladefall – Cremation or any spell that you want for single DPS.

Remember to use the Threshold Jewel for the spells, Frostbolt with Frozen Trail, Freezing Pulse with First Snow, Glacial Cascade with The Long Winter.

From here, you just need to fill out your supporting gem setups and replace support gems in you main links with the ones in the guide. You need to use change your gear to have more defensive or DPS. Poet’s Pen can carry you till the map phase. Note that if you use Poet’s Pen for leveling just skip Mine node on your tree (Ascendancy too) and take the spell, jewel and defensive nodes. Once you get The Poet’s Pen, you will just handle mobs and bosses without issue!
+ For a League Starter:

Level 1: Kill Hillock.

Level 2: Nessa: Pick up Freezing Pulse, Arcane Surge and Fire Trap after Hillock. Link Freezing Pulse + Arcane Surge. Check for Movement Speed Boots at TARKLEIGH (and everywhere else until you get them).

There's a beastcrafting recipe for this now, can farm The Mud Flats zone for Oozeback Bloom and 3 rhoas for a well rolled pair of Movement Speed Boots.

Level 4: Nessa: Pick up a Frost Bomb for single target deeps.

Level 4-7: The Climb: Capture Unique monster: The Faun and 3 Goatmen for a Quicksilver Flask with Adrenaline.

Level 8: Nessa: After Brutus get a Added Lightning Damage (Link it to your Freezing Pulse set up) and Flame Dash. Also pick up a Minefield Support, Remote Mine Support, and Increased Critical Strikes for later.

Level 12: Nessa: After Merveil use Fire Nova Mine + Minefield Support+Added Lightning Damage.
Act 2 Bandits: Help Alira for easy resistances, 5 mana regen and crit multi.

Level 18: Yeena: Grab Controlled Destruction, Concentrated Effect & Faster Attack/Casting for later.

Level 24: Clarissa: Get Hatred and Enfeeble for later.

Level 28: Clarissa: Assasinate General Gravicius and get Glacial Cascade. Link as (in order of importance):
Glacial Cascade + Remote Mine + Minefield + Concentrated Effect + Controlled Destruction.

Level 31: Siosa: Do the Quest and get a Decoy Totem, Spell Totem, Fortify, Hypothermia, Cold Penetration & Shield Charge.

Link Spell Totem with Detonate Mines (go to trade and buy it), get 2 ASAP you will need an extra one for later.

Link Shield Charge + Faster Attacks + Fortify. Use Decoy Totem for bosses when needed.

Level 31 - 33: When you have enough crit (%30 chance ish) drop Controlled Destruction Support and link (in order of importance)
Glacila Cascade + Remote Mine + Minefield + Concentrated Effect + Hypothermia + Increased Critical Strikes

If you want to use the Tremor Rod Unique Staff drop Remote Mine Support for Cold Penetraion Support.

If you're having mana troubles try get a Vaal Clarity set up (also a drop only gem) link it as Vaal Clarity + Increased Duration (Act 6 Lilly Roth) + Faster Casting

Level 33: or as soon as you are able: Do Normal Labyrinth and get Bomb Specialist.

Level 34: Oyun: Get whatever Golem you prefer from OYUN if you want one and can fit it.

Level 34+: Act 6 Lilly Roth: Get an Immortal Call & Cast when Damage Taken if you havent already got them, link as Cast when Damage Taken Support + Immortal Call + Enfeeble
Keep Cast when Damage Taken on Level 1 and Immortal Call on Level 3.

Level 55: Do Cruel Labyrinth and get Demolitions Specialist/ Pyromaniac.

Level 68: Do Merciless Labyrinth and get Pyromaniac/ Demolitions Specialist.

Level 75: Do Eternal Labyrinth and get Born in the Shadows.

Level 75+: Enjoy

Useful Uniques (not needed):
Tabula Rasa, Simple Robe
The Princess Sabre, Unique Sabre
Tremor Rod, Unique Staff
Atziri's Promise, Unique Flask
Essence Worm, Unset Ring
Kalthenhalt, Unique Painted Buckler

Bitterdream is a great budget leveling item
Divinarius is a good choice too (level 6x)
Singularity is another budget item (level 6x)


Playstyle will get smoother once you get the "Bomb Specialist" Ascendancy node that gives Mine laying speed and damage, then try to do the Cruel Lab and get the "Demolition Specialist" node that gives Mine Arming speed and 20% chance to place an additional Mine.


- This is my first times playing a Mine build and I was surprised how strong it is. When i saw my friend easily take down Hydra on a 6 mans party I decided to follow his build (JANGIEF_Bomber). But he is using a rare Shaped chest with +1 Active gem and Inya’s boots, I wanna try to have a little bit more ehp and I’m using Abyss gear.

- This build has managed to get me through some of the most difficult content with ease due to having no real map mod weakness, good defensive layers and a massive life regen & big ehp pool! I was able to get excellent experience rates through mapping and could take down all the endgame bosses, even Uber Elder I killed him deathless but it took me like 5 Shaper’s Set to practice the fight (because of my crappy laptop so every time I wanna do Uber Elder I have to go out to the Internet Shop to play the game).

- Glacial Cascade is OP, when combined to Shimmeron make this build very solid and still a budget build. I hope that you have enjoyed the build as much as I have and get to experience a sneaky shadow that murders everything fast and furious. As a side note, I recorded some clips about the build and boss kill but due to my crappy laptop the videos quality is not really watchable, sorry about that. Anyway, thanks to everyone who spent your time to follow this build guide and I hope you have a good time with this build.


Num5 trick for Miner

Q:What is the point of doing this trick?

A: Because it helps you to place your GC mine right at your position instead of your mouse position. So it helps you easy place and detonate mines while moving.
This trick is also useful for movement skills like Shield Charge, Leap Slam, Flame Dash,...

But i watched the video and still don't understand how to do it?

A: Follow these steps:

1. Press O (Options)
2. Click the "Input" tab
3. Find the "Attack in place"
4. Change it to number 5 on your numpad (the right side of your Keyboard)
5. Hold the number 5 and then turn off the "Numlock" button.

Uber Elder Fight

+ Use Pantheon Soul of Lunaris for the proj avoidance, movement speed and a little bit physical damage reduction (Shaper and Elder and monsters there fire a lot of projectiles)
+ Use Pantheon Soul of Yugul because of the "5% reduce Cold damage taken if you've been hit recently" (Some Shaper's and Elder's skills deal cold damage)
+ Use Kaom's Roots (and try to find the enchant +120% crit on this boot) for the mod "You can not be slowed to below base speed", because of the Siphonskill from the Elder - Dives into the ground and reappears, channeling an arc that deals physical damage over time and greatly slows the character down in front of him. Any damage he deals with this attack is given to him as energy shield. it makes we really hard to move and dodge Shaper skills.

+ When Shaper gonna do his Beam or his Slam, it can be indicated by hearing his sound > use Flame Dash to dodge.
+ One of the bosses will be invulnerable, alternating between the two as their health drops.
+ Expanding Nova: Casts a ring around him, creating a field that gradually grows larger over time. After several seconds, it explodes for massive physical damage, enough to kill most builds. You must stay inside the ring to avoid taking damage.
+ Sometimes you have to manually use Detonate Mine to deal damage, because your totem can't survive over 1 second after summoned.
+ Shaper is easier to damaged than the Elder, so try to hit the Elder first.
+ When the Shaper or the Elder spawn their projectile skills(Ice Spear from The Elder), try to dodge it by standing near them and run around in a circle.
+ When The Elder use his Tentacles attack from the ground, try to use Flame Dash as much as possible.
+ Pull out the Anomalies to the edge of the arena and trigger it if you can.
+ Pay attention to the Madness Propagators, During the fight it fires slow projectile shots and leaves a patch of corrupted ground(deal Physical damage overtime) permanently if it is left alive long enough. Killing them quickly is important so that the arena does not become overwhelmed by them.
+ Rising Slam: The Elder spins around, launching multiple cold damage projectiles that impact in a ring around him, then teleports away. He will then teleport to your location and do a slam that deals heavy physical damage. Dodge this skill same as Shasper's Teleport Slam.

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Thank you for a well written, organized, and comprehensive guide.That was an excellent build
My gear at Flashback Event:

I killed Elder on t10, t15 bosses with this gear, 6L chest can obtain by buying The Chain That Bind card (3c/card) or The Dapper Prodigy card (6c/card) then use an alc on it, i got that pretty good mods on the 3rd alc.

Singularity, Atziri's Foible, Mutewind Whispersteps, Kalisa's Grace is very good choices imo, 1c/each and very efficient.
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How was your mapping experience with GC Miner?
Last edited by RobouteGuillimane on May 1, 2018, 2:54:01 AM
How was your mapping experience with GC Miner?

Its pretty smooth, place a Mine then Detonate it and the mobs pack is destroyed, with some hard monster like Strongbox, Abyss, Breach, Red Beast I place a Detonate Mine Totem 1st then just stay and spam the GC Mines. I will upload a full map clear videos of t15-16 so you can know how it works.
Updated T16 mapping videos.
This is such a well written and laid out guide! Good work!
IGN: Raise_Ur_Donger
demondied1 wrote:
This is such a well written and laid out guide! Good work!

Ty man, i hope you enjoy it, it took me 3 days long to write it :lol:
I wanna explain the build mechanic so everyone can understand how it work, what make it strong, what is the weakness of the build :D
hi, is it possible to play without shimmeron?

maybe with brightbeak and shield for mid-map clearspeed?
xtREEN wrote:
hi, is it possible to play without shimmeron?

maybe with brightbeak and shield for mid-map clearspeed?

Definately yes, sometimes i switch to Strom Prison and Jaw Of Agony and fogot to switch it back but i still clear map easily. Because GC is really strong spell and we already had a Hatred aura so i think it could be. Btw my Strom Prison and Jaw Of Agony can clear t16 pretty good.
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