[3.7 updated] Voidfletcher Deadeye (all core content cleared, budget options available, 600+ depth)

Runal wrote:
This is a really unique build and I want to try it but I'm curious as to how all the voidshot explosions shotgun. I watched a video of void shot and it seems visually like maybe 3 explosions overlap on a single target max. Are you sure all explosions will shotgun same target?

Well, for starters the visual is a bit deceptive, it definitely hits a little further away than the explosions would suggest.

Additionally, Deadeye gets that nice 50% increased AoE from endless munitions in addition to the +1 arrow, which helps the projectiles overlap more easily too. Idk how well it would go without that AoE (say by using ascendant-deadeye for +1 projectile without getting any AoE), but with it you can get all 5 explosions to overlap pretty easily against a single target. And since Dying Sun gives further increased AoE (which is enough to raise their size a little further) overlapping with 7 due to Dying Sun is reasonable too.

There's also the matter of distance. The further away the target location, the more the arrows will have dispersed, making it a bit harder to overlap. If you're pushing an enemy to the edge of the screen or beyond (you can still target voidshots offscreen if you're namelocked on a target that's moved or been knocked back offscreen), they might spread a bit too much vs smaller targets, but for the most part if you keep an enemy on-screen enough that you can clearly see what they're doing, you'll probably be able to overlap just fine.
Updated with my significantly-upgraded setup for higher investment.
Wouldn't it be better dps wise to go rupture and powerful precision instead of far shot and endless munitions?
kurwokwas wrote:
Wouldn't it be better dps wise to go rupture and powerful precision instead of far shot and endless munitions?

no, not really.

On paper it might look higher, because a potential 200% crit chance and 40% mult is pretty big (my estimates would put it around 45% more tooltip dps), but...

1) with a diamond flask active all that extra crit chance becomes much less significant... instead of being the difference between ~55% chance to crit and ~72%, it becomes the difference between ~80% and ~92%, which puts it at ~30% more tooltip dps if the conditions are all met, about on par with far shot alone.

2) Endless munitions is a pretty big deal for this build. The extra arrow adds a good amount of dps to tshot and voidshot. The 50% increased aoe makes it much easier for voidshot explosions to overlap, also upping its potential dps. And both the arrow and aoe make the clearing and general feel of the build much smoother.

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Started this league as a wander but switched to this about 70 and it is soo much better. Thanks. Will put up s video once i hit yellow maps.
Already corrupted 2 tabs of voidfletchers and no +1 arrow my god.
Jenova798 wrote:
Already corrupted 2 tabs of voidfletchers and no +1 arrow my god.

it's around a .3% chance now, you're better off buying one from someone that chanced upon it.

Even so, 4/6 arrows feels fine too (although i'll be honest, lacking a center arrow really irks me)
Buget version whit a 4 EXALTED jevel?
Delorus666 wrote:
Buget version whit a 4 EXALTED jevel?

Less than 1ex when i made the build. Not my fault metaslaves drove it up.

Besides that, it's not really necessary, it amounts to 8 total points spent (between the claw wheel and the jewel socket) to get 60% crit chance, 45% crit mult, and some leech (which doesn't actually require the jewel). For all its expense it's actually not THAT amazing, it's just one of the last few places to drag a little crit chance and mult outta the nearby tree. You could pass it all up, spend ~3 points getting enough attack leech in the duelist's wheel, and spend the other 5 points on something else easy enough, at least until you can afford it. Wouldn't be that much weaker.
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Managed to take out uber elder with the 3.3 budget setup!

Took a few attempts, it's obviously WAY easier with the full setup (even just a 6l for tshot woulda made a big difference), but knowing even the budget gear with 5-links is good enough is pretty nice.
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