[3.7 updated] Voidfletcher Deadeye (all core content cleared, budget options available, 600+ depth)

preliminary 3.7 update
A bit's changed this time around, but nothing major.

To start with, immortal call has changed, and tbh i probably won't be bothering with the new version with or without cwdt, think i'm gonna swap in some new setups. I may use a manual steelskin, if i can get enough strength to max it (unlikely) and if i feel the need, but i doubt it's necessary, even the cwdt-ic wasn't a big deal.

Next up there's the passive tree. There's been a few relevant changes there; king of the hill is now in the bow wheel and the claw wheel that lioneye's fall reaches has a few more nodes... this stuff will cost a few extra points, but it gives some more crit chance and mult so that's cool. Some of their damage nodes are no longer phys-only too, so even better.

Then there's ascendancy notables... I'm kinda considering dropping fast and deadly in favor of rupture. The accuracy in the former might not matter as much (and I may try to add precision into my setup with the extra space opened up from dropping IC), i may swap out blink arrow for dash, and the crit mult and chance on rupture should overall be better dps if my accuracy is fine. Plus i'd get some nice life gain on hit and wouldn't have to worry about regular bleed.

Think that's mostly it. Abyss jewel nerfs will be minor, lately the build hasn't leaned on those *too* heavily.

I've added my initial take on the new passive tree plan below. Other stuff will be updated more in depth when i make the build.

Hi there, I've made a strong, fun build designed in large part around using the Uber Elder quiver, Voidfletcher.

Here's a video of the gameplay, in a t16 Lair of the Hydra in Synthesis league.

And here's a video of me using just default attack + Void Shot alone to take down uber elder without even using actual attack skill or movement/utility skill... it goes WAY better than that if you're using the actual setups, this was just a fun little challenge i goofed around with.

A disclaimer up front, this build is mildly squishy, i've only got ~5k life and 75% ele res, though it is supported by ~9k evasion, 40%/40% dodge/spelldodge plus vaal grace, permanent blind, and constant knockback. Not to mention chill/freeze and quick death to most enemies. Prior to going up against Uber Elder just after hitting level 87, I'd died less than a dozen times, several of them to reflect on unid'd maps and most of the rest to the occasional guardian/shaper (or essence drain exile in poorjoy's, ouch). Still, I'm sure you could tweak it around a bunch to get more life if you're so inclined.

Anyway, the bulk of the build is designed around using:

(note that the normal implicit is arrows pierce an additional enemy... many vaal implicits are preferable over that; even if you can't shell out for a +1 arrow getting something like a flat cold damage implicit is still nice)

In particular, the build is designed around using Void Shot. Void Shot is a triggered skill that fires an arrow to the targeted point, which will then explode after a short delay... it's kinda a reskinned version of the exploding shot those crossbow enemies in act 5 fire at you.

An ordinary Void Shot isn't especially impressive, it deals around the same damage as a typical unsupported skill, but since it's not in a socketed piece of gear you've no way of adding support gems to it, which makes it seem underwhelming. However, it scales extremely well on extra arrows, better than any other skill (barrage and molten strike included), because it's extremely easy to get the explosions to overlap... it's like using multi-projectile lightning arrow when the enemy is up against a wall, only you don't actually need the wall. So one added arrow is effectively 100% more damage, for the explosion at least. Or in the case of this build, 4 extra arrows = 400% more damage (6 for 600% more with dying sun up)... and that kinda amplifier is on par with about 5-6 dps support gems.

Anyway, to the build:

The Basics
Well, as I said, this build is largely about using sources of additional arrows to support Void Shot, while also having solid dps on your own active skills. As such I use a Tornado Shot for single-target and a Mirage Archer Ice Shot for clearing and supporting dps. All while triggering Void Shots constantly, of course.

For the damage, I went for cold damage and crit. Death's Opus is naturally aligned with crit, having both an implicit boosting it's local crit chance as well as that nice +100% crit multiplier roll. While Death's Opus is a physical-aligned bow, it's own dps isn't particularly amazing, so it needs lots of other base damage to help it along. Rather than focusing on phys to cold conversion, I elected to mostly use flat cold damage sources, while taking advantage of ice shot's and void shot's natural conversions and the 40% conversion from Winter Spirit to put Opus's own physical damage to use too... you don't really have to go outta the way to get those conversions anyway, it's all just there for you. I also use Hatred, partially for a little extra cold damage derived from physical, but also to get an extra ~80 flat cold damage with a relatively cheap Watcher's Eye roll. Cold damage is relatively easy to scale in the ranger area of the tree, and aligning with one element makes penetrating resistances much easier. In addition to that, I love The Pandemonius all-around, which just makes cold damage even better.

As for the gameplay... well, it's pretty simple. Tshot for single-target, Ice shot to clear, and the mirage archer on ice shot helps pick off stragglers or clear other packs automatically. Firing off one ice shot against a boss will get the mirage archer procced to auto-fire for a few seconds while you switch to using tshot, effectively allowing you to attack with your single-target setup while mirage archer adds a little bit more by attacking with about ~35% of your ice shot's dps.

Void shots will keep firing off as you go, every time you use ice shot or tshot... they don't trigger by using blink arrow, so don't worry about wasting any from that. Although honestly, you really don't need to worry about wasting them anyway. It has a .5 second cd on triggering, and 1 second recharge time per charge... even with constant attacking at exactly the right intervals to trigger void shot as fast as possible, it'll still take 4 seconds to run out. And with the usual moving and kiting/dodging, you're not likely to run out in practice anyway.

Void shots will fire to explode at the location of your cursor, just like tshot, so aim them in pretty much the same fashion. With my gear, void shot actually didn't do much for clearing, since most stuff dies to ice shot before void shot even detonates, but with less dps it might be more relevant there. Regardless, against bosses it's a huge help, cuz it's easy to get all the explosions to overlap on most bosses. Between the Tshot and voidshot, and possibly mirage archer ice shot-ing, bosses will go down fairly quickly and with my setup will be chilled, blinded, sometimes frozen, and constantly knocked back til they rip.

3.7 PoB Pastebin

3.6 gear & update

This is the gear I used in my finished Synthesis build. I've got a little less life than last league, but still a bit over 5k. As usual, all rares were found or rolled up myself.

Not a ton has changed in priorities overall. But:

-I managed to roll up a pair of onslaught boots, those were a nice addition this league, and in going for a synth helm with implicit crit mult I stumbled into hitting a decent life/res one so i went with it. So a few slots where i previously had generic non-shaper/elder rares now have synth rares instead.

-I also made a +2 min power charge shield for my weapon swap. By swapping to this shield ever so briefly I instantly gain up to 2 power charges, so it's not a bad thing to have, but not necessary by any means. I wound up not using it much, partially because swapping off of Voidfletcher means losing all accumulated void charges so i'd have to wait for them to replenish when i swap back. Not a huge issue either way.

-I finally decided to go for a shaper ring with Assassin's Mark this league. In the past I've been reluctant, because curses were so weak vs bosses and frankly they're mostly unnecessary everywhere else, but now they're a bit better (and the slight change to assassin's mark's extra crit chance is overall better). Additionally, one of my past curse tactics of using enfeeble on hit gloves is weaker now vs bosses and rares (and magics and normals die instantly), so it was a good time to drop the enfeeble approach.

-Dropping the enfeeble approach also lowered my incentive to stick with 1 socket tombfists, which were MUCH cheaper and more reasonable to find with enfeeble on hit. But now that i don't care about that, I'm back to using a 2 socket. This does mean that I give up a gem socket, and as a result I decided to get Hatred from a corrupted implicit on Mark of the Elder and get rid of the actual gem.

Overall the build felt better this league than ever before, unsurprisingly. Onslaught helped a bit, as did assassin's mark, and the changes to Hatred were overall a pretty substantial buff for this build (like 12-14% more dps than before). At long last I found (and beat) an Aul, so now I can finally say this build can handle him, too. And Cortex boss, in addition to all the lesser synth bosses.

Bandits, ascendancy, pantheon
Help Alira, crit mult is solid and all res helps free up equipment choices

Using Deadeye, I went Far Shot -> Endless munitions -> Fast and Deadly -> Gathering Wind

+1 Arrow is the biggest factor, and you can get that from Ascendant as well, but Deadeye offers plenty of great boosts and utility.

For pantheon, I use Ryslatha and Brine King, with at least the former getting it's upgrade. Brine King protects against stunlock, Ryslatha gives extra flask recovery in emergencies and restores charges if there's nothing around to kill (helpful in lab/trials in particular).

Previous Gear setups

3.5 Update & Gear

As usual, all the rares are self-found or self-made, i don't buy rares. And none of em were particularly expensive to make. The uniques aren't particularly pricey either, barring pandemonius costing a fair bit more than in past leagues, dying sun costing a couple ex, and a +1 arrow voidfletcher naturally costing a lot. If you're looking to save some currency, pandemonius can be swapped out for a rare flat cold/%cold/%ele damage/etc amulet pretty easily with the only major loss being the blind, dying sun can be replaced by atziri's promise, and a regular uncorrupted voidfletcher will handle everything just fine. 6Ls aren't necessary either, just 5Ls can handle pretty much everything just fine, including uber elder.

If you're trying to roll up a chest like mine, get an ilvl 85+ (ideally 86+ for the highest tier life roll) elder chest and use pristine+serrated fossil crafting on it. Good alternatives include Hyrri's Ire (it'll highly improve dps, but has no life), Farrul's Fur (very expensive, requires aspect of the cat somewhere, and has less life, but grants better dps), or even Loreweave (low life, but has inc damage, crit, and max res).

Otherwise, a bit's changed in 3.5 compared to past builds:

-Voidshot is significantly stronger now, as 3.5 doubled the proc/recharge rate and gave it about 60% more damage overall.

-This league I actually didn't bother with a 2 socket tombfist, instead opting for a 1-socket. This was partially for the sake of expense, but also because i didn't want to give up that gem socket... it would have meant giving up vaal grace or phase run or frost bomb or culling strike... an extra abyss jewel + maim on hit isn't more valuable than any of those in my opinion, and it's also way more possible to find/afford a curse on hit corrupted 1 socket tombfist than a 2 socket. If you *really* want a 2 socket tombfist without giving up any of those utility gems, you could get a mark of the elder corrupted to grant lvl 21 hatred, allowing you to drop the hatred gem out of your setup. I thought about doing so, but ultimately I'd rather have enfeeble on hit than an extra abyss jewel + maim.

-I use Herald of Purity now instead of Herald of Ice. This actually started in 3.4, but since i only posted a PoB for last league a lot of people missed that update. Overall it gives only slightly less dps to my attacks, and the sentinels are significantly more useful than the relatively low-damage HoI explosions. They draw aggro, bodyblock, and even carry culling strike for me. I found them very valuable in delving in particular, but they're just good all around so HoI is out.

-I use bonechill now instead of pierce on ice shot. To get piercing on ice shot, i just use one copy of its threshold jewel, Omen on the Winds. Bonechill makes the chill from ice shot (be it from ground or hits) just a little stronger, and causes enemies on its ground to take ~16+% increased cold damage from all sources, which makes it a nice buff for voidshot and tshot while still being about as good as pierce for ice shot.

-I didn't bother with a starkonja's or a +2 tshot enchant this league. Voidshot was so heavily buffed that I honestly feel no need for the tshot enchant at all, the build is even stronger without the enchant this league than it was with the enchant in previous leagues. That's not to say either are bad, a tshot enchant would still be a big dps increase and starks grants a bit of dps of its own, i just opted for the 'enough is enough' route and used a nice life+res helm i found to lessen the burden of gathering resists elsewhere.

3.3 version, fully equipped

This is the higher-investment gear I used. Overall it cost significantly more than the budget setup below, ~30-35 ex higher iirc, but it's noticeably stronger and smoother. Although the budget version still feels quite good (especially for its level of investment), this upgraded setup tears through everything in no time. It can handle legitimately all content with ease, including uber elder.

3.3 version - budget gear

This is the gear for the budget version I used in Incursion before i had much funds. All the rares are found or crafted myself without too much investment, and all the uniques each cost an ex or under to pick up at the time (usually way under, Lioneye's Fall and the Halcyon were the only ones close). All in all, it's a pretty low cost build, probably <8ex worth of gear/currency invested if i had to guess.

With this budget setup, I've managed to do pretty much everything in the game, including shaper/guardians, t15 elder/guardians and even uber elder after a few attempts. I'd recommend some upgrades before trying uber elder, but it's do-able.

3.2 version, fully equipped

Now my gear is fairly expensive, at least by my standards... 6ls including Farruls Fur, 2 socket Tombfist, extra arrow Voidfletcher, Dying Sun, Lioneye's Fall, Pandemonius, few good abyss jewels, other decent rares (although i crafted all rare equipment and jewels myself or found them), etc.

But you don't really need every last bit of it; outside of Uber Elder I've pretty much thrashed everything with this gear (and even uber elder/shaper died fast, I just had a tough time avoiding their attacks and usually can't survive being hit). I could easily see this going well through t15s with just a 5l Death's Opus, a 5L chest or maybe a cheap generic 6L, an uncorrupted Voidfletcher, maybe a Maligaro's Virtuosity instead of Tombfist, and so on. You'd want to make some tweaks, like probably using Increased Critical Strikes Support if you don't have a Farrul's Fur or power charges, but you could make it work well enough on the cheap.

Gem Links

Tornado Shot - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Cold Penetration - Added Cold - Hypothermia - (choice 6th)

Ice Shot - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Bonechill - Added Cold - Mirage Archer - (choice 6th)

These are the main damage setups, Tshot mostly for focused damage and ice shot for clearing and mirage archer supporting dps. Bonechill on ice shot helps all your skills deal more cold damage, so even though it's not the best support for ice shot dps itself it's worth using. Use an Omen on the Winds threshold jewel to get +3 pierce for ice shot.

For the 6th links, i use Faster Attacks for both Tshot and ice shot. There's other supports that could result in better dps, but all in all with the relatively low attack speed in the build and the plentiful dps already, i've elected to go with faster attacks to keep things smoother and allow me to attack-and-move more ably, which this build needs for defense.

As for the other setups:

Frost Bomb - Phase Run - Vaal Grace - Increased Duration

Cwdt (~level 10) - Steelskin (~level 15)

Hatred - Herald of Purity - Blink Arrow - Precision (level 1)

The first is just utility skills, frost bomb for helping boss dps and whatnot, phase run for some travel/avoidance, vaal grace for a big dodge boost.

the second is a replacement for the old cwdt-immortal call setups. The levels you use can vary depending on how much strength you have and how strong of a buff you want to get.

And finally the reservations and blink arrow. Hatred's got damage, Precision grants some cheap 40% inc crit chance and offers watcher's eye options, and HoP gives flat phys damage (which is mostly converted to cold/added as cold) and provides the sentinels which are great for drawing aggro and bodyblocking enemies and projectiles.

For other options:

-Aspect of the Cat, if using farrul's fur. Not really a gem, but still a setup. You may want to socket whatever's providing it with less duration, so that you have no downtime on your charges. Note that using phase run will eat all your frenzy charges, so you may want to drop that.

-Herald of Ice. Some people still like using Herald of Ice for this build. Personally, aside from the flat cold, i think it's not worth it since Herald of Purity came to be. Both give you around the same amount of damage, but sentinels of purity are nice for defense, while ice explosions are mostly worthless (the build doesn't get much of anything to scale them). Some people use it with CoH and ice bite and such though.

-Barrage. There's a gimmick interaction with barrage + voidfletcher that used to not exist when i made the build originally, in that barrage will cause all void charges to be expended rapidly and fire as many voidshots. Talking to support it seems it's not considered a bug, despite patch notes suggesting otherwise (apparently those patch notes were the one in the wrong). As such, barrage can make for potentially high burst hit-and-run style damage with voidfletcher, in particular for single-target. Not my thing, i still feel like it's imbalanced and a bug, but to each their own.

-Chain, GMP, various other supports. I prefer my gem setups, but i've seen plenty of people swap in others. There's plenty of stuff that works and you should use whatever feels comfortable. I don't feel the need for more projectiles with GMP when i've got 4-5 (6-7 with dying sun), and i don't much like chain support compared to pierce (especially since piercing for ice shot doesn't even cost a link, much less diminish damage per hit with that link). But other people differ in their opinions. Go with what you like.

Budget Options

Just some tips for working with a slimmer budget. Can't guarantee you'll be able to do t16s and the like, but you should be able to do up through t15s even with cutting substantial cost from the build.

-5Ls do just fine for most content (my budget version in Incursion does guardians and whatnot just fine)

-inc crit strikes support can be swapped into gem links to pump up crit chance if Farrul's Fur or an elder crit chest is unavailable (think I'd recommend Hyrri's Ire as a budget chest in that case, though it lacks life). Not ideal, but it can be swapped out when you've got better crit established.

-Frenzy can be used to maintain frenzy charges (even against bosses) if Farrul's Fur isn't available. It can even be used instead of Ice Shot for clearing. I swapped mine for a test run and it felt fine, albeit not as good as Ice. And vs bosses it's not a bad idea to attack every now and then with that setup anyway as it helps maintain mirage archer, so with frenzy it'll build/maintain frenzy charges as well.

-Dying Sun isn't a must (Atziri's Promise or Wise Oak would make a suitable dps flask alternative til you can afford one)

-+1 arrow Voidfletcher isn't a must, 4 arrows is still pretty damned good

-Tombfist is by no means necessary, especially a 2 abyss socket version. A 1 socket version can still get you room for one abyss socket as well as intimidate, and there's plenty of other gloves available for crit (Oskarn would be nice in particular, I've got over 6k accuracy without any notable rolls on gear... that'd be 60% crit chance plus Assassin's Mark on hit. Either that or Maligaro's)

-Watcher's Eye is not necessary either, but it is a pretty solid amount of damage. Any one you can get with a hatred mod is useful to this build, though the conversion one is only really helpful for tshot. Barring that, abyss jewels with good flat cold rolls aren't bad either.

-Pandemonius isn't usually that expensive and easily worth the cost in my opinion, but even so if you need a budget version any old amulet with some flat cold, %cold, %elemental damage with attacks, crit chance/mult, etc would do just fine. A Karui Charge would at least give some decent dps (and movespeed) in the meantime while being dirt cheap.

-Lioneye's Fall is the main thing that's hard to swap out, besides the bow and quiver. It allows you to pick up 45% crit mult and 60% chance from the claw wheel (while also getting life and mana leech, but that's not enabled by Lioneye's), it's hard to replace that with a budget jewel... or any jewel, for that matter. If you can't afford it right away, you can still spec that part of the claw wheel to get the leech for now, and get a big upgrade later when you can get Lioneye's Fall.

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Look nice, it would be cool if you can include a video or a budget version.
DemiSandal wrote:
Look nice, it would be cool if you can include a video or a budget version.

well, video is probably a no, i don't have a great setup as is so running anything to take video would probably kill my performance.

As for a budget version, I listed off some options you could use with less investment throughout, but I'll add a section to the end with some budget pointers.
Really cool idea! Gonna try it, but wanna do it with spider aspect tho:)
Thanks for posting this build! Keep up the good work!
Can you include pastebin? thanks
Unless im blind and miss
Ayy you finally made a guide for this.

Can anybody check it feels a liitle bit weak :D ok Squishy is a ranger always not that Problem .. Any Suggestion? Thanks
Fellfrosch09 wrote:

Can anybody check it feels a liitle bit weak :D ok Squishy is a ranger always not that Problem .. Any Suggestion? Thanks

What kinda weak are we talking? With my passive tree and setup it is definitely squishy, but the dps is all there.
hi there this build is raider viable? and i ca use a queen of the forest 6L?
hi there this build is raider viable? and i ca use a queen of the forest 6L?

You'd lose an arrow (and some crit, replaceable by inc crit strikes), but it should be fine overall. Deadeye just gives a nice amount of dps boosts and that extra arrow.

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